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  1. Maybe they're remaking it to get people interested again? I wouldn't mind a makeover, as long as whatever is changed is true to the nature of Aveyond. As long as they don't change the music Re the AP makeover: I would LOVE this. I could never get through more than half an hour of AP, the graphics gave me a headache, and I died over 20 times fighting that stupid dragonfly :I It would be nice if AP "fit in" more with the other Aveyond games, though I realize how impractical and difficult it would be. But since Amanda is remaking Aveyond 2, which is kind of, from a business kind of view, pointless (I'd love it though ^-^), why not redo Ahriman's Prophecy? The old version could still be available for free, and the revamped one could cost money, if Amanda wanted. They did something similar with the iOS game Nyan Cat. About the battle system : Goldielox, I agree completely.
  2. Oh, I thought you meant me posting the link was illegal! So I guess a lot of people on YouTube are criminals...
  3. Okay, so I was going to post a link so you can listen to it online, but apparently that's illegal (still not really clear on that...), but you can buy it on iTunes, or walzmusic.com, track #17, "Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth". Part of the album "From Another Shore (Aveyond & Beyond)". I'm not sure if this is the old one or the new one, though.
  4. Anywhere you can "find it online" would be sharing it illegally, so please don't post any links. Shaz
  5. ^^ Definitely! That's really good. I can't draw for my life with paint, how do you do it?
  6. Old thread, but this is awesome, you should really update! I spent almost two hours reading this (when I should've been writing my science paper), and it's excellent. There isn't anything else like this out there - for Aveyond, anyway - and I would really appreciate it if you would update, or at least say if you are going to continue updating or not.
  7. The Oracle said that Aveyond was the binding between the human realm and demon realm, presumably meaning that Aveyond is what keeps the two realms separate (at least, that's how I interpreted it). Aveyond is the central point where the human and demon realms converge, and if it were to disappear, demons would be able to get through, the world would suck, basically what happened in Aveyond 1. The daevas were able to travel to the human realm and terrorize people because Aveyond was weakening and didn't keep them out, hence why there were bees everywhere at the beginning of the game, but they disappeared when you defeated Ahriman at the end. (But then the REAL question is, why did the Oracle say that Aveyond was weakening in AV 2?) Yes, there was a statue of the goddess in the Demon Realm, but that was in Shadow Aveyond, where everything is inverted. So the donation box wouldn't be there to worship the goddess, it's just there simply because it exists in the regular Aveyond. My personal headcanon is that the donations go to a Shadow Goddess (who would also be the Shadow Oracle, I guess...), and you have to steal because the Shadow Goddess rewards acts of evil. And the Shadow Oracle helped Mel only to further her own evil purposes. It wasn't like she was doing it out of the goodness of her heart or anything. She knew that Mel would return to the human realm tainted, so she really wasn't helping her at all. Mel probably wouldn't have WANTED to go home if she knew that it would make her a lunatic who would try to kill her friends and fulfill the prophecy that she spent 3 games trying to avoid.
  8. You finished AP? At level SEVENTEEN?!?!! I couldn't even get past that first fly (I think it was a fly...maybe it was a snake) without dying!
  9. If the druids are immortal, then they must still exist. If I remember correctly, there was a Druids Guild in Naylith, and I think they were mentioned somehow in Mysten Far. So they haven't been forgotten completely. The Aia in the Lost Orb series seems to be monotheistic, so maybe the Druids just abandoned the temples when they saw that they were no longer being worshipped? What did they even do in AV 1? They were meant to guard the sword of shadows, but when that was no longer needed, maybe they just retired? They never mentioned this in the actual game...so maybe it's from Kaz's story? I remember reading something about this on tumblr. EDIT: I know this is extremely random and off-topic, but I just felt the need to tell someone - I just realized that theone's username is THE ONE. Up until now, I thought it was Greek and pronounced it thee-OWN-ee...
  10. This fanfic is absolutely brilliant. You should post it to Fanfiction.net
  11. I love the snow princess gown, but sadly, you can't keep it. If you want all of Iya's dresses, then get the sphere goodie. It lets Iya join all the guilds.
  12. The oracle isn't a very good goddess, anyway. Sometimes she doesn't even know what's going on in her own world that SHE supposedly created. And when she does, then she has someone else fix everything for her. Maybe I would understand if she was going for the whole divine-beings-don't-interfere thing, but she does talk to actual people once in a while. Like many people in this thread have said, I don't think the goddess is all-powerful and omniscient. The way I see it is, the goddess created Aia, and sometimes she interferes as the Oracle to help the people of Aia deal with evil. She has some powers, like time travel and teleporting and speaking telepathically into people's heads, but that's it. She couldn't just snap her fingers and make all of the evil in the world disappear, because she doesn't have the ability to do that, at least not while she's the Oracle. (Also, if that were possible there wouldn't be a game...) The minor gods and goddesses, i.e. Haurvatat, are just immortals with really awesomesause powers. The only reason that they are considered gods is that people worship them. But yeah, the Oracle/goddess is basically the Dumbledore of Aveyond. There to give vague tidbits of advice when it's convenient, but the rest of the time, she just sits there like "I know a really helpful bit of information, but am I gonna tell you? LOL, nope! I'm just going to sit here and watch you die and endlessly revive yourself with cassia leaves, and right when the world is about to end, THEN I'll tell you!!"
  13. In TDP i left my dragon on that little island and went into the dragon ranch. When i realised i'd already been there i went back out and now i can't get to my dragon. i loaded a previous save file and everythings fine but i thought you should know anyways
  14. can I download build B and still use save files from build A? If so, how? And does it cost anything to upgrade?
  15. Hey that happened to me too...
  16. Um i cant find the chest key to the blue chest and i noticed that theres a lot of blue chests and if i wait to long they wont be useful to me anymore so anyone know where it is/how to get it?
  17. I read something about how to make all the characters wed and it said to make Ava the leader and have her talk to Gavin and to do it before getting any other attraction points. Well i did that but i didnt get the attraction point, so did i mess up or what??? plz help me XD
  18. I am at the part where Mel is in the demon realm and I found this stranger in a cave that told me to follow him and I did. Then I was back to the demon plains. Well, then I searched around for the stranger guy and he wasn't there!!! There were no stairs and I couldn't get anywhere and I am stuck please help me!!!
  19. Cool sprite! I always found it weird how she had 3 different hairstlyes in different pictures... and I'm pretty sure there were no hair salons in Ghedarhe
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