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  1. Oooh, that's a very interesting chart! It kinda matches up with the categories I was thinking of, but not quite. I like how you did the left vs right thing, and the separate category for Te'ijalahad because they just defy description and categorization. Plus, their dynamic shifts in every game. May I ask why you ship Elini and Devin? That's definitely one I've never seen before (ALSO I didn't know you shipped Mel/Yemite too!)
  2. Oh my XD That's even crazier than Mel/Gyendal. But in case whoever receives your name doesn't have the crackshippy inspiration we do, do you have any additional, more accessible requests?
  3. @Scrivener of the Gods So, you ARE participating, yes? Just to make sure. If you are, what characters, pairings, and/or game would you like your gift to be from? And yeah, I'm eagerly awaiting the AV2 drawing!
  4. Just an update - I'm making the tentative date for handing out assignments December 7, just because I realize I have a final on the 5th, the day I originally planned to close sign-ups. Whoops. So far we have these people participating: @moonpeace (me) @Mu11berry @Rodania @Queen-of-Ice101 @Honey Butter Chloe @PiPeter @blue-water52 @Ishti @darwin @Danin Plus four other people (so far) on tumblr. Everyone make sure to check their PMs in the coming week. Plus, last call for sign-ups - the more the merrier!
  5. I will most likely look over the entire thing because I love absurdly detailed shipping charts
  6. Hey, welcome to the School of War and Magic! *is late in seeing that you joined, sorry*

  7. I second the rec for Death Note and Kuroshitsuji. Especially Death Note. I'm the kind of person who has no attention span for series, but Death Note was the exception to that rule. The characters and the plot were so engaging and purely entertaining. I'd also highly recommend Fullmetal Alchemist (superb, I haven't finished it yet even tho I started it like four years ago, but one day... ;_;) and Fate/Zero, probably my favorite anime or possibly overall series. The storytelling is just, ugh, exquisite, the characters are compelling and unique, it's amazing. Do be warned that it's not afraid to get extremely dark if you do watch it.
  8. I just got the Aveyond winter gift exchange set up on the blog I made for it, if you want to participate check it out here: http://aveyondwinterexchange.tumblr.com/post/167990551053/aveyond-winter-exchange-round-2

    Or at the topic in the Village :kawaii-wave:

  9. @Ishti Ahhh! I am grinning ear to ear right now. I don't think I've ever found a Nicolas/Gavin fic, and I ship them like FedEx so I'm really happy to see one. I love Gavin bringing out Ava's devious side, and how he enjoys getting a rise out of Nicolas, and how you incorporated the headcanon that Gavin was immortal (did you get that because of the warlock named Gavin in AV1?). The part at the end with Ava made me lol Thank you so much for filling my prompt!
  10. moonpeace

    Hi there!

    Welcome! I recently got VX Ace myself, just for fun.
  11. RPG Maker is simultaneously simpler and more confusing than I thought it'd be :P 

    1. Scrivener of the Gods

      Scrivener of the Gods

      2003 is really to the point. Tilesets can be annoying though. Everything has to be in just the right place.

    2. callmedan


      It's still much simpler than other general engines. 

    3. Queen-of-Ice101


      XD XD I get that feeling, once you get the hang of it though it's actually a really awesome system with easy navigation and accessibility:)

  12. @darwin You have a very distinctive style, yeah! Thanks for starting this awesome tradition!
  13. @kneeltogreen Good to know - and congrats!
  14. @darwin Welcome to the forum and the gift exchange! Cool to meet someone else that ships M/S/L. Btw, are you Iz from Tumblr? The art in your avatar looks familiar
  15. Hey @kneeltogreen, I saw you on the Discord server. Welcome to AK Ooh, what's your Let's Play channel?
  16. Dameon's face XD Lovely as always, Berry.
  17. @Ishti This is awesome. I'll have to fill this out. If you ever figure it out, I'd love to see your shipping chart. Also, how do you do OT3s in the chart?
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