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  1. Music in Aveyond Rhen's Quest

    I agree with Brycei, its prob best to buy the CD. Show ur support to the artist.
  2. I was a beta tester for Rhens Quest back in the day. Never got to finish it (gasp! I know), but since college is boring, I thought it would be nice to get to it. Prob is, I wipe off my HD clean due to viruses. Is there anyway my old CD key to work? Thanks.
  3. Aveyond Official Soundtrack

    New CD! Sweet, always loved the soundtracks to Aveyond. I do encourage every1 to buy the albums straight from the walzmusic website and not itunes. It's better to support the artist and not some multi-billion industry. Edit. Opps seems as though this is outdated.
  4. Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Hmm..its been a while. Old timer, was here before the remake (had liek 3k plus post count w/e) Havent had time to devote much time to due to college etc. A couple more pages will hit before I come back prob. Found about this site cuz I needed help with the prequel to Aveyond (forgetting the name) Love this forum. Always will. Go Brotherhood!
  5. Aveyond Official Soundtrack

    Hm, I have always meant to write a music review about the CD (a postive review), but I think it's a little late. Regardless, I thought music was fantastic in Aveyond, etc. IMHO, music is best presented when it feels right. Aveyond music was def. spot on. It really conveys the emtions the player feels when battle,troting around the towns, etc. My only gripe is the clarinetist! (Yes, I know he is a sax player....) Edit: You could always make ringtones out of the aveyond soundtrack via itunes. Granted the person has a iphone.
  6. A general graduation discussion.

    Graduation tomrw!!! I admit too. Music is very important for me, and to hear pomp & circumstances one more f---ing time is gonna kill me. I was in band during my high school years, and the band would play,in addition to P&C, a bunch of songs during the intro and outro. Not necessary grad. music, but different genres to spice up the ceremony.
  7. Play Station 2

    Yea, this topic isn't knew. In the past, questions asked about ds ports, etc. Would be cool, but prob. not feasible. At least for now.
  8. porting it to ds. or some other console (yea, its far fetch. but it would be cool).
  9. Introduce Yourself (remade)

    dunt u forget me kingfields. oldies return. even if its for a short bit.
  10. gratz. im always envious of those who write so well (in a good way i guess...) gl and hf writing in the future.
  11. My Grandfather Died...

    It will be a rough couple of weeks for you. Please take care. Listen to classical music. It helped me.
  12. Christian video games

    i saw a used christian game for ps2 on gamestop a while back. didnt seem appealing to the mainstream market but good intentions
  13. Aveyond Official Soundtrack

    Man, I love this CD. Extremely refreshing. Most likely going to write a review but I want to listen to it for a while before i do lol.
  14. Aveyond Official Soundtrack

    Awesome, thanks!
  15. Aveyond Official Soundtrack

    I paid via paypal so I'm guessing yes? If possible, that would be great. Email: danish526@gmail.com. If not, heck, I'm still getting a great product with or without extra embellishments.