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  1. Okay this Aveyond is officially 5/5 - so much fun scenes It lasted 34 hours - longest game not counting whole Aveyond 3 series. Also I jokingly suggested "Bolye's Quest" as subtitle on forums ;^) Ending was priceless. Looks like game happened at least 200 or 300 years after Aveyond 3... or 500 because there was no mention of Edward and Stella. Squirrels finally took over something And looks like I sold Aveyond 2 weapon blueprints to them XD
  2. I was playing 3 hours of game. So interaction between party members makes it much more alive and battle system is fun to play. But UI is step down - its clunky like in Aveyond 1. In Aveyond 3 TDP everything was reachable with just pressing esc key. Here I must click on party members to see what equipment they have. Hopefully there will be build B, that will fix this little issue - to make inventory/equipment UI similar like in Aveyond 3. It isn't issue in battles or when just walking around, only when equipping stuff. Or it was me spoiled by easy interface. Edit: These screenshots were made just before final battle in TLO. Contains solution for final puzzle. http://imgur.com/a/HV3zx (6 pictures in album) UI here is nice and clean. In Aveyond 4 this UI seems to have one layer more: http://imgur.com/a/MGEHK It will take some time to adapt.
  3. Ah so these had no impact on game time then xd So I guess Aveyond 4 is longest/second longest depending on how you look at Aveyond 3 chapters.
  4. Hmm so shorter than Aveyond 3, but I think its not fair, as aveyond 3 was divided in 4 chapters. Did you actually used goodies? They can severely reduce game length.
  5. There are following games: Ahriman Prophecy (Aveyond 0) - I think it lasts around 25 - 30 hours. Killed Ahriman at 62nd level. Rhen's Quest (Aveyond 1) - It lasted 25 and something hours. Pendragon family line includes fairy. Ean's Quest (Aveyond 2) - 18 hours. Shorter than AV1. Stuff happened 200 years after AV1. Mel's Quest (Aveyond 3) - 300 years after AV1. Darkthrop did their stuff 100 years before AV 2. Lord of Twillight - 8 hours so far. Heptius didn't learned her lesson from end of Aveyond 2. Gates of Night - 19 hours so far. Gyendal is ez, when you use all level eggs you collected on end. The Lost Orb - 31 hours so far. Death Scroll > Gyendal. Already longer than first game. The Darthrop Prophecy - 43 hours total! Gyendal and Lydia are rotting far away. Boyle's Quest (Aveyond 4) - 34 hours! Squirrels for world domination! It took me like 2 weeks to finish these Is Aveyond 4 actually longer than Aveyond 3 series?
  6. I didn't play this game yet - I'm on Darthrope Prophecy now. What happened? Technical issues? Here are ratings: Ahriman Prophecy - 4.60 Aveyond 1 - 4.79 Aveyond 2 - 4.89 Aveyond 3 (4 parts) - 4.58, 4.86, 4.71, 4.65 Aveyond 4 - 4.18 These ratings were from this website.
  7. So far so close Now I'm playing Aveyond 3
  8. I have nice wizard team - Ean doing over 1000 damage, Iya mastering her Phoenix sphere does around 500 over whole party damage. But Gavin and Nicolas do low damage to enemies/regeneration to my party - around 100 - 200 points with his best spells. I wanted to have equivalent of Lars and Daemon - now they are like them in beginning/midgame >.> I'm exploring Land of the Lost or something now. Edit: Finished exploring this island and found Meteor Shower spell. Now it reaches damage output of second tier phoenix spell damage. I think it still its bit low. My party is at level 60 mow.
  9. Well I got red salamnder, so I couldn't test it if it is determinate when talking to hermit hour later. Emma wasn't in main team - my team is 2 elves and 2 wizards - so she lost tournament.
  10. Well getting red salamander has 4/5 chance of happening. Do I really have to save game before giving egg to desert hermit and let game idle for hour? I don't want to lose one hour of progress, because I get gold salamander instead of red. I don't remember what I did 2 years ago in my last playtrough. Or I can play as normal and save before talking, when one hour passes? I want red salamander for Rye/Emma marriage.
  11. Oh here is this one detailed walktrough. I remember that there are some swords/orbs/marriages to find/make so I don't want to miss them.
  12. Can't wait for Aveyond 4 :D

  13. I'm replaying all Aveyond games - just started with AP. Is there way to undo it? I read Darryls note in Candar, and he hexed or something me. So I won't be able to marry Devin and Alicia... Now I'm much later in game, and I don't have save before this accident (I forgot, that I shouldn't do that at first place...).
  14. @MagykMagus You have nice avatar and siggie.
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