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  1. sometimes it will do full screen, other times it will not do full screen
  2. found it but @fullscreen already reads true @bottombar teue @sound_vol 1.0 @save_y 3 @seal false @tutorial false @music_vol 1.0 @save_x 0 @mouse true @fullscreen true @gamepad false @effects true Have windows home premium
  3. I have a gateway computer with windows 7. when I first started game I was able to play in full screen. now I cannot. issue is just with this game.
  4. full screen changed from off to on but did not change from small screen to full.
  5. still having trouble getting to restore full screen
  6. I followed walkthrough & Pokémon's guide, but still having trouble getting to room b2 due to dark room or cannot go through secret passage in b4. please help.
  7. I have flier, but can't give it to Gulliver
  8. flickering screen getting worse. can anyone help?
  9. if you saved the first druid, you should have picked the skull from one of the rooms in the basement. it is the key that fits in the hole by the door.
  10. all maps were saying same error yesterday. today these maps are showing up ok.
  11. I can no longer see. I get image was linked incorrectly, visit your account for correct likk
  12. I know this was posted previously, but link in answer no longer valid. my screen flickers while playing. it varies how often.
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