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  1. I like minty and fruity scents Do you like making online quizzes?
  2. Probably a bunch of Thai food I ate at a restaurant called Thai Thani. If you ever find yourself in Orlando, definitely go there Same question.
  3. @Honey Butter Chloe Ace Attorney!!! I don't have a specific one either. Favoritr score to a movie?
  4. Okay but: Post-AV3 AU where Mel/Gyendal is canon, and Yemite lives with them and is lowkey subsumed into their relationship over time. Edward/Stella is also canon. Since Mel and Ed are BFFs, they regularly get together to gripe (and gush) about their nonhuman partners.

    Might have to incorporate some of this into one of the fics I'm writing :kawaii-blow-it-off:

    1. Mu11berry


      I have so many rants for you

    2. moonpeace


      @Mu11berry Yaaaas, give me all the rants, feed my addiction. I still have to reply to the AV2 and 3 ones, I'm typing a reply as we speak :ph34r:

  5. You should totally draw in crayons more often because I love the style! It looks so cartoony and endearing. Plus, AV2 characters yaaas
  6. moonpeace

    New Year!!

    Happy New Year to all the Asians, Pacific Islanders, Australians, and New Zealanders out there! And anyone else that I've missed And a Happy future New Year to anyone that reads this once it's actually 2018 I think 2017 was one of my best years yet, so I'll be sad to see it go, even if it is just an arbitrary change. Here's to 2018 being just as good or even better My resolutions are to meditate more, spend more time outside, and keep in touch with my friend and family when I go away to university.
  7. @Mu11berry's in-depth playthrough and commentary of AV2 has led me to do some thinking on my favorite and first Aveyond game, and I've come to a realization on why it stands apart from the other AV games (for me, anyway).

    Aveyond 2 is ultimately a story about building people up so they can help others heal. All of the games have this element of character development, but in AV2 it's literally the entire plot. In AP the 'collection quest' is building a weapon, in AV1 it's defeating the daevas, in AV3 it...jumps around a bit, but it's still focused on defeating Gyendal more than anything, and AV4 doesn't have one I think? But SotM is so different thematically from the others I'll just leave it aside. But in AV2, it's about restoring Iya's spirit, making the protagonist's character development and growing strength into something literal, rather than being about destroying or defeating a villain.

    And as far as the final battle goes, all the others are fairly straightforward - defeat the evil villain with the help of your party so good prevails. Not that I have any problem with this plot - it's a classic for a reason, after all - but it makes me appreciate AV2's final battle all the more. First you have to defeat the Snow Queen, the antagonist of the game...but you don't really defeat her, you redeem her. The Snow Queen is Ishtar, the nymph of compassion - which is exactly what Iya showed when she gave Ishtar the love blessing at the end. Ishtar took Iya's spirit, so now Iya has to give Ishtar her spirit before she can receive the final blessing and go home. See the parallels?? Giving, not taking or defeating, is the answer. And even Heptitus, the real 'big bad', isn't a standard villain either. As the nymph of wickedness, Iya needed her blessing to be whole again, just as much as she needed Ishtar's blessing. And as the nymph of wickedness, she's really expected to do these kind of things anyway :P And at the end, rather than punishing her children, the Goddess shows forgiveness and gives them an additional chance to redeem themselves.

    The characters in the party reflect this theme as well. Ean is the main character and party leader, but his main goal is to help Iya with her journey and to unite the kingdoms behind her. This struck me as odd to have a side-character as the protagonist, but now I realize it fits with the theme of supporting and building others up. Nicolas' story is almost a microcosm of the plot as a whole, since he grows so much as a person once he's exposed to the world. He wasn't really a bad guy - spoiled and selfish and naive yes, but not truly evil - but like Ean and Iya, his journey (and Ava, bless her) turned him into the best version of himself. It wasn't about breaking the haughty, it was about turning him into a better person. 

    Aaaaaand I'll stop ranting now :kaiwaii-super-happy:

    1. Mu11berry


      All those things are my fave thing about AV2 too. The other games also had very meaningful plots, just they were more metaphorical. AV2 was definitely the most straightforward about its message, which I think gave the game an atmosphere of sincerity and innocence. Anyway I'll try not to rant too much on your status XD XD It was a beautiful game <3 

    2. moonpeace


      Don't worry about ranting on my status - I love hearing what you have to say! Especially if it's about AV2 ;) And yeah, I agree about the sincerity and innocence - the other games are structured more like high fantasy, with the plots and themes one would expect from that. While AV2 is still high fantasy, it feels much more like a fairy tale than the other games, and the themes reflect that as well. Although I also find it interesting that AV2 has the most...serious I guess, approach to war and politics. Like half of the first act of the game was playing carrier pigeon to political talks between Candar and Thais, and all of the royals you meet actually take a part in ACTUALLY HELPING THE HEROES (looking at you, Oracle), and the soldiers Uthar mobilizes are integral to defeating the Snow Queen's defenses. It's a nice counterpart to the more whimsical nature of the story, I think...and I'm rambling again, whoops 

  8. In Aveyond the actual "game" is Game.exe which you can find in the Aveyond folder, but I don't think you can run this file on the Mac without buying the Mac version of the game.
  9. moonpeace

    Hi hello hi

    Welcome to the forum! And welcome my guild
  10. The Big Fish Games don't seem to be giving me any problems, although who knows, it may start giving me trouble once I play for an hour. Only the one I got from here doing that. Maybe I'll ask him to look for the product key, otherwise I don't know how I could prove I own the product, other than showing the screenshots of my save files from my old PC. Thanks for your reply @Mickychi
  11. I bought all the Aveyond games from Bigfish, except for TDP, which I bought here. I copied the files from my old computer to my new PC, and when I run the exe file of the game, I get a message that says I need to pay 10 USD for the full version or enter a key. I've played many hours on my older computer without this problem. Does anyone know how I can remedy this without paying for the product again or using a key? (I may have transferred the files wrong, but it seemed to work for the rest of the Aveyond games.) My dad bought it for me so long ago, but I don't want to bother him again for a product key from 7 years ago.
  12. @michoo Glad I'm not alone. Hypothetically speaking, if Myst loved Boyle she could break the curse...
  13. @michoo Ahh, thank you! That's two requests now for both Myst and Ingrid, I'll definitely get on that then
  14. I wrote this as a (belated) birthday gift for @Honey Butter Chloe, because she loves Edward/Mel fluff and there isn't nearly enough content for that ship. Half character study, half gratuitous fluff (that I still kinda can't believe I wrote). When Mel slept, sometimes she dreamed of her quest. Memories of years spent traveling under an unfamiliar sky each day and sleeping at a different inn each night would play beneath flickering eyelids. Sometimes she would sleep with a faint smile on her lips, and sometimes she would wake in a cold sweat, her whole body tensing under the weight of old fears made fresh again. Edward was always there to hold her through it, kissing the top of her head where her bow usually rested until she returned to the Dreamworld. And sometimes she would dream of what could've been. The memories - if that's what they were - came in random flashes, like shards of a mirror, except every piece reflected a different scene. One night she dreamed of that fateful day in Harburg before everything had changed, of turning away at Darkthrop Keep and running with the hundred pennies she'd been paid in advance. Mel wondered how her life would've turned out if she'd taken that path and never learned of the Darkthrop prophecy, of the orbs, of the world beyond the back alleys of Harburg - but she never dreamed of that timeline again. Some nights gave her glimpses of a green-haired nobleman with a mischievous smile that belied his kindness. Others featured two sets of luminous eyes from Mel's past, but in different people - children, her children, nestled protectively against her own breast. She wondered about those the most. And sometimes, Mel dreamed of Edward. Edward buying a star for her in Naylith and guiding her hand with his to point to it in the night sky, Edward being Stella's husband and her visiting the castle every week for dinner, Edward and her laughing and bickering and loving each other in a hundred different ways. Mel would wake the next morning with a strange look in her eyes when she turned to her husband. He asked her what she was thinking on one such morning. "About you," she replied, to which Edward responded with a cocky grin that always made Mel roll her eyes, if only to mask the small smile hidden in the corner of her mouth. "Shut up," Mel mumbled, although Edward hadn't said anything. She leaned in for a kiss to prevent a response, missing her mark and planting her lips on the tip of Edward's nose. "So what did you dream about," he asked, curling a hand through his wife's hair as she readjusted her head to lie beside him. Mel burrowed her face back into her pillow, unconsciously moving her body closer to Edward's. "I'll tell you later, 'm tired," she murmured. That morning, Mel didn't dream, content to be grounded to the present by the sound of her husband's steady breathing beside her.
  15. @Mu11berry Ahaha, I see. Dameon, you sly dog. So, Aveyond 1 except all (or most) of the daevas are female and it's lowkey a comedy harem anime? Lmaooo, I might just have to write this. *adds to neverending list of fics that I will finish someday* (And for the record, I could see it just fine. It might be that Scrivener's page is very slow loading, or his wifi is blocking the image hosting site.)
  16. If you start over, you're just going to have to do the same thing again when you get back to where you are now. Tiniponi posted a good strategy to solving the puzzle, if you highlight the spoiler text.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone!
  18. @Mu11berry I love it!! I love their expressions, Dameon looks so...sly, but also not XD Merry Christmas to you as well Berry! And re: daevas, most of them look pretty androgynous, so I headcanon that most of them are the same as their Persian counterparts, along with Ishtar ^^
  19. You can use the Wayback Machine (an internet archive) to access the old site, which would still have the games listed.
  20. I read the unedited version on AO3 but I guess I'll leave a comment here. That was awesome Boyle and Myst have a great dynamic. Really like how Myst is so insightful when it comes to Boyle. And now her and Ingrid will have matching nails, ayyy
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