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  1. Speaking of which, where the heck is this god water? I have gone across the whole Busybeak during day and night and not found anything that looked useful.
  2. I've not been attacking the dolls directly at all. All party members are focusing on the big bad. Then he heals himself for 3450 and 3450 and the dolls for 700 and 600 and 800, all in the same round. Maybe I'm just not high enough level? I went through the rest of the tower fairly easily.
  3. How do I defeat something that heals itself fully every round?
  4. Do you go to the movies and ask for a refund afterwards because the movie isn't being watched anymore? Same deal here. You bought something and received its full value.
  5. When I picked up Robin, he was useless for a very long time because he was so very much lower level and weaker than the rest of the party. He's just recently started to do actual damage in combat. Yesterday, I picked up Hiberu and Rowen, and both are about half the level of Boyle, Ingrid, and Myst. My current quest is Busybeak, and those bears can one-shot kill either of the new two, and then the lack of heavy hitters means the whole party gets killed. Do characters who aren't prime in the party level up also? Do I need to level up the new ones? Going through easier places where the rest of the party will one-shot kill anything we face, simply to grind experience, is boring, but I don't want to let the problem get worse if I'll needt hem to be high level later on.
  6. I'm at the house in the Silverspring Wetlands with Elizabeth. We're at the door. I move my characters under the door and the little green going-in-places-guy icon comes up, but when I click, nothing happens. I can't go in the door. When I click on Elizabeth, she says "Right behind you" but does nothing else. There is also a bucket to the right of the house that has the grabby hand when I mouse over it, but clicking on it does nothing. I was here a little while ago, before this quest, and I had the same issues. Help?
  7. Definitely have the quest, and have all the other things for it except this. I've been in this forest before and nothing dropped then either. I'll give it another round and let you know what happens. OK, I went through and cleared out the level once more, and I got ONE ghast extract. This repeating of the same thing over and over is really frustrating, game-play-wise. I am not enthusiastic about going through the same map for the seventh time and doing the exact same things, without a real expectation that it won't take me another six or twelve respawns to get the other two extracts. I think I may have found part of the problem. Several times when I fight multiple creatures, I can't find the red splotch to search for all of them. I move the cursor over the treeline and get nothing. If there are splotches disappearing, that might be where some of the missing extract is. Please don't double post. ~Mopiece
  8. I have been through here and murdered everything on the map, and respawned and murdered again, and repeated, for three rounds, and no ghast extract. Is there a trigger that makes them start giving it?
  9. I have the quest to go to the Gingernut cave, and I have the summoning scroll. When I go into the cave, I see an ominous rock and nothing else happens. Am I in the wrong cave? I tried using the scroll and no luck.
  10. Thank you- I've emailed him. Johnwizard is aptly named and has solved my problem. Thank you all!
  11. I'm using the trackpad on my computer. I also tried the arrow keys, and it responds to them by turning but does not move. I was using the autosave. I don't have a separate save.
  12. I'll try redownloading. Redownloaded, still stuck in the doorway.
  13. My download was December 10. When is the most recent build? I tried quitting and restarting and it's no good.
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