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  1. Hey everyone! I know I’m not very active here anymore, but I’d like to share the link to the winter exchange discord server. Last year I tried to run things through here, tumblr, and DA, which led to some conflict with gifts getting lost and messages not being sent (and my life being a mess). This year I’m running it all through discord, which should make things easier for everyone involved. Here’s the link to the gift exchange server: https://discord.gg/JPcseB

    For those who don’t know, it’s basically a secret Santa. Everyone gives a list of some options they’d like in an Aveyond related gift, and they’re (more or less randomly) assigned someone to write/draw/make a gift for, and someone is assigned to write/draw/make a gift for them. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server and ask!

  2. (I used to live like 10 minutes from Clearwater FL and would always think of Aveyond :P)

    I'm gonna have to give them a tie. Sedona AZ was just as lovely as I imagine do the city in Aia would be.

    AV Druids or historical Druids?

  3. I was thinking about Aaron Walz's wonderful music and was wondering what soundtracks from each game were people's favorites. They're all so amazing so it was so hard to choose! Here are my top 3 from each game (not including Field of Wind, which is used in nearly every game):


    1. Enchanted
    2. The Fairy Wood
    3. Candar/town music

    AV1 (with music pack): 

    1. Pegasus (theme from Shadwood)
    2. Demon caves 
    3. Intro/butterfly music (it was only used once...such a shame)

    AV1 (without music pack)

    1. Ylisfar/Mountain Green
    2. Water Dungeon
    3. World Trek


    1. Sadness 1 (Iya's theme)
    2. Sadness 2 (theme that plays after final battle)
    3. Dragon


    1. Moonlit Beginnings/Budding Friendship (remixes of each other)
    2. Thais castle/Victory Fanfare
    3. Quin castle


    1. Naylith
    2. Waterworks tower
    3. Venwood


    1. Acropolis (remix of the AV2 main theme :heart:)
    2. Peliad
    3. Final battle


    1. Battle theme II
    2. Battle theme III (remix of AV1 music pack battle theme)
    3. Thornkeep


    1. Mist Realm
    2. Ravwyn
    3. Halaina

    Overall I think AV1>GoN>AV2>AP>LoT>TLO>TDP (just because most of its soundtracks were reused)>AV4 as far as music. What do you guys think?



  4. Veldarah and Ghalarah are Eastern, like the name of the continent they're on suggests. Some combination of South Asia, the Orient, and Southeast Asia like a Indonesia I think...cities on the Western continent are all generic European, Veldt is obviously Middle East/North Africa, and the Northern continent is maybe Siberian/Inuit/something of the like? Mysten Far seems inspired he Greco-Roman architecture, or at least the fantasy version of that. The islands seem to be kind of South Pacific, but less tropical and more desert. 

  5. The aesthetics are AWESOME, especially the Candar one, which I've already seen, but I enjoy it every time it crosses my eyeballs. And I really like the Dameon twist picture. The background is such a Mood, yknow? And I really love the way you drew the water and sky, it's such a beautiful painting! 

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