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  1. I am unable to restore to full screen. I have reinstalled the game, tried earlier saves and tried to change at the option screen without success. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. My computer crashed and I wanted to replace my lost games, Both Aveyond 2 (Rhen's Quest) and Midnight Blessing would not download. Both games stated that the files were corrupt and unreadable. I would love to get these games back and apparently could not even purchase them again if I wanted to. I had no problem when I downloaded Windchild. Norton antivirus through Xfinity and am running Windows 10
  3. I now buy my milk in plastic jugs and recycle but as a kid, our milk was delivered in glass bottles. There was no such thing as 2% milk back then. The cream would rise to the top and be canted off for use in coffee and the like. Bottles were returned and reused. Where I live we still have a dairy that delivers but it is very expensive.
  4. You can try to sue for anything. Winning is another matter. I agree with theone that the father and kids should have been directed to pay all court costs, including mom's legal fees. In some ways they are paying since they are now a laughingstock in the eyes of many.
  5. @Jayshe-What is totally nuts is that this case was dismissed and they took it to the appelate court (court of appeals). Dad denies any manipulation but he IS a lawyer apparently and represented these charming "children" for free.
  6. So this is not an RPG? Rats! I tried Gypsies Tale and wasn't enthralled. Too static for me I guess. Bummer. I certainly will try the new game, but we shall see.
  7. Moony, glad to hear you are taking precautions, just in case. Keep safe.
  8. I am sorry you had to leave a job you loved because of this. Clearly, this was sexual harassment in the workplace. Was there no one to report this to? Hopefully this guy has no idea where you live or where you now work so he can no longer physically stalk you, though as Yuffie said, if he really wants to, I am sure he can find you. I am not sure what the law can do about cyber stalking though.
  9. In this case, the mother was sued, not the father. In fact the father represented the children, and I use that term loosely, in the law suit. This couple was divorced, and the whole thing smells of daddy being the instigator. Mom was left with huge legal bills for this very frivolous and totally ridiculous law suit. Makes you wonder why they divorced, no?
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