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  1. Mickychi

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    @callmedan Yasssssssssssssssssss ❤️ Don't burn yourself out though
  2. Mickychi

    Mount Drake Caves map - annotated

    When the site was renamed a lot of the links were broken to images. For maps it's first best to check the MAPS, GUIDES, WALKTHROUGHS thread that is pinned to the top in the corresponding game forum. The links in these threads may be broken but if you scroll down their are posts with new links. Here is one to the Mount Drake Caves which Isabelle posted the link to: https://imgur.com/YL9OfHo Hope that helps
  3. Mickychi

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Ooo exciting I also have an exam that day, and know the rush of exam period so don't stress yourself out trying to get it out as fast as possible.
  4. @verraFae You're welcome, happy to help The youtuber TheDailyMoogle is the owner of the video I just linked, so if you get stuck his videos may help as he's done playthroughs of all of Av3 games.
  5. @VerraFae what colour combo are you talking about? Need more details to jog my memory. Edit: Are you talking about the agency puzzle in Tar Vedron? If so, 3:10 on this video may help: Let me know if you were referring to something else I'm going off memory mostly here.
  6. Mickychi


    @Riemie it's not a walkthrough but The Daily Moogle on youtube has done a playthrough of all the aveyond 3 games. So if you get stuck on something you should be able to find a answer there.
  7. Mickychi

    Killing Ahriman

    Alright firstly, have you been able to see the scene before you are fighting Ahriman? And does this replay each time as well? It sounds like a switch/variable may not be switching on/off to show the event is complete, but it would help to know exactly what repeats. With a bug like this it may benefit you more to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us - which will then direct you to a message you send to the administrators, who may ask for your file to see the issue. Again it would help to inform them what exactly repeats.
  8. Mickychi

    MAC sound problem

    Yeah I can understand that, the only other option is if you just mute the sound altogether.
  9. Mickychi

    MAC sound problem

    Unless there is the option to turn off sound effects in the menu then I don't think so. I haven't had any experience with Radialapps though, so I can't say for sure. Do not delete the sound effects folder - you could try replacing all the files in it though with a sound that has no sound. Honestly I haven't done it myself before so do a test with the most notable sound effect before replacing all the files.
  10. Mickychi

    stuck in aveyond 1c, nightingale quest

    Your welcome, I understand how frustrating it is to be stuck on parts in games I hope you enjoy the game.
  11. Mickychi

    Boyle's throne

    Lol Wrong spelling my bad, I'm referring to the part where Boyle said she could have his throne, if I'm remembering correctly, though it could just be comment she made somewhere in game about the throne. Can't remember exactly - need to go reply the game
  12. Mickychi

    Boyle's throne

    Pretty sure it doesn't do anything, except a fun little scene for boyle's character. And it's Ingrid's throng thank you.
  13. Mickychi

    stuck in aveyond 1c, nightingale quest

    Alright first thing first have you received the Nightingale quest from the Veldt Queen? Because you cannot take the seeds until you need them for the quest. To help me further know where you are have you completed the Squirrels quest and the lamp quest? Edit: This topic should also be in the Aveyond 1 section
  14. Mickychi

    searching game

    I'm going to be honest and say I don't think you'll find much help locating that sort of game on this forum. It looks like a mobile app game and there are hundreds of them, so I still think for someone to help narrow down the game you would need to provide more information about the actual story. Also I don't play them myself so I can't help more than that sorry.
  15. This are so cute and I would gladly use them ❤️ What are the terms of use though are they free for both non-commercial and commercial games? Also which name would you like to be credited by?