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  1. (ha..ha... Why didn't I found that page of the site..??) Thank you!
  2. Haay people I'm searching for 2 book pages, I already got 6. But I can't remember all the places where I found them, but if somebody knows where the rest is: I found one: - In the castle in the Genie Lamp - At a bookshelf in Ylisfar - Somewhere close to Ghalarah and that's all I remember (A). Where can I find the rest? gr. S
  3. Double thanks! Really stupid actually that I can't remember that, while I played it before (A).
  4. Hey , First hello to everybody (I'm new )! I don't know how to melt the ice block on top of the beanstalk. I feel like I did everything, but I'm totally stuck. Help?
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