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  1. Lorellia wandered into a smaller room, far from the main ball and it's jostling crowd. As she heard the words of an unfamiliar tale she sat down at a small chaise lounge at the edge of the room and listened, gazing at the story teller with wide eyes.
  2. Lorellia sat at a table, stuffing herself with pavlova and bite sized cream cakes. She brushed the crumbs off her kimono and stood up, looking around for more food. She passed a large mirror and stared at herself in the reflection; long black hair twisted up in a bun, leaving a few black strands to frame a calm oval face. Her dark eyes travelled the length of her kimono, a black and white modern piece of art. 'This kimono is perfect...thanks sis' she thought happily, smoothing her hair and smiling at herself. 'I feel so beautiful...and hungry.' She smiled and twirled around once before letting herself get carried away by the crowd, snatching a tasty looking appetizer off the tray of a passing waiter. "Thankyou!" she shouted, laughing. Lorellia's kimono: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs41/f/2009/029/5/9/Random_Yukata_Designs_by_TatsuraChan.png (second one in top row)
  3. (Okay since rp-ers 1-4 are done with introductions can anyone else join in when appropriate? Or do we have to go by numerical order? :/)
  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me join!!!! ><><><>< I would like to be in the battle party, and signed up to Amranthia just to join this rp XD My Profile: Username: Lliad (pronounce ill-e-ad) Gender: Female Age: Just turned 15 Class: Travelling Archer Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows Physical Features: - Height: 5'7" - Weight: 52kg - Hair Color: Black - Eye Color: Wine brown Lliad is a tall lean girl with a pale gold/olive complexion. She's wearing a plain brown dress at the start of the rp. - Other: She has a Miko(priestess) bloodline and can tap into her spiritual powers. She was also born with a small hole in her tongue. 0_o Special Skills: -Double shot; Just like it says, 2 arrows are shot into the enemy (default) -Pure shot; An arrow infused with spiritual power is shot into the enemy (learned) -Heaven's rain; A volley of arrows shoot down from the sky and deal damage to the whole enemy party (learned) -Healing touch; recovers a small amount of hp(default) -White light; recovers small amount of hp for whole party (learned) -Dark cleansing; purifies dark state (learned) Fun Facts: Raw salmon >.o
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