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  1. Gliding through the entrance, the ball had surrounded her and filled every sense she knew. The smell of icecream and cinnamon buns. The feel of her satin gown, the sight of so many beautiful Amaranthians, the sound of whimsical music sweeping her away. ..."Ultimate ball!" She swept across the hall to fulfill the sense of taste. Unpleasantly cramming icecream, eclairs, doughnuts and cinnamon buns into her mouth and pockets, she'd attracted the unwanted attention of the beautiful amaranthians shed seen before. The swamp she lives in does not usually have any people, so you would imagine that she is not accustomed to being in the presence of intelligent company. She shrugged her shouders at the onlookers and walked to the corner. Not like she could gain weight with magic at her side anyway.
  2. Fiichan woke up from a dazed slumber... Flickering her eyes from wall to wall she located a clock... 7.20?? "Ultimate deception!" she screamed. Grabbing her hat and summoning her broom, she was off to the ball.. Until she arrived in nothing but her underwear and apprentice cloak. Her mouth gaping at her current attire, she slumped back onto the dusty old broom and flew behind a cluster of dark trees. Embarrassed and blushing, she took her wand and waved an hourglass shape in the air... An entrancing cerulean gown materiallised around her, adjusting to her curves. Adding a few jewels around her neck, "Ultimate desire!" were the last words said before she rushed to the entrance. She'd noticed a few people on the way but had not bothered to join the apparent pre-party festivities with Ryo-Kun and his new 'friends'. Although, she had to admit, the pink one had style. Fiichan's Dress: http://joechip.net/liana/uploads/purple-gown-with-black-curlicue-lace-by-becky-tabbed.png
  3. Fiichan

    Ahriman's Prophecy Enhanced Edition

    um.. Im using RPG maker XP, can you please help me? ive gone to game making questions subforum, but no one can/has helped me! I need to know how to make the battle system thats in ahriman's prophecy. You know, like, the animals walk and if you get too close they attack you! None of that stuff how a picture comes up and everything... I need to know! Please help me if you can!
  4. Fiichan

    Aveyond like monsters on map?

    Oh.. I just downloaded it.. its not what i meant... >.> damn... i meant how (initially) theyre just walking around and then theres the attack but you can just walk away, like the picture doesnt come up, like in ahriman's prophecy!
  5. Fiichan

    Aveyond like monsters on map?

    i want to do this type of battle system too! I dont like how the picture comes up with RPG XP.. it just seems kind of.. not right, you know? lol ^^ Oh.. I just downloaded it.. its not what i meant... >.> darn... i meant how (initially) theyre just walking around and then theres the attack but you can just walk away, like the picture doesnt come up, like in ahriman's prophecy! Merged posts and removed profanity. ~Mopiece
  6. (what if one of the members don't come on for a long time? this is a concern for me, since im no.9 and all...)
  7. I want to make my game so that instead of having a battle type system where a picture of all the players comes up (RPG XP default style), its just like how, in Ahriman's prophecy, the animals are close to you and you get attacked and then you can walk off anytime... Can someone help me with this problem? Lol I wish i could contact amanda (creator of ahriman's prophecy)... aislingyngaio: Moved to Game Making Questions
  8. Ultimate glory... Does this mean we start roleplaying now?
  9. Im so excited!! I love playing Ahriman's Prohecy and this game uses the same people and technology so im really excited to try it out! Hopefully one day when i earn some money i cna buy the program too! Yey~ EDIT: It wont let me download it afterall.. WHYY D: that sucks.. EDIT #2: Ok i downloaded it now! Wish me luck!!
  10. Fiichan

    Sailor Moon RPG : The Moon Child

    im downloading it now! im excited to try it!
  11. thankyou diamondmist ^^ EDIT You know.. i don't like how thread has gotten so quiet lately! He should learn to lighten up and relax a little! Mingle and stuff! Everyone needs to give a helng hand and make this thread everything it can be! Get into it! EDIT 2 Happy New Year everyone!!
  12. Thankyou Thankyou thankyou! i submitted my thingamajig! Im so happy i saw this thread in time! usually i see things way after they are finished >.> so im glad i can b a part of something bigger than myself!! Fii is so happy! Thankyou for calling me fii aswell ryo! no one does but my japanese teacher and its real sad but im really happy right now!!!! sorry if im hyper ive just been bored allll day and then i finish this arts of this girl whos a witch and stuff for the rp! and im super excited!! I love being in groups!! yey!!!! --Fii-Chan yori--
  13. and link to picture (doh!): http://choc-flavoured-near.deviantart.com/#/d35ojro
  14. My Profile~ Username: Fiichan Gender: Female Age: 17 Class: Apprentice Witch Weapon: Cherry Oak Wand Physical Features- Height: 5'8" Weight: 54kg Hair: Long, Aqua-ish Green Eyes: Purple Other: Witch-in-training hat (black), Cape (black) Skills: -Ultimate Hex (confuses the enemy) -Ultimate Healing (heal allies to certain extent) -Ultimate Fate (Makes enemies fall asleep- through boredom) -Ultimate Death (Gives enemies the plague) Fun Facts: Always says 'Ultimate' in sentences- with a straight face too. Doesn't usually speak much unless using 'ultimate fate' (bores enemies to death). Gratuitous Vegetable: SQUASH~ and link to picture (doh!): http://choc-flavoured-near.deviantart.com/art/Fii-Chan-Amaranthia-Guild-Char-190941972 Merged posts. ~Mopiece LINKY LINKY!!!! : http://choc-flavoured-near.deviantart.com/#/d35ojro
  15. i hope its ok to have a magical character!