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  1. Banned for being mildly inactive
  2. Don't worry Berry, I'm flattered ^^ Ace Attorney. Whats your favorite type of donut?
  3. @Specter Agreed, I always wish they had explained more about the AV4 timeline and world...oh well, there's always the possibility for fanmad interviews
  4. @Mu11berry I totally do want to see them, believe me >.> Your daevas are so cute! The idea of flower crowns is adorable. I actually love the daevas a whole lot because they're based on (or named after, at least) Persian deities, which I find really cool. Apart from daeva_agas, no one else seems to give them much love, so it's great to see fanart for them again ^^ And your R/D piece is very nice too. I really like the colors and the expressions in this one.
  5. Just finished Ahriman's Prophecy for the first time - and defeated Ahriman on my first try at level 60! That wasn't as hard as I thought. Maybe next time I'll get the Devin/Talia ending...I messed up this time around and wasn't able to marry them, but I kinda like Devin as a bachelor anyway :P

    1. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      I always go for the financially supporting one. A tornado ring isn't the best in my style of play. Then again, you could just used RM2k3 to c change what her Grandmother gives you. Maybe 999999 gold. But don't take my example. I've only finished out once without messing with the files at all. Once I even made Haddock an air pirate. Instead of buying a ship, it's a roc (giant bird). But if you want to keep the storyline with that one, you have to make sure you don't land on the island with Zorom's lair. Everything else in that version stays about the same, except that I gave it 99 levels instead of 75, and put a few goodies in it.

  6. Banned for posting three hours ago
  7. New Star Wars movie! What's your favorite non-Aveyond ship?
  8. @BlackPrincess @Danin @Rodania Sorry for the spam of mentions, but can you guys confirm that you received the PM with your assignment? I just want to make sure no one didn't see theirs or anything like that.
  9. I have a feeling I may have said this when I did my annual Star Wars rewatch last year, but Rhen is totally Anakin Skywalker - chosen one, most powerful in their generation, became a slave and then earned their freedom after their power was discovered, goes on a quest to stop evil forces but then (in the 'bad ending' of Aveyond 1, anyway) ends up joining them. It all fits :blink:

    1. Mu11berry


      Oh IT GETS BETTER!! Because in the "end" of Star Wars there's actually two chosen ones right?>.>

      And in the end of AV1 there's two chosen ones >.>

      I mean you have to kind of split Luke and Anakin between Rhen and Dameon, but the similarities are pretty cool! 

    2. moonpeace


      Now that you mention it, Luke turning against his evil father and Dameon turning against his evil father-figureish evil mentor do have a lot of parallels :o 

  10. Banned for having more posts than me!
  11. Giving and receiving gifts of course What's something you're happy about right now?
  12. Jupiter, it's easiest to spell. Jupiter or Zeus?
  13. @Queen-of-Ice101 Oh gosh, that makes me really happy to hear!
  14. @BlackPrincess I answered you in PM about this but, yes, you can still join Make another post here with your favorite characters, ships, and any other relevant info.
  15. It was called the Collegium ^^ I just saw the Aveyond 2 fanart and oh my gosh, the world needs more AV2. Iya and Nicolas are some of my faves from the whole series so I'm really glad to see them!
  16. Banned for being gone for an extended period of time.
  17. Shopping for, making, and occasionally receiving gifts & chilling at home with the fam. You?
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