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  1. It has often been confided in me by homosexual colleagues that in the beginning, they felt that they needed to do something "more" with someone of the same sex than they would with the opposite, and ended up being more sexually active and acting more spontaneously than they would have with the opposite sex. Welcome back Kleptin.
  2. Demetri finally made it to the grounds. He hadn't realized how slowly he had been walking, lost in his thoughts and immersed in his ideals of what this new home would hold for him. (Can I remind everyone that EVERYONE can control the dean?). Arriving, he saw the people around him, but still no dean. He frowned. "Well?" He yelled, to no one in particular. Maybe the dean was watching. Brow furrowed and pouting, demetri proceeded to climb the nearest tree.
  3. ((:bump: HELLO? WHERE IS EVERYONE?))
  4. ((I dunno i chose the guy colors.. Like mai avatar? ))
  5. ((Guys have one color girls have another.))
  6. ((The girls need to decide what color their uniforms are. D: And sorry about the mix up! ^^)
  7. I feel like there was a thread called "The Siggie Shop" or something, but I can't find it.. I am here to put in a request! Teiraven made me an AWESOME signature three years ago when I was here, but Tei is probably too busy for me now, what with finals ans whatever else it is she's doing nowadays. If someone would like to make me a signature, I'd really appreciate it! Send me a PM if you're interested, I'll tell you what I was looking for specifically!
  8. "FIFTEEN MINUTES UNTIL ORIENTATION. ALL STUDENTS TO THE TRAINING GROUNDS. UNIFORMS ON. THANK YOU." Demetri woke with a start. How long had he been sleeping. "Training grounds.." He thought groggily. Where the hell were the-- Suddenly, he felt a sharp.. pull, at his mind. It was very unsettling. Like someone had unlocked something, something dear... The feeling was so intense he doubted anyone, magical or not, would not be unsettled by it. The power behind it, the sheer power.. Simply the intensity of the after-thought gave Demetri a headache. But suddenly.. He had the town memorized. Not just the town, but the outskirts of the town as well. He went over it in his mind. Houses created a ring around the central plaza... There was the town square, complete with a huge fountain.. With several shoppes around it. The Glass Eye Inn, School Supplies, ...Magick..., the list went on... Outside the ring of houses the hills began and the cherry blossoms bloomed.. Then there was the ivy wall.. Beyond the wall there were no cherry blossoms. A forest, very thick and mossy surrounded the entire area... Shafts of light broke through the trees creating a beautiful, almost magical sight. The picture was so clear in Demetri's mind it was as if he has seen it a million times, been there, grew up there.. The trees covered everything, except to the left of the town.. Past the trees there, a huge beach... And an island about a mile off of the beach. A small island, maybe three square miles.. To the right of the town where the trees parted, there were cliffs... Rocky, ragged cliffs and soft, dusty cliffs.. A series of mountains littered with caves.. That's as far as he could see. Somewhere in the outskirts, the trees parted and there was the training grounds.. Demetri had the exact location memorized to a cue. "That's convenient." He muttered to himself. He hopped out of the tree and walked back to his house. He smirked as he realized it was the first time he'd walked since he got to Ridgaellan. Using his new mind-map, he found his house immediately. Without wasting time looking around, he went over to a hammock in the corner of the room and opened the chest next to it. Inside, a tan robe lined with navy blue was waiting for him, with a note attached. "This is your uniform. Please keep your uniform separate from the opposite sex, as the color coding is very specific." Demetri wondered what the girls looked like.. Maybe they were shorter.. Thinner.. He grinned, shook his head and laughed. After putting on the robe (which was much heavier than he expected it to be), he left the house, and ran towards the town gates, headed for the Training Grounds. As he rimmed the edge of the forest towards the beach, he saw two figures out on the sand. Pirate boy and Red. He laughed as he passed. He didn't find the couple unusual in the slightest. They had been talking from the start.
  9. ((Fifteen minutes prior; another announcement will be made. Don't worry, I got this. ))
  10. Very good! I enjoyed it. Pretty long, eh? Might I recommend posting a "Chapter" once every few days? Its easier than reading a whole bunch at once.
  11. Why do you think there is so much confusion surrounding these terms? Gay itself is the term we are trying to define. Or undefine. I don't know. Lust is a term we understand but cannot pinpoint where it originates or when. We vaguely understand it is part of the human instinct of survival and reproduction. Attraction.. REALLY complicated. What is attraction? Where does it lie on the spectrum between "I want to have sex with you" and "I think you look nice"? Does one necessarily have a connection with the other? If not, what IS the spectrum? Questions, questions.. Woot 100th poster.
  12. Demetri walked out the door of the tavern hastily. It wasn't long until he broke into a full on sprint. He jummped into a large oak tree near the end of town and stayed there, making himself comfortable. He sat and thought for several minutes before a large voice boomed out of nowhere. "ORIENTATION WILL BE IN ONE HOUR. PLEASE PUT ON YOUR UNIFORMS FIFTEEN MINUTES PRIOR. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING RIDGAELLAN." Demetri frowned, crossed his arms, and laid back in the tree.
  13. ((Imagine it how you like-- thats not what it was intended to look like))
  14. ((Define mediterranean influence. Also stay close to Up or Down in spam haven you and and I could bring it down to 300 if we posted super close to each other.))
  15. ((Lush forest. Thick. Heavy asian influence is right. Stereotypical asian (Cherry blossoms, oriental designs..))
  16. ((OOB: "I wonder if we all have something to hide," Taran breathed before he turned to Xen. "Shall we?" I LOVE THAT LINE!! Hi, Tei! Go to spam haven and vote for a picture, will ya? Check my cottage too.))
  17. Of course Demetri was uncomfortable. He didn't know these people, so he wasn't surprised by the lack of flirting- She didn't know him yet and he didn't know her. Something about her made Demetri uncomfortable. It wasn't the magic, or the lack of innocence. Something.. Deeper. Demetri couldn't quite put his finger on it, and that was very unsettling. Demetri was never unsettled. Xen was still talking playfully, keeping things.. Light hearted. But with that comment she made, something hit Demetri. He was in Ridgaellan. He wasn't going home. Everything he had, all the people he knew.. They were gone now. What he was left with was people he didn't know with magical abilities and personalities that you would not find in his hometown. "Actually.. Taran, you go ahead with Xen. I uh.. Ate too many noodles." Without waiting for a response, he headed for the door.
  18. "No!" Demetri frowned. Xen wasn't very feminine. He wasn't used to girls like that.. He couldn't quite decide how he felt about it.
  19. Demetri crossed his arms. "Don't give us that look. I saw your freakish bird-claw thingy." He laughed, and put his arms behind his head, grinning. "Besides, I can run, jump, climb and flip. I'd beat you down in a physical fight, but I know nothing about this magic stuff."
  20. "Show off!" Demetri teased. He looked over at Taran. Taran seemed.. Well, different. He had heard talk of him being some sort of god when he was jumping from roof to roof, which was pretty legit. "Ha ha, Hey taran." Demetri grinned. "You coming with us?"
  21. ((LOL that was SOOOO off-topic! Mopiece sent me a PM last time i did that; you two better watch out! )) Demetri looked at Xen's hand briefly. Cool. She's a freak. A really pretty freak. He grinned. "I don't know if her story was true or not, but either way I think it's her right to hide it. I mean.. I don't think she's conspiring against us. I think it's probably personal for her." He turned, facing her. "But hey, why are we still talking about this? Let's walk around a bit. See the town.." Another grin.
  22. ((OOB: Lonely there, Dawnmist? Come sit with us! ))
  23. Demetri looked under the table. Xen's hand was turning into a.. claw. He glanced over at her in fear. She didn't seem like she was going to attack or anything.. He relaxed. He squeezed her.. er.. claw gently, hoping to relax her a bit. Remind her of where she was. He let go, put his chin in his hands, and turned to eirika. "That sounds like an interesting story. I bet you're good at telling stories." He climbed onto the table, made the far leap from there to the counter, grabbed another bowl of noodles, and dodge rolled back and took his seat.
  24. Sh smiled at Dem and said airily, "Oh, I just though that - " Xen paused to ask the innkeeper for some food. Thoughts rushed through Demetri's head. Thought what? "So, how did you get your letter?" Xen asked. "I was sleeping in one of the trees in my hometown.. Just kinda showed up in the hammock, ha ha. How about you? I don't know.. I'm kinda happy to be here, ya know? I mean, I'm never one to worry too much about anything." He saw Eirika walk in and hurriedly get some food. Without thinking, he grabbed Xen's hand. "C'mon, lets go sit with her." He walked her over to the table, and took a seat.
  25. @KTC Scimitras wrote: Kirroha Responded: Careful what you say around here... MY human analogy didn't go over too well. <.< >.>
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