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  1. Hard book, although I did just get an e-reader and I'm very excited to add ebooks to my library. Underworld or Overworld?
  2. Ooh, a request! Definitely, although I won't get around to it immediately.
  3. @BlackPrincess Ahh, that mysterious quota which I have never reached but probably will someday >.> Thank you!
  4. I was updating my AV stuff on AO3 when I realized I'd never posted the Mel/Gyendal fic I wrote for @Queen-of-Ice101's birthday in my fic thread. It's probably my favorite fic that I've written, so I'm gonna go ahead and post it over two months later. Whoops. Summary: Based on this prompt: "A and B are given seats next to each other at the movies. Before they can nope out the seats around them are filled with children. They have to negotiate who gets the armrest for a two hour romcom." Now replace A and B with Mel and Gyendal, and romcom with Star Wars. Birthday gift for Queen_of_Ice101. In hindsight, Mel should've known the whole plan was a bad idea. Edward and Stella had offered to treat her to a special showing of Star Wars on the big screen for her birthday. No big deal, right? They'd invited Te'ijal and Galahad, but somehow Te'ijal had mailed her the wrong ticket, and she'd woken up at 11:00 on her big day to six missed calls and several texts asking where she was, why wasn't she here, did she want to miss the 10:00 movie? Just once, Mel wished something in her life would go right. But she'd be damned if she was going to miss out on that movie. It was her birthday, and she didn't intend to let a bad start suck the fun out of the whole day. Besides, Mel was never the type to mind doing things alone. At least, she thought she'd be alone. Mel arrived with enough time to pick the best seat. Slightly left of center, a few rows down from the top, the one she always picked. Even better, the theater was almost empty, so she had a few minutes to put her feet up on the seat in front of her and pop in some headphones before the noisy crowds arrived. "Excuse me, could you move your feet please? I need to get through," said a man, and Mel was so zoned out that she didn't notice who he was until he sat down in the seat next to her. Oh no. Not him. Anyone but him. He seemed to have the same realization at the same moment as Mel, because they both sprang out of their seats as if jolted by an electric current. But as fate would have it, a large family began to make its way down the aisle, preventing them from dispersing to choose different seats as far away from each other as possible. The stream of people moving through forced them to press awkwardly against each other, which the many rowdy children seemed to find great humor in. When Mel turned around, she was disappointed but not entirely surprised to find that the family had taken all the seats on either side of them. "Well, it looks like one of us is going to have to move," she said matter-of-factly. There was no debate: the sky was blue, water was wet, and Mel Darkthrop and Gyendal Ravenfoot were not going to sit next to each other during a two-plus hour movie. Gyendal avoided Mel's eyes and looked idly at the preview playing on the screen. "Yes, one of us can move while I stay here." "Hey, no fair! I sat here first!" Mel crossed her arms, causing a shower of popcorn to spill out of the bag in her hands and onto the head of the person sitting below her. "So? I always sit here, and you're the one who suggested moving anyway. You do it," he scowled. "I always sit here too! It's my birthday, anyway. I shouldn't have to move," Mel rebutted, her voice rising in in pitch. "I didn't know it was your birthday," Gyendal answered, matching Mel's tone. "And I don't care!" "Hey you two, shut up and sit down!" called the person below them. Several people across the theater murmured in agreement, one threatening to call the manager, and a few shouting words that might've offended Mel and Gyendal if they weren't so busy being offended by each other's presence. Mel and Gyendal stood at an impasse for a few more tense moments, neither willing to be the one to give in and move to another aisle, before begrudgingly sitting back down. "This is all your fault, you know," Mel murmured. "No, it's clearly yours," Gyendal bit back. "No, yours," Mel whispered nearly inaudibly, not willing to let him have the last word. She was going to have to put her argument with Gyendal aside, though, because the movie was starting. Return of the Jedi was one of Mel's favorite films, and she wasn't about to let Te'ijal's insufferable brother ruin it for her. The movie distracted Mel from her undesirable company for awhile, until she got bored about twenty minutes in (the movie was great, but the beginning was undeniably slow) and was brought back to reality by Gyendal's obnoxiously loud chewing. He was shoving handfuls of popcorn into his mouth, making a complete pig of himself, and assaulting the ears of everyone around him. "Could you eat any louder?" Mel hissed. "Shh, m'watching," Gyendal said, pointing at the screen for emphasis. As if Mel was an idiot and didn't know where one's eyes were supposed to be in a movie theater. "Pssh, yeah, of course you'd be watching extra intently at THIS part." Leia was now clad in a metal bikini, waiting to be rescued from her enslavement to Jabba the Hutt. "The slave Leia scene is so overrated. I bet you imagine every woman you see in that awful getup." "I do not." Gyendal turned to glare at her, and turned away just as quickly. It was too dark to tell, but was that a blush on his face? Pervert. "Actually, I don't particularly care for this scene either. But unlike SOME people, I came here to watch the movie and not the person sitting next to me!" Gyendal punctuated his sentence with an extra large mouthful of popcorn, which (to Mel's delight) couldn't fit completely in his mouth. Mel opened her mouth to respond, but anything she said would only validate his argument. She turned back to the movie and responded with loud chewing of her own. Two could play at that game. In fact, two could play at that game for a surprisingly long time. The movie was halfway through, Mel was already almost done with her large popcorn, and she wasn't sure she could take another bite. Judging by the decreased frequency of Gyendal's mouthfuls, he was facing the same situation. Not wanting to be the first to quit, she "accidentally" spilled what was left of her bag on Gyendal's lap. "Sorry," she said, in a tone of voice that was unapologetically unapologetic. Gyendal angrily brushed the popcorn off, sending most of it flying into the hair of the guy below them. Mel really owed the man an apology, she supposed, but she wasn't sure if she would be able to look him in the eye once the movie was over. "You're not sorry," he grumbled. Mel's only response was to shrug as she sipped (loudly, of course) from her drink. However, the petty argument was once again forgotten as the movie sucked her in. Luke had just told Leia that he was her brother, and was about to confront Vader. The plot was finally getting to the good part. Mel sat forward in her seat and gripped the armrest in anticipation of the action to come. Except when she reached for the armrest, she ended up with a handful of Gyendal's arm instead. She pulled back faster than if she'd put her hand on a hot stove. "That's my armrest," Mel grunted as she elbowed his arm. "That's stupid. Everyone knows you use the left armrest," Gyendal said, elbowing back. They spent several minutes shoving back and forth until Gyendal's elbow missed the mark, causing his hand to shoot straight onto Mel's thigh. Both of them spent a pregnant pause staring at where Gyendal's hand met Mel's leg, their eyes widening comically, blushes rising to both of their cheeks, before Mel belatedly slapped Gyendal's hand away. "Hands to yourself!" she exclaimed, her voice embarrassingly high in pitch. Of course, his hand returned to its place on the armrest. But Mel wasn't about to be denied her rightful space, so she planted her hand on top of his in the hope that he'd move away. He didn't. Neither of them were willing to give the other the satisfaction of moving. At least, that's what they'd told themselves at the time. They'd later deny noticing that the other armrests were perfectly available. They stayed that way for several minutes. At the scene where Vader removed his mask, Mel involuntarily tensed her hand - something about seeing the villain you'd grown to hate so vulnerable unsettled her every time - and her smaller fingers slipped between the cracks in Gyendal's. But this time, she didn't pull away immediately. It was almost reluctant, the way she unlaced her hand from his and returned it to her lap. When Han and Leia kissed after the final battle, Mel made sure to avoid the armrest entirely. She didn't even look in that direction. She made a point to face the other way, actually, because sappy romance scenes were dumb and so was Gyendal. Then, the movie was finally over. The telltale credits music blared over the speakers and the lights came back to life. People were already starting to get up and leave, but Mel was rooted to her seat in shock. "I cannot believe," she said to no one in particular, "that they replaced the original footage of Vader's Force ghost with young Anakin. I know they changed a lot in the remastered version, but really, right at the end? Is nothing sacred?" "They can't NOT use young Anakin," replied Gyendal. Of course he had to contradict her. "The original movie used some random old guy. Replacing him with young Anakin creates continuity across the movies, and emphasizes how Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker are different people." "Yeah, but now they tarnished the original trilogy with the prequels!" "I should've known you'd be one of those sheep who can't see the value in the prequels," Gyendal sniffed. "Well, I should've known you'd have no taste," Mel scoffed. "And I don't even know why I'm discussing my favorite movie with someone who hates me," she added, more to herself than anything. "I don't hate you, Mel." Mel turned to face him, shocked by both the words and the unexpected honesty in them. "I mean, you're the most annoying person I've ever encountered, and I don't know how my sister puts up with you, and you have no sense politically, but I don't...hate you," he finished lamely. "Um," Mel faltered. "I don't hate you, too." "You two need to get a room already," shouted a voice from the bottom of the stairs. It was the guy she'd spilled popcorn on, several times. "Shut up," they shouted back, almost in unison. In hindsight, Mel supposed they deserved that comment, with all they'd put him through. But then again, in hindsight, she supposed he'd been onto something.
  5. @Mu11berry You should totally share even if you think it's silly. I love humor stuff too much for my own good
  6. After I finish my last final, I have a four-week break before the next semester (yay!) During that time I'm going to compile an Aveyond fic masterlist. If anyone has any obscure fics that they think I wouldn't have seen, comment here or message me ^^

    1. moonpeace


      I'll check all these out later, thanks so much! It's so in depth and I've never seen most of these, thanks a ton @darwin!

      Ah, the AO3 ones have for the most part been crossposted here, so I think they'd be fine. I'll probably make a masterlist with all of the stuff that's PG-13 or greater that I wouldn't want to put here added on and put it on the winter exchange blog, just for posterity.

      You can also link the unfinished one (if you want), since people that like Te'ijalahad may want to check it out, even knowing it's incomplete.

    2. darwin


      You're welcome! :D I'm happy to help! Okay! That sounds good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that means you want them? I can remove them if I've misinterpreted, and I'll include the reasons.

      Honeymooners - Post Av1 Te'ijalahad; (very) strong language & brief, non-explicit sexual references (it's not between them - Galahad studies up his mythology and learns some things he'd rather not).

      Basic Survival Skills - Early Av1 Rhen & Lars fic, platonic. Strong language, animal death, and mild gore (it's about their failed attempt to skin an ox).

      Sun's Up Gun's Up - Grand Theft Auto AU, focused on Rhen, Lars, and John, but including characters from Av1/2/3/4. Drugs, violence, suggestive, lots of (very) strong language.

      two sides of one coin - platonic Rhen & Lars, retelling of Aveyond 1 (removes all other party members but John). Strong language, I don't remember if there's anything else earning its T-rating, or just that!

      And the te'ijalahad fic is hosted here - Night Falls. Canon divergent Av3 fic, that occurs somewhere along the course of the journey. I've gotten wistful about its unfinished status every time I've thought about it for the past eight years, so I'm giving it a big disclaimer for that.

    3. moonpeace


      Yeah, I did mean I wanted them. Thank you again!

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  7. Haha, I can totally see that. And teacher Lars opens up so many possibilities omg, I absolutely love the idea. Come to think of it, Rhen would also have to spend many years as a teacher before moving up the ranks to High Sword Singer. I bet their students would totally ship them XD
  8. @Azura Yep - [spоiler]*insert content here*[/spоiler].
  9. @Azura Ahhh I totally agree - John/Elini had potential, but I definitely thought Elini was better than using a love potion on him. I guess you could headcanon that it wears off or that John was already in love with her anyway, but still.
  10. @Azura I'm with you on your reasoning for Edward/Mel. And I agree, Mel and Pirate John would have a great friendship. I can see Mel looking up to John, almost like a senpai kinda thing
  11. @Queen-of-Ice101 @Rodania @Mu11berry @Honey Butter Chloe @blue-water52 @PiPeter @Ishti @darwin @Danin @Scrivener of the Gods @EsmeAmelia All assignments have been PM'ed! I had a few mix-ups, so I apologize to anyone that was affected by that. The due date is tentatively one month from now, January 9 2018. PM me your gifts on here (and if you're on Tumblr, submit it to www.aveyondwinterexchange.tumblr.com so I can post it there too and it will show up under your URL) by that date at the latest. If you think you won't be able to get online that day, PM me earlier. Don't post your gifts anywhere beforehand - I'll make a masterpost on here and repost on tumblr (with your permission) so everyone can see their gifts at the same time. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me. Also, if you're seeing this late and would like to join, message me ASAP and we'll see if we can work something out.
  12. @Mu11berry I don't remember the glitch you're talking about, but man did that boss take me forever. The haunted forest side quest was one of my favorites though. It had such a melancholy ambience with the mapping and the music, and it was so cool to see the forest saved. What a unique idea to draw that! And your R/D art and headcanons are lovely as always.
  13. All of your art looks awesome, but you've improved a lot and it shows! I love how bishounen Lars looks
  14. @blue-water52 Yes, I was unable to PM you! Lucky you signed in today. I'll message you on tumblr. And @Ishti no, but giving them my email is a good idea now that you mention it.
  15. So there's some uh problems with the assignments since apparently some members can't receive PMs? I'll get that sorted tomorrow but I'm the meantime if anyone has any solutions to offer... :/
  16. @Queen-of-Ice101 More people? Yay! I've been super busy so I haven't checked DA in awhile, but I'll wait until she's submitted everything. @Ishti Ooh, I think I saw that while lurking the Aveyond tag Don't worry, that won't happen this time.
  17. @EsmeAmelia I was hoping you'd join I'm doing the assignments tomorrow ( @Ishti sorry for the wait! It was supposed to be today but I am so tired after work), so you're just in time!
  18. This thread shows other members who had your same problem: Try pressing F1 and uncheckimg BGM and BGS, that seemed to work. I feel your pain, the footsteps annoyed me too
  19. @darwin Agreed, it was adorable. Robin in general is adorable. And your chart is awesome I'll try Excel first cause I suck at Paint, haha
  20. @darwin That's certainly an interesting list of ships. I'm surprised by the amount of people who like Te'ijalahad as non-romantic, I can totally get behind that. Oh my gosh, I can definitely see Emma having romantic feelings for Ava, and when I played Aveyond 4 I kinda thought Robin had a crush on Boyle @Ishti I'm making a chart inspired by yours for another fandom that I have a lot of ships for (Fate), so I just wanted to say thanks! I'm trying to figure out how to make it, did you use Excel?
  21. @Ishti Yes, play with the party goodie! Aveyond 2 was always my favorite, but having both Nicolas and Gavin in the party made it 10 times better. Seeing the three of them interact is one of the best parts of the game, imo - and if you do both the Gavin and Nicolas routes, all three of them go off together in the end! Yesss, I love Ishtar and Heptitus. And well, you know how Gavin says all the witches in Bogwood are in love with him? I wonder if that includes Heptitus...and I got to thinking that if it did, she'd be just about the only witch there who could entertain him and keep him on his toes. Plus it would make the final battle very ah, interesting, if you had Gavin in the party I imagine Ava would regard Lars much in the same way she regards Nicolas, but she'd also appreciate his intelligence and deviousness. If only they could meet!
  22. Te'ijalahad is definitely a complex one for me, I had a pretty deep discussion about them on here one time about their dynamic although I don't remember the exact thread? I'm definitely a person who likes to delve into different, maybe not entirely positive or ideal dynamics in fiction, and Te'ijalahad is definitely one of those. What really keeps me from shipping it fully is the fact that it's, hm, kind of played for dark humor in Aveyond 1, but in subsequent games they're one of the main couples that we're meant to be rooting for. So there's a little bit of dissonance there if you know what I mean? The Elini/Devin thing is so interesting The idea of Elini having a crush on Devin is adorable, I can totally see it. Yeah, it might've been mine? I wrote a fic where Yemite and Gyendal are talking about their feelings for Mel, and I think I've mentioned them elsewhere too. I don't know if there is any other shippy fic for them. I agree that she's satisfied with her unrequited feelings, just because of the nature of her relationship to Mel. I'd love to explore a more requited dynamic on Mel's part in fic, but I think realistically/canonically it's more fitting that Yemite's feelings for Mel are distinct from Mel's feelings about Yemite. And hmm, let's see, these are probably most of my ships (in order of the games they appear in): OTPs (canon): Talia/Devin*, Rhen/Lars*, Ean/Iya*, Mel/Edward*, Boyle/Ingrid OTPs (not canon): Nicolas/Gavin, Ava/Uthar, Ava/Nicolas*, Mel/Gyendal, Mel/Yemite Pseudo-OTPs (as in, I like entertaining the idea but don't necessarily think they should be together canonically): Rhen/Danny, Lars/Dameon, Gavin/Heptitus, Edward/Lydia, Mel/Lydia, Yemite/Gyendal, Boyle/Myst OT3s: Ava/Gavin/Nicolas, Stella/Mel/Lydia, Mel/Gyendal/Yemite BrOTPs: Talia & Devin*, Rhen & Lars*, Elini & Mad Marge, Ean & Iya*, Ava & Nicolas*, Ava & Emma, Mel & Edward*, Mel & Stella, Hi'Beru & Rowen, Boyle & Robin, Robin & Myst Familial (by blood or otherwise) relationship: Talia & Rhen, Ava & Nicolas*, Uthar & Nicolas, Ishtar & Heptitus, Te'ijal & Gyendal, Uma & Nox, Yemite & Nox, Yemite & Uma Appreciate because of others' works but don't really ship personally: Rhen/Dameon, Edward/Stella, Te'ijal/Galahad(?) Friends with benefits: Elini/Te'ijal, Rye/Emma, Yemite/Yvette* Don't meet in canon but would totally have a great dynamic (in any capacity): Jack & Mel, Pirate John & Ava, Elini & Ava, Lars & Ava, Elini & Yemite, Yemite & Yvette* * means I put them in multiple categories, either because I like an in-between dynamic for them, or I can see it going in either of two or three directions; bold means it's one of my top ships (even though it's so hard to choose!)
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