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  1. Female Edward with Stella's hairstyle, pretty much.
  2. Banned for not liking the emoji I overuse.
  3. Spices, I usually only eat hot sauce when I'm sick and can't taste much. Salt or pepper?
  4. Banned for pointing out my silly mistakes
  5. AV1 Candar or AV1 Thornkeep (because they have the same soundtrack)?
  6. Night elves. The Vale or Ylisfar?
  7. @BlackPrincess Go to aveyondwinterexchange.tumblr.com/submit, enter your (user)name and email, and upload the file
  8. @Scrivener of the Gods It worked, thanks!
  9. @Scrivener of the Gods It'll ask you to upload an image from your computer.
  10. I agree with your list except I'd switch Ean and Talia. Maybe it's because I chose the Enchantress/Sorceress guild for her, but she was pretty weak until later in the game for me. Ean's different forms had varying levels of strength, but overall I thought he pulled his weight.
  11. Banned for her lack of realization
  12. Mockumentaries, since I love satire. Anti-hero or anti-villain?
  13. @Scrivener of the Gods The image isn't showing up; I think it's because you hosted it externally. Could you try submitting it again? Thanks ^^
  14. @PiPeter @Scrivener of the Gods @BlackPrincess @Danin @EsmeAmelia @Honey Butter Chloe @Rodania and anyone ensue who hasn't already: Could you guys submit your gifts to the blog aveyondwinterexchange.tumblr.com (assuming you're okay with it being on there). I'm trying to get everyone to submit their gifts instead of me reposting them just so there's no misunderstanding about rhe work being my own or not.
  15. Sorry for the delay everyone. Some people need a bit more time with their gifts so I'm waiting for them all to be in before I post them.
  16. That's good to know, I'll try to access my account then. And I'm not sure, that site has a better system for making quizzes that any other that I've tried out. Most others don't let you assign multiple results to one answer or weight the answers
  17. @PiPeter Oh whoops, I was looking through the submissions on the blog and not here. Yeah, sorry! Although if you could submit it there too (as long as you're okay with it being on there) that would be great
  18. I'm getting the same message. And I went back and checked the one I made and got the same thing. That's super annoying that's Qzzr would delete users' content like that without so much as a backup
  19. Ishtar - she could provide some useful wintery magic; Stella - she could heal us and provide moral support; Gyendal - his magic would definitely be an asset, and I doubt he'd challenge a nymph and the girl who defeated him twice before and is now even more powerful. Same question, it's a really intriguing one
  20. Making a separate post just to make sure the @s show up. @BlackPrincess @PiPeter @Rodania @Honey Butter Chloe @EsmeAmelia @darwin Make sure to submit your gifts by tomorrow; if you absolutely can't, PM me just so I know the approximate time frame you'll need as an extension. I'm looking forward to seeing and sharing all these amazing gifts!
  21. @Ishti I'll make a new thread with all the gifts in it, just like last year. If you haven't looked at that thread already, go check it out! https://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17821-aveyond-holiday-exchange-gifts-includes-both-fic-and-art/ Also, it might end up being posted on the tenth, depending on when in the day everyone submits their gifts and if they do so on time. Pls I have a three hour night class tomorrow, so there's a good chance I'll fall asleep once I get home before all the gifts are in @Danin I'm really glad you could participate!
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