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  1. Rosalind nodded. "It is also fine for me." But then she wondered something. "Um, how are we going to make it there? I mean, you say that your house is 190 miles away and that is very long for me." She scratched her head laughing a bit.
  2. Rosalind was still confused but she had to admit that the other fairy was right. "Oh, alright. So, where should we go?"
  3. Rosalind almost fell on the floor when she heard what the fairy said. "Pro...tect us?" She asked. She didn't really know that somebody would protect them.
  4. Rosalind helped Sugar up as she heard what Floranne said. "Um, are you...sent by those doctors or anything?" She whispered so that nobody could hear her.
  5. No problem Elie, I understand.
  6. Thanks Pretty In Punk, I'll see onto those bugs. And nope, unfortunately this game doesn't have a journal, it used to have but then I deleted it because of the bugs.
  7. Rosalind carried the fairy gently. "Don't worry, I am not going to hurt you. But what are you doing here, pretty creature?"
  8. Yay! New Demo! This one should have all bugs fixed.
  9. "That's right." Rosalind said and knelt beside the basket and opened it.
  10. Lovely~ Rhen and Lars are perfect together!
  11. "Me too." Rosalind said slightly sad. "I have been running away for a long time now."
  12. Very nice, I loved the part where Rhen kissed Lars and with the "Good Luck" thing, lol. Can't wait for more.
  13. Rosalind gasped. "What...?! But...that's the same place I came from!"
  14. "Um, thanks." Rosalind said as she was going to take the food from the girl, she hesitated from taking it though. "I...I am sorry, but...uh, are you sure it's okay?" Rosalind was afraid from that anyone from the place she ran away from may come after her. "I...don't really trust people easily, not after that...uh..." Rosalind was afraid to speak.
  15. Rosalind walked around the town, she was hungry but she didn't have enough money to buy any food. She passed through a bakery shop, stopping at and staring at the delicious foods they had there.
  16. Love

    Avvies and Siggies

    Thanks, Mae. Sorry about the spelling mistake, I fixed it now and also added the guild's logo.
  17. Love

    Avvies and Siggies

    Great set Mae! It's so funny! Here I am with a new set, nothing with squirrels though.
  18. The new demo is pretty lovely. I loved the title screen the most. Just a small question: How did you make the setup? It looks so lovely. The advice I give is the mapping, it doesn't look...right. Plus, it is not detailed enough.
  19. Love

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    @Kinny: Your siggie is so funny! The squirrel looks so cute!
  20. Name: Rosalind Partials Age: 17 years old Gender: Female Birth Place: San Francisco, America Type: Runaway
  21. lol Lars doesn't know how to make his bed and Rhen eats twice. Nice, looking for more.
  22. Great story, Lars and Rhen may fall in love later, who knows?
  23. Love

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    Wee!! My new set! This one is one of my favs that I am going to keep it for a long while! (The words are from Bad Boy Song- by Cascada)
  24. Love

    Avvies and Siggies

    @Snowy: Looks like we are in the same boat, anyway, beautiful set you have. Here is my new set, the words are from "Bad Boy" song by Cascada, and since I was listening to it while making the set...well, I wrote them. Hope you like it~
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