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  1. This is just perfect It fits Edward so well for that scene.
  2. @callmedan That's sad to hear but completely understandable I wish you luck with your new career. And I will be patiently waiting in the meanwhile.
  3. Here's a thread on which spells to pick: Have a browse through there - it may help you decide. Boot slappin mara I definitely remember as one of the one's I picked as it has a confusion effect. Hope that helps
  4. Lol I remember this - yes I believe we reached the count down and decided to count up, I think the goal was count up to the current year 218
  5. @Grace I believe I just answered your question in a different topic. I don't think you have to download a goodies file (correct me if I'm wrong though), cause the goodies are in built in hidden caves. From memory you may have had to download the goodies in an older version of the game, but I think the most recent and available one has them in built. Quote below is from this link:
  6. @Grace The goodies are referring to the goodie caves I believe, (you don't have to download anything but find the caves which are hidden), at the bottom of the top post here: lists all the locations and gives links showing a screenshot of where the caves can be found. Hope this helps.
  7. @Grace Did that fix the problem then?
  8. @Grace Can you elaborate? Have you tried to enter via the front door and/or side door first without wearing the servant clothes? Edit: Also I don't think this is the correct section for this post as it's not related to the opening question.
  9. Mickychi

    Ella's Hope

    Leah's Tale is set in the same world as Ella's hope, set before the events of Ella's Hope - Leah is a character you meet in Ella's Hope. Other than this I don't think there are any more games linked to Ella's Hope
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