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  1. Chapter 4: The beginning of the nightmare


    Avi realized that Nerine was losing balance and rushed to her side to catch her before she falls. "Are you alright?" Nerine could see everything blurry at first but then, she regained her vision. Trying to stand up, she said, "I- I am fine. I think I just got a bit dizzy." Avi still had a look of worry on his face, but seeing as Nerine was all right, he helped her up and smiled. "Why don't you go and rest there?" Avi said and pointed at a large shady tree which was near the lake and had a comfortable view. "I'll go get you something to eat." Nerine looked at the tree and nodded.


    As Avi went to get something to eat, Nerine sat under the tree and relaxed. This day wasn't another ordinary boring day. It was full of surprises and different events, Avi's kiss, Nerine's overwhelming powers...she couldn't stop thinking. That kiss...she enjoyed it. But why? Avi was just a brother for her. A brother, nothing more. But she is feeling a feeling now, a feeling she can't describe. Can it be...love? No, she couldn't be in love with Avi. It wasn't possible. She lived with Avi almost her whole life, she can't be in love with him now. Nerine's thoughts kept going through her mind. Shortly, she got tired and shook her head. She closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep.


    In her dreams, Nerine saw herself in a dark corner of a street . It was cold and dark, and there was no sound to be heard. It felt so uncomfortable and scary, and something didn't feel right. Nerine could feel the chill on her arms. She kept rubbing her arms to warm herself. Looking at the surroundings, Nerine wondered where is she.


    Suddenly, Nerine heard screams and cries. She freaked out and quickly went to the direction of the screams. Once she reached an open street, Nerine's eyes widened at the view before her. There were houses at fire everywhere, people running and crying, and demons fighting what looked like gods. Nerine couldn't help but cry at the horrible view. She could see some children trying to flee away yet they were caught and killed. Quickly, she ran away to not look at the horrible sight. But suddenly, she was transported to some black dimension. She could see her parents going away from her, and Avi being killed in front of her eyes. She collapsed on the floor, crying of what she is seeing. Wishing that this nightmare would end.


    Back at the real world, Avi has just returned when he saw that Nerine has fallen asleep. However, she didn't look like having a good dream as she was sweating and crying as she slept. Worried about her, Avi didn't know what to do but to shake her gently to wake up. "Nerine, wake up, please!"


    Opening her eyes, Nerine didn't know what happened to her. One moment, she was freaking out because of the horrible sight she saw, and the other she was seeing Avi back in the park. But remembering everything from her nightmare, Nerine's eyes watered and began to cry heavily. Avi wondered what's wrong but did his best and held Nerine in his arms to comfort her the best he could. Worried about her, he couldn't help but ask, "Nerine, what's wrong? Did anything happen when I wasn't here? Please tell me." Nerine stopped crying for a while to answer, "I saw a nightmare, a really horrible nightmare. It was like there was a war between gods and demons, and there were injured people everywhere. And then I saw Mum and Dad being killed and you...you were also killed in front of my eyes." Nerine continued to cry in Avi's arms. Avi worried about Nerine, about what she saw. She had no idea, no idea about what might really happen to her. But not wanting to worry her even more, he smiled at her and tried to comfort her warmly. "Don't worry, Nerine. I am here for you as I will always be." Nerine, despite what Avi said, continued to cry. That horrible sight...she couldn't get it out of her head. And to see Avi and her parents being killed before her very eyes, it was so terrible. Avi saw that Nerine wasn't about to calm down anytime soon and couldn't really think of anything. But then, he remembered what happened with him.


    When Avi was going to get something to eat for him and Nerine, he passed through a beautiful roses field. It was so beautiful and had so many kinds of roses. Thinking it would please Nerine, Avi plucked a rose and put it in his pocket. Now, he got the rose out of his pocket and lifted Nerine's chin so she could look at him and then showed her the rose. "Hey, Nerine, I got this for you." Nerine's eyes stopped tearing as Avi showed the rose. "T-This is for me?" Avi nodded and smiled. "Yes, I plucked it for you. Now, would you stop crying and show me your beautiful smile again?"

  2. Chapter 2: Guy of Dreams?


    After Nerine and her parents had their breakfast, Nerine rushed happily to the garden. Her parents were, as usual, busy with Makai's stuff. So she wouldn't find anything to do anyway at the castle. Arriving at the garden, Nerine stared at it's beauty. She stared at the beautiful, pretty lovely view before her. There were pretty flowers and roses everywhere, and the trees were green and shady and they looked so comfortable. There were also some small animals like squirrels, rabbits and butterflies. Nerine ran into the beautiful field happily and started playing with small animals. Cuddling some rabbits here and there, and running with some squirrels playfully. After sometime, she eventually got tired although she did have quite some fun. Sitting under a large shady tree, Nerine felt happy and relaxed. She looked at the blue sky and thought,


    My life isn't really interesting...It's true I feel great and I have wonderful parents, but my life is rather boring. I want some adventure, some action, some...love.


    Nerine could feel the wind blowing her hair away, and just then, a tall brown-haired man came and sat right next to her. "Hey, Nerine." Avi said as Nerine looked at him surprisingly. Avi has been Nerine's best friend every since they were young.The king and the queen, Nerine's parents, has asked him to be a companion to her so that she doesn't feel lonely living in a huge castle by herself. Nerine always considered Avi as an older brother but sometimes, she felt some much more feeling. A feeling she couldn't describe. Avi was a tall brown-haired handsome guy. He had brown hazel eyes and looked pleasantly good-looking.

    "Heya, Avi. How are you doing?" Nerine asked as she smiled to Avi a big smile, as usual. Avi didn't look so comfortable. It looked like something was wrong, Nerine could read that from his eyes. But Avi didn't want Nerine to get worried or even know what's wrong. Trying to smile, he said,

    "I am fine, as long as you are here." Avi winked and Nerine couldn't help but blush slightly. Avi always used to flirt with her, Nerine eventually got used to it. But Avi's worried face which disappeared a second ago didn't escape Nerine, and she was worried if something was wrong. Deciding to poke Avi about it, Nerine asked,

    "Avi, is something wrong?" Avi looked a bit stammered when Nerine asked that question. He quickly smiled trying to pretend that he was alright. "Nope, why do you think that? Everything is fine as long as you are here." Nerine blushed slightly and got convinced that everything is ok. Looking at the sky again, Nerine asked Avi, "So, is there anything new?" Nerine expected an answer with no, but she was surprised when Avi answered, "Yup, there is something new." Nerine wondered what is it and eagerly asked, "Really? What is it?" Avi tongued to her with a child's face and said, "Nothing. Same kingdom as everyday." Nerine pouted and looked away naughtily. "Naughty you! I was excited to hear what's new. I am upset." Nerine closed her eyes to pretend that she was upset. Just then, Avi hugged her close to him and caused her to blush deeply. "Aww, did I upset you?" Avi looked upwards at the tree they are sitting under and noticed a beautiful pink rose. "Stay here, I'll get you something to make up for you." He let go of Nerine, and tried to climb the tree. Nerine watched carefully as Avi reached the top. He carefully touched the rose and plucked it out. Just then, turning back, he realized that the branch was cracking.He stammered and tried to quickly reach the other side before the branch breaks. But unluckily for him, before he reaches the other side, the branch broke. Before he falls down, Avi quickly closed his eyes to prevent any wood remains from entering his eyes. Opening them, his brown hazel eyes met Nerine's ruby eyes, his lips were on hers gently, sweetly and lovingly. Before he knows it, he was already giving her a kiss full of passionate and love. Nerine stayed there in shock, her face all blushing red. After breaking up the kiss, Avi realized what he did and quickly got off Nerine. Embarrassed, Avi didn't know what he just did or why. Nerine, although Avi got off her, still laid down on the grass, all red. Slowly, her eyes closed and she lost consciousness.


    Chapter 3: Too much power, too much pain


    Opening her eyes, Nerine found herself gazing in Alexandra's eyes. She felt so dizzy and fuzzy, and she could feel her head spinning. Looking around her, Nerine realized that she was back to her room. Her parents were there, Alexandra, some maids and Avi, who looked deeply worried. Doing her best to speak, Nerine said,

    "What- What happened to me? And why am I lying here? Last I remember was..." Nerine remembered what happened between her and Avi earlier and that sweet kiss her gave her. She blushed when she remembered that Avi tried to get her that rose and instead fell on her and accidentally kissed her. For some reason, she enjoyed it. However, Nerine's thoughts were interrupted when she felt Alexandra hug her happily saying,

    "Oh, thank God you are alright! I was so worried!" Nerine couldn't help but smile to Alexandra and return the hug warmly. "Thanks Alexandra, but what happened to me? Last I remember that I was in the garden with Avi." Avi blushed as Nerine mentioned him although he did his best not to show it. Nerine's parents approached her gently to make sure she is alright. "Honey, Avi carried you here unconscious. We immediately brought you here. The doctors examined you and...I think we found out what's wrong." Her father said with a bit of worry on his face. Nerine looked a bit worried seeing her father's worried face. Looking at him curiously, she asked,

    "And what's wrong, Daddy? Did...Did anything bad happen?" Her father sighed before he continues,

    "Dear, you already know that you are the princess of this kingdom and that one day, you will become the queen of this world. But...but because of this, you have so much power in your body. More than your body can take. You see, normally, you would get used to it. But you are vulnerable and your body is just too weak. I...I am sorry, but you will can sick easily and...I am afraid your body will suffer a lot until a certain age." King Forbesii felt somehow guilty as he explained the situation to Nerine, whose face was full of tears now. Her mother instantly rushed to her side and hugged her close. Nerine felt so safe and warm but inside, she was so sad to have to live like that.

    "So, that's why I fainted in the garden?" Nerine said as soon as she calmed down. Her father nodded to her and then turned to Avi, who was looking worried for Nerine and somehow hurt to see her in such pain. "Thanks for bringing Nerine, she needed to rest." Avi tried to his best to smile although all he could do was a small smile. "No problem at all. It's my duty to make sure Nerine is all right after all." Nerine couldn't help but blush a bit. Her father then turned to her and held her hand in his. "Honey, if you want to go out now, you can. But please don't overwhelm yourself and rest well, alright?" Nerine nodded to her father and smiled a bit.


    Reaching the garden with Avi, who insisted on coming with her, Nerine could feel the breeze again. Despite what her father told her earlier, Nerine felt somehow happy inside. Closing her eyes, Nerine ran to the field and imagined herself as an angel flying freely in the sky. She could see herself with large white wings flying between the clouds. She was so in an imaginary world that she ended up hitting Avi and caused them to fall to the ground.


    Getting back again, Nerine found herself on the top of Avi. However, Avi's arms were around her waist and she was blushing deeply. Getting off him quickly, Nerine stood up and helped him up.

    "Um, uh, sorry. I should have been a bit more careful." Nerine said scratching her head in embarrassment as soon as she helped Avi up.

    Avi couldn't help but chuckle a bit at Nerine's comment. "It's ok. Just be careful, I don't want anything bad happening to you." Avi winked to her and caused her to blush a bit.


    Walking in the garden, Nerine got to the tree where she and Avi sat before. Remembering what happened between them earlier, Nerine couldn't help but ask Avi,

    "Why- Why did you...kiss me earlier?" Avi stammered as Nerine asked that question, not knowing how to answer. He himself didn't why did he kiss Nerine and couldn't think of anything.

    "It- It was an accident, you know. The branch broke and I fell on you and uhhh...kissed you accidentally. I- I am sorry." Avi blushed remembering that kiss they shared. For some reason, he enjoyed it and he didn't even know why.

    Though, Nerine smiled warmly at him to comfort him. "It's ok, really. S- Somehow, I...enjoyed it." Avi was surprised to hear what Nerine last said. He was about to ask her about it when Nerine suddenly continued,

    "Oh excuse me for that! I...I..." It was then when Nerine suddenly began to feel dizzy and lose balance.

  3. Take her to the hospital in the castle. ^^


    SOME REALLY BAD NEWS: I am really am sorry guys, but this project has no more plans, means I won't be working on it anymore. I am now focusing on a new project which is really better than this one.

    I don't want this thread to be deleted and I'll leave you guys play the game. But as I said, don't expect anymore updates/work on this game.


    ~ Love

  4. Hi all,


    I am trying my hands at a new story here. I am doing it in my spare time, so I am not sure if I can update a lot.





    Chapter 1: Prologue


    It was a beautiful day in Makai. The birds were singing melodiously and flying freely up in the blue sky. The sound of the falling leaves that were moved by the fresh air was heard by the friendly people passing by. The devil kingdom was such a peaceful place ever since it was created, despite it's name.


    The sun rays slowly came upon Nerine's eyes through the window. Slowly, she opened her red eyes softly and gazed at the beautiful sun rays from the window. Yawning softly, she slowly sat up and looked at the blue sky from the window. Watching some birds flying here and there, and hearing their beautiful singing, all Nerine could do is to smile warmly at the pretty view.


    Just then, the door knocked. Nerine quickly stood up and stretched her back and went to open the door and see who's there. Opening the door, Nerine found that it was her nursemaid, Alexandra.


    Nerine smiled cheerfully to Alexandra. "Good Morning, Alexandra! Such a lovely day, isn't it?" Alexandra couldn't help but to smile for her young princess. "Why, of course it is. After all, you are smiling and that what makes it lovely." Alexandra winked to Nerine and Nerine chuckled in embarrassment. Continuing, "You should get washed up and get yourself dressed up now, honey. Your parents are waiting for you for breakfast." Nerine smiled happily to Alexandra. Just knowing that she would spend time with her parents made Nerine feel happy and feel that her parents are there for her whenever she needed them. Nerine nodded excitedly, and Alexandra smiled. "Alright then, we will be for you in the dinning hall." She said and left to let Nerine get changed and get ready for breakfast.


    As soon as Alexandra left, Nerine quickly got herself washed up and dressed herself into a beautiful yellow dress. It was completely yellow with black ribbons on the edges and the chest. After combing her hair into a pleasant way, Nerine smiled at herself in the mirror.



    I must always look beautiful and charming for my parents and for everyone. And who knows? Maybe one day I'll find the guy of my dreams.


    Just then, she realized that she was wasting time gazing at her view in the mirror. Quickly, she ran downstairs to the dinning hall to meet her parents.

    After a bit of running, Nerine arrived at the dinning hall. It wasn't huge but it wasn't tiny either. It was quite comfortable and pleasant. The maids were everywhere, from those who serve the food to those who are just standing in case the royal family needed anything. Nerine smiled cheerfully as soon as she found her parents, the king and the queen of the devil kingdom, King Forbesii and Queen Sage.


    "Good Morning, Mum! Good Morning, Dad!" Nerine said happily and kissed both of them on the cheeks. Her mother smiled at her warmly. "Morning, honey. Looks like you had a good sleep today." Her mother said as Nerine sat down in her chair. "Yes, indeed! Today is such a beautiful day. After breakfast, I would love to go outside and play in the garden. It is such a great feeling to be in the arms of nature." Nerine said as her parents chuckled at their happy daughter. Her father smiled to her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Our beautiful daughter is always pretty and kind as always, I see. Well, you better get some breakfast now, honey." Nerine smiled blushingly to her father and nodded cheerfully. "Yes, Dad!"

  5. For Run Away or Die Trying:



    YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Rosalind Partials







    a)Physical: She can run really fast, read minds, make her spirit leave her body and come back.

    b)Magical: Control elementals and the power of light and dark.


    YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: She can't trust people easily as well as she can be hurt REALLY easily.

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