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    2018-19 Winter Exchange Discord

    Hey everyone! I know I’m not very active here anymore, but I’d like to share the link to the winter exchange discord server. Last year I tried to run things through here, tumblr, and DA, which led to some conflict with gifts getting lost and messages not being sent (and my life being a mess). This year I’m running it all through discord, which should make things easier for everyone involved. Here’s the link to the gift exchange server: https://discord.gg/JPcseB For those who don’t know, it’s basically a secret Santa. Everyone gives a list of some options they’d like in an Aveyond related gift, and they’re (more or less randomly) assigned someone to write/draw/make a gift for, and someone is assigned to write/draw/make a gift for them. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server and ask!
  2. moonpeace

    Prompt me!

    If you’re up for it and have time, how about modern AU Ryemma?
  3. moonpeace

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived! :P

    FInally checking the forums after forever and wow, look who decided to join the fun
  4. moonpeace

    Prompt me!

    @Blurble just want to say that these made my day. I've been reading your stories on AO3 and your writing totally does it for me! Also, modern AU Lydia kicking Gyendal in the nuts over Mel/Edward is quite possibly the best modern AU written for anything, ever
  5. moonpeace

    Aveyond ships

    I can't seem to find any threads on this, so I decided to make one myself. Aveyond seems to lend itself very well to ships, whether they be canon ships or fanon ones. I know a lot of people here prefer their own ships to the canon ones, and have extensive headcanons. So, what are your favorite ships? Which ones do you hate? (I'm betting most people here don't like Rhen/Dameon.) Which ones aren't canon but totally should be? A few of my personal faves are: - Ed/Mel. I know a lot of people don't like it, but they had so much chemistry. Not only as friends, but romantic as well. They had a stronger bond, I think, than Stella and Edward. - Ean/Iya. They're so cute but overlooked; Aveyond 2 in general is tbh. - Ava/anyone she had character development with. I love the two different paths we could take with either Gavin or Nicholas (I know her and Nicholas aren't a thing in canon. I adore them as friends but I also like exploring the idea of them as a couple) and what we hear of her past relationship with Uthar. - (Also, am I the only one who is surprised more people don't ship Gavin and Nicholas?) - This is going to sound really strange, but Yemite/Yvette. They didn't have any interactions in the game, but if they had, it would've been glorious. Their personalities would bounce off each other so perfectly. - I'm also intrigued by Yvette/Ulf and Yemite/Mel. The more I think about it, the more I ship it, actually... I just need more ships of my underappreciated faves ;-; And the ones I'm not a fan of: - Rhen/Dameon. Still don't get why Rhen would fall for Dameon. I don't see the point of this one, other than to serve as a plot device at the end. Either Rhen joins the dark side, most likely because she wants to be with Dameon, which doesn't strike me as in character for her (even tho it is a pretty wicked 'bad' ending) - or Dameon does a complete heel-face turn and destroys Ahriman presumably out of his love for Rhen, which doesn't strike me as very in character for him, either. I do like the bickering between him and Lars over Rhen, and the marriage ending for them, just not the pairing itself. -Edward/Stella. I don't dislike it as much as I used to, but...it's too bland for my tastes. It's more than subtext that Mel doesn't want to be replaced (for a lack of a better term) by Stella in the first two games. She seems like she's afraid of Edward going for Stella, but there is little to suggest he likes her that way aside from the optional attraction points, and yet they still end up together canonically. It irked me how that was the primary relationship hinted at for the first three games - heck, their marriage was the default and canon beginning for TLO - but it went nowhere in the fourth game and Ed/Stella was the endgame. - Te'i'jal/Galahad BEFORE they get character development. Don't get me wrong, their dynamic was fantastic in the later games. But in Aveyond 1 and a bit at the beginning of LoT, it was borderline abusive and I felt so bad for Galahad On a side not, I haven't seen too many same-sex Aveyond pairings. Do they exist or am I just missing them?
  6. moonpeace

    Aveyond Winter Exchange (again)

    Those of you who were around last year may remember this: By popular demand, I've decided to do it again this year. For those of you who don't know: it's gift exchange, kind of like a secret Santa. Everyone posts their favorite characters and pairings, I randomly assign a "giftee" to everyone, and you have about a month to craft a gift for that person. The gift can be art, fic, edits, music mixes, even something with RPG Maker - as long as it can be transmitted over the Internet. Make sense? I'll open sign-ups now, and sometime at the end of the month I'll give out assignments so there's plenty of time to make the gifts. This time of year tends to be crazy with school, work, and family stuff, so I don't want this to be a burden on anyone - it's supposed to be fun, after all! That's why I'm trying to get started so early. If you're interested, make a post here with your favorite characters and ships (OTPs, BrOTPs, OT3s, etc), plus anything else you think would be useful information, so your gifter will know what to make you. Try to give at least a couple of options. If you haven't played any of the games, make sure to mention it so I know what not to give you. I'm really excited to run this again, and I hope lots of people participate I'm not a fan of Tumblr, but I have a blog just for the winter exchange to connect with the fandom there and archive all the gifts. If you blog Aveyond, look out for the post here: http://aveyondwinterexchange.tumblr.com/ and reblog it so other fans can see! It'll probably also be cross-posted to @Queen-of-Ice101's DeviantArt group, so take a look for that here: https://aveyond-kingdom.deviantart.com/
  7. I was thinking about Aaron Walz's wonderful music and was wondering what soundtracks from each game were people's favorites. They're all so amazing so it was so hard to choose! Here are my top 3 from each game (not including Field of Wind, which is used in nearly every game): AP: Enchanted The Fairy Wood Candar/town music AV1 (with music pack): Pegasus (theme from Shadwood) Demon caves Intro/butterfly music (it was only used once...such a shame) AV1 (without music pack) Ylisfar/Mountain Green Water Dungeon World Trek AV2: Sadness 1 (Iya's theme) Sadness 2 (theme that plays after final battle) Dragon Lot: Moonlit Beginnings/Budding Friendship (remixes of each other) Thais castle/Victory Fanfare Quin castle GoN: Naylith Waterworks tower Venwood TLO: Acropolis (remix of the AV2 main theme ) Peliad Final battle TDP: Battle theme II Battle theme III (remix of AV1 music pack battle theme) Thornkeep AV4: Mist Realm Ravwyn Halaina Overall I think AV1>GoN>AV2>AP>LoT>TLO>TDP (just because most of its soundtracks were reused)>AV4 as far as music. What do you guys think?
  8. moonpeace

    Subreddit Created!

    Whoops just saw this Yep, I made a server for Aveyond Kingdom awhile back You're welcome to join and/or make your own though!
  9. moonpeace

    This or That!

    (I used to live like 10 minutes from Clearwater FL and would always think of Aveyond ) I'm gonna have to give them a tie. Sedona AZ was just as lovely as I imagine do the city in Aia would be. AV Druids or historical Druids?
  10. I really want to play Aveyond on my new PC but I have too much schoolwork :rhen_cry:

    1. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      So you've too much school work to play but you have time to make that face? Perfect sense.

    2. Queen-of-Ice101
    3. darwin


      I know the feeling! I haven't logged on in a couple months because of it. Wishing you the best with it and hoping you catch a break soon! (Hopefully between the time you posted this and now, lol?)

  11. moonpeace

    This or That!

    Verashima. Delamere or Verashima?
  12. @Scrivener of the Gods Did you never finish AV2 or AV4? :0
  13. moonpeace

    This or That!

    Heptitus, no contest. Lydia or Spook?
  14. moonpeace

    This or That!

    That is such a tough choice...but I'm in a Rhen mood today. Boyle or Ean?
  15. moonpeace

    What culture Aveyond 1 cities are based on

    Veldarah and Ghalarah are Eastern, like the name of the continent they're on suggests. Some combination of South Asia, the Orient, and Southeast Asia like a Indonesia I think...cities on the Western continent are all generic European, Veldt is obviously Middle East/North Africa, and the Northern continent is maybe Siberian/Inuit/something of the like? Mysten Far seems inspired he Greco-Roman architecture, or at least the fantasy version of that. The islands seem to be kind of South Pacific, but less tropical and more desert.
  16. moonpeace

    Discord or IRC Community?

    @Mickychi It's not constantly active with people messaging round the clock, but it's active every day or every other day on average. I can PM you an invite if you want.
  17. moonpeace

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    I love these!! Lars' and Elini's hair both look really good! Elini's kinda looks like the feathers she has in the original portraits. And Galahad's expression, lol. Also I think the (Mad) Marge one is my favorite, she really looks like someone but I can't place it
  18. moonpeace

    Picturis Scribarum

    I didn't even notice that Ulf's eyes weren't blue until just now :0
  19. moonpeace

    This or That!

    Sriracha. Bus or train?
  20. moonpeace

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for posting on January 20th.
  21. moonpeace

    Count down to 0 (From 2015)

  22. moonpeace

    【Updated!】Azura's Art Gallery .:。* .

    I don't know if I said this before but I love the expressions on your Lars and Dameon pencil sketches! Also you OC drawings.
  23. moonpeace

    Picturis Scribarum

    Is that an Ulf emoji? That's adorable!
  24. moonpeace

    Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    The aesthetics are AWESOME, especially the Candar one, which I've already seen, but I enjoy it every time it crosses my eyeballs. And I really like the Dameon twist picture. The background is such a Mood, yknow? And I really love the way you drew the water and sky, it's such a beautiful painting!
  25. moonpeace

    DAN's Art (Art?! ROLF) & Resources

    What a mysterious friend of a green orb