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  1. @Aisling: Oh yes, please. @Elie: That's why. @Nic: Thanks.
  2. Celia, seeing everyone has entered, was out of hope now, what could she do? All she did was waitng near that green door.
  3. Hi all, Since my old game topic had many unimportant comments and part of it was some kinda spammed, I'll begin another and a better one. ----------------- The Story: The Back Story: 100 years ago, there was a powerful city ruled by Lilliana Albert and Henry Albert, they were a happy a couple who soon gave birth to a little child they called 'Norman'. The queen was the son of a fighter, which is why she had fighting skills, even after she became the queen, she continued learning fighting skills. The King was the Prince of Lessire, normally, after his father died, became the king, he was a fighter in the Academy and fell in love with the queen, soon they both married and Lilliana became the queen. After 5 years of marriage and giving a birth to a child who was 4 at the time, the king got a dangerous disease, even though the queen got him all the doctors she can get, fates were stronger and the king died. Being left alone with her only child, the queen ruled the city fairly and was greatly loved by everyone, and just in case, she created a powerful army, as they was an enemy city called: 'Tryiana' beside Lessire. One day, the chancellor of the queen, who was called: 'Zimestroy', tried to give some secret information about the plans of Lessire to Tryiana, when the queen found out what he was trying to do, she punished him by banishing from the city, Zimestroy was angry, he believed that what he did was right, and he looked for a source for power, any source. On his search journey, Zimestroy was barely hanging on, he ran out of food, and there was no place he could go, even Tyriana refused to open it's gates for him for failing to get them the secret information. One raining night, Zimestroy found a cave he could protect himself in from the rain, suddenly, someone with a black cape appeared to him and told him he was the one he was looking for, and gave him a black glowing ball, which he told him that if he broke, a dark power will be his, as Zimestroy broke the glass, soon he could feel stronger and stronger, and his darkside was truly revealed, then six elementals came from behind the Man with the black cape and told Zimestroy, that they are going to work with him. The first thing Zimestroy thought was getting revenge from the Queen, and so he and his six elementals that were actually demons attacked the city. The queen tried to defend the city, by sending her powerful army to the fight. But the army was only strong enough to knock down four of the demons, and there were still the two demons and Zimestroy. Being in this situation, Queen Liliana sent for her most trusted and her closest friend, the Guardian of the Moon, Priestess Talina. Priestess Talina had the power of the moon which was effective against the demons, as the Moon is a light source as it reflects the light of the sun and the demons are dark creatures. With Priestess Talina's magic powers and Queen Liliana's fighting skills, they could defeat the rest demons, and return the peace to the city. But, however, the story didn't end, the demon promised he will be back, and that time, he will get revenge from the closest grand daughter to the queen, Linda Albert. Linda Albert, the most beautiful and probably the kindest princess, was destined to kill that demon, she never had an idea about it, all she focused on was her fighting skills. From the moment Linda entered the Academy, she fell in love with the Mayor's son, Zak Duncan. Both fell in love, and when Zak leave the town for his test, Linda becomes sad that while doing her quest, she searches for him. The Present Story: Zimestroy is now back, and he is ready to take his revenge on the Queen by making her most loved grand daughter suffer, and the best way to do so, is to get her mother under his control. Zimestroy has gotten Linda's Mother back to life as a spiritual demon that's under his control, and this time he is not going to attack the city, he is going to capture the three angels who are responsible for guarding the keys for the "Sun Light" spell. If those keys are together in the Moon Shrine, the Sun Light Spell will be unleashed, the only spell which can defeat Zimestroy. Today is Linda's test, she has to go to the Academy and pass the test to become a full fighter, but if she failed, she will lose more than her lifeā€¦ On her way to the test, Linda finds Priestess Talina who was unconscious on the floor, after taking her to the hospital in the palace, Linda goes to the test and passes and after she comes back home, she dreams the weirdest dream of all. When she wakes up, she goes to the Priestess to ask her how is she, instead of answering her a good answer, the Priestess tells her that she has come to warn Linda from the grave danger, but while she was on her way, a demon from Zimestroy's slaves attacked her but she could make it to the city. Linda, being living as a princess, didn't believe what she said, but the priestess asked her to ask her father, the king Norman. After her father told her the truth, Linda and Karia, who wanted to help her, will have to look for their sisters and save the Angels and destroy Zimestroy once and for all. The Characters: Linda Albert: Fighter Age:20 Gender: Female Personality: Linda is kind and nice, she is very caring for the poor and can do almost anything to help them, however, she can get cold sometimes. Linda is in love with the Mayor's son, Zak Duncan, they fell in love when they first met in the Atristica Academy. Linda is also a powerful fighter, even though she is one of the strongest fighters in that Academy, she had a very weak heart, as her mother died when she gave birth to her youngest sister, Karia. Karia Albert: White Enchantress Age: 15 Gender: Female Personality: Karia is very innocent looking and very kind, she can childish sometimes, but is also a powerful white enchantress in the Academy. Karia never cared for 'love', seeing as her sister, Linda was in love with Zak, she didn't completely encourage her, but she also left her to her wish. Caty Albert: Dragon Lord Age: 25 Gender: Female Personality: Caty, being the oldest sister, carried the responsibility to protect her sisters and bring them up, her main interest was fire and dragons, at the age of 15, her father realized her deep love for fire and dragons, so he decided to send her to her uncle to teach her the secrets of fire magic and dragon riding, and now, she is a great dragon lord who rides her dragon, Fredrick. Alexia Albert: Witch Age: 22 Gender: Female Personality: Alexia has a very cold nature, though, she has a big heart, she is kind but she never shows her kindness to anyone, even her sisters, she is not so caring also, and likes to be the boss around, her main interest was the black magic, seeing as it could be used for good, she decided to learn it, and went to an Academy in the south to learn, even that her father wasn't sure how would that benefit her he decided to let her do as she wishes. Zak Duncan: Sorcerer Age: 24 Gender: Male Personality: Zak is Linda's love, he is a very cute character, he is nice, kind, handsome and very caring, which is why some people say that he is a 'copy' of Linda. Zak is a sorcerer who uses both of White Magic and Black Magic, he could be called 'perfect', but he does have a weak point, he can almost do ANYTHING to protect Linda. Priestess Talina: Priestess Age: UNKNOWN Gender: Female Personality: Priestess Talina is actually an elf, which explains her existence for such a long time, she looks like a 24 years old woman, while she is actually too much older. Priestess Talina has been the closest friend to the Queen Lilliana, and now, she is ready to do anything to help her granddaughter Linda. Though Priestess Talina had the power to live for a long time, she was upset by this power, as most of her friends were humans, and humans die long before elves, which caused her to be lonely and to live alone at her Moon Shrine. Prince Arthur: Dark Enchanter Age: 19 Gender: Male Personality: Prince Arthur is the prince of Sargonia, a kingdom a little far from Lessire, after his father's and mother's death, he has promised to protect Sargonia at any cost, however his parent's death let his dark side revealed, he was protecting Sargonia by dark magic and had a very cold nature. When he meets Karia afterwards in the game, they both fall in love, and this love changes Arthur from a dark prince, to a much kinder ruler. Alexander Conner: Warlock Age: 28 Gender: Male Personality: Alexander has a very tragic past, after his parents' murder he ran away to a village called 'Tricky Woods' where people there were witches and warlocks, when a witch finds him she takes care of him as her son as she didn't have any, but only to teach him dark magic. Alexander is very cold, and he is not so caring, all he cares about is his dark magic. Emma Burdon: Hunter Age: 17 Gender: Female Personality: Emma comes from a small village in the north, she is very kind and somewhat childish, she loves using her bow and arrow in hunting animals, but in dangerous moments, she uses her arrow and bow for defending herself. The Features: *Custom Shop System *Simple Super Journal *Side- View Battle System ScreenShots: Credits: Brown_Horse Angelic AngelTeddy Kraft Amaranth Games SithJester Venetia Nick Alexia Matterisic The Onion xenzirua NunoAle MoonPrincess Catchoun Victor Papierece Kstar366 Elie Yeyinde Brewmeister Paradog ccoa DerVVulfman Aveyond06 Mickey_Owl Mae Kinnison Phoenixgirl Demo: Together Forever v.3 Demo Link
  4. Aww...poor kitten...I don't know what I was gonna do if this happened to my kittens...:cry:
  5. Celia looked amazed, The Riddle Palace? Sounded like a nice place, she as a healer, was very sure of what she should choose, she valued life, which is why she became a healer after all. She went up to the door and waited for anyone who would team with her.
  6. Wee!! Update! Great job Basset! Be sure to write sooner this time.
  7. Love

    How to sell games?

    Well, I didn't say that my games are "perfect" or that my games are good enough to be sold, I just wanted to know the way.(Sorry but it gets annoying when you post a question and get answers that to a question you didn't even ask.) @whoooopdeeeedo: Glad I could help. lol
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    How to sell games?

    Well, that's what I am gonna do anyway, I know I am gonna regret it, but oh well.
  9. Love

    How to sell games?

    Thanks guys, for the advice, now to reply. First of all, yes I have bought the legal version since January. Now seond, I am not gonna sell my games "now", I am only 12 and I still have a way to go like you all said, but I wanted to know how to get an idea, maybe I was a little too early, but what if I needed that way? Now I am a fast learner, in a 3 years time, I would have learned quite a lot. LOL, at least I got some good advices.
  10. Hi all, I have a small question here fo how to sell games, I am a game developer who is soon going to make her games not free anymore and I just wanna know a simple way to do so, I have a paypal account but I need the way. Thanks.~
  11. You guys have alive guilds, ecxept for the brotherhood.:roll:
  12. (This should have been posted on 6/25) Hi all, Today was the day I joined Amaranthia...6/25/2007...it has been a full year since I joined Amaranthia and so many things have happened since then, so I thought I'd make a summary of my adventures on this site. It all began when I played Aveyond then seeked for help, I found this site and did not want to stay, I just wanted to take the advice and go away, but when I saw how nice people are, and knew there are guilds and stuff, I decided to join in this great community. Being new to forums and those stuff, I didn't know what was a "forum" is, I just wandered around, got to know people and by time, I knew the meaning of that word and learned how to react with people. I met great great people, knew great friends all over Am, but the most thing I loved, and the thing that God has gave through Am, is a sister. Most of people know that I have one brother but never had a sister, and when I came to Am, I knew Talia, a kind and a nice girl which I loved, she was like an angel to me, and she considered me her sister and I considered her my sister. Not only that, but joining Am also helped me to know how to make games, and now I am making a great a game called : "Together Forever" (Which you can find at The Home Made Games Section) who everyone likes. After about three months of joining Am, I finally had the chance to get to join a guild, the Enchanters. The first reason I joined that guild was it had kind and nice people, of course everyone is nice here, but the Enchanters were the best of all. Second, the guild itself was the kind I love, fairies and unicorns, maybe some say that Enchanters take care of cute stuff, but Enchanters are more than that. So anyway after I joined the guild, it was great to feel like an enchantress, it was fun and nice, and after a short while of my joining, many other people joined (AngelTeddy, MarianFrea, Ramona_Jam, IrishGirl, Iraki...etc), and you can't imagine how happy was am I when I see that everyone is agreeing with me that the Enchanters is the greatest and the best guild. After that with 3-4 months, Chrismtas was here, we made contests and we was happy that a new year is about to begin, however, our happiness was ended by a sad crash due to a virus. After about three weeks of being "lost" n the temporary forum, we came back home once again, sure we had to begin from the begininning but at least we were back home. I can say that almost everyone thought that everything is going to be the same, everyone is going to be back and all we have to do is to rebuild stuff, but the fact was not that. After we rebuilded our things, Amanda made her announce that Phoenix has became a "Guild Mother". I was happy, I was sad, happy for my best friend to have such a great place, and sad to know she will have to leave the Enchanters. Though Phoenix did a great job being a Guild Mother, many people attacked her and flamed her, even some of her oldest and best friends. Phoenix had to leave, and from that time the Enchanters fell apart. Many Enchanters became not active, all our activities were slowing down, nobody was working, and being of the few Enchanters that are left, I was sad to see what was going on. I couldn't stay in the Enchanters anymore, although I loved them as a family, and although I tried to bring them up again, I failed to make that wish come true, and I had to switch. I switched to the DLs, they were active and pretty nice, and had a great family. Even though, I couldn't feel the same fun I felt when I was an Enchantress, I didn't feel complete, and seeing the Enchanters like that, I decided to try to help them once again, and I asked Shaz to switch me back. Though...Am doesn't feel the same, many people have left, many changes have happened...*sigh*. I would never leave this site for all what happened and all what I got, it would be ingrateful from me. So today isn't only the day I became an enchantress once again, it's also the day I joined Am in and today my father came back.(Personal stuff, don't ask.)
  13. I finally had the chance to play the game, and I can tell you it's a good one. There are some bugs, but that's ok because even me has bugs in my game. But there are things that if improved will be better.
  14. @Brycej: Those things are optional. @Addie: Seriously, these aren't in order.
  15. Celia slowly drank the Elixir and fell into a deep sleep.
  16. Hi all, So I have seen that many members post bad shapes to a kind of a game topic, so I thought I'd make this for use. ************************************************************************************************** Topic's Name: The topic you wanna make first have to include a good name which attracts the attention of others, the best way to use is giving the game's name as the topic's name. Example: "The Fallen Star", "Happy and Merry"...etc Or you can use a small sentence which attract others. Example: "What happens when everything is lost...?", and in the topic's body you continue the sentence/question. But there are also names that won't make lots of people come to you, for example : "My game" or "This is my game, please help me." Things like that might not attract others to your project. Topic's Body: Now, to the important view, the main topic. In order to make some people love your game or try it, you have to include these things in the topic: - The Main Story: People won't just play your game if they have no idea about it, you have to include a good and a detailed story game to attract players. - Features: You also have to include the special features in your game, like the systems you have and the specialities your game has. - Characters' Information: Something which is important is the characters, if you want to improve your story/characters you have to include some info about the characters, if there are many, make sure you at least include the main ones. - ScreenShots: Some screenshots would benefit us to know more about your game and mapping, and might help you to improve, too. Please ensure that the maximum width of the screenshots is 440px so as not to stretch the page. - Demo: If you have all these things approved, then what are you waiting for? Post your game! Please remember to include file size and installation instructions. If your game requires non-standard fonts or other software (VX or XP RTP, for example), state this and include a link to download them. - Credits: This step is important, you can do it either in the topic or the game itself. One more advice, be sure to use good grammar and spelling in your game and topic. Hope this was helpful. aislingyngaio: Edited title and rearranged some stuff
  17. Love

    The Fallen Star

    Thanks, Addie.
  18. "Ugh, Yuu...his arms are..ah", Celia was really in a bad condition.
  19. "Ah, Yuu, maybe you shouldn't have said this...", Celia said as Tikishi went. "Ugh...", she was unable to do anything.
  20. Chapter 3: The first duel "Ladies first!", Love said and drew her first card." I summon my Harpie Lady in Attack Mode! And put two cards face down!", Love said as she did her moves. "And I would call it a turn!" "My move!", Jesse said as he drew his card. "I summon Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth!" "Wow...it's beautiful...", Love thought as she saw his monster. "Now I activate Crystal Power! When this card is activated, all the monsters are destroyed except crystal beasts!" "Oh no!" "So say goodbye to your Harpie Lady!" "Ha! Not that fast! Activate my trap! Magic Drain!" "Huh? What does that do?!" "If you activated a magic card, you will have to discard a magic card from your hand, but if you don't have a one, your magic card will be deactivated!" "Grrr...I send the spell Crystal Draw to the graveyard!" "Ugh..." Harpie Lady gets destroyed. "Now, I place one card face down on the field and that's all for now!" "Why didn't he attack me...?" "Hmm, okay, my turn! I activate Monster Reborn! So come back Harpie Lady!", Love said as Harpie Lady appeared again on the field. "Now I summon Cyber Tutu in attack mode! And then I activate Thunder Summon!" "Thunder Summon? Why would you use it?" Love smiled evilly and said: "To summon...Elemental Hero Neos!" , Love said as she tributed Harpie Lady and Cyber Tutu and summoned Elemental Hero Neos. "Neos?!" "What? Surprised?" "Ah...I thought that card is only a rumor..." "Well, that's not true.", Love said, her eyes were closed and her mouth was smiling and both her hands were on a side. "Ah! Fine! Bring it on!" "Very well! Neos, attack Amber Mammoth!" "Not so fast!" "Ugh! A trap!" "I activate my trap card: Crystal Summon! Now both of us can summon one monster from each of our hands level 4 or less! So come forth my crystal beast Sapphire Pegasus!" "Hah! Then I summon another Harpie Lady! Now Neos, attack Sapphire Pegasus!" "Sorry, but Amber Mammoth, activate your special ability, take the attack!" So Neos attacked Amber Mammoth. Jesse : 3200 "Not bad, but Harpie Lady can still attack Sapphire Pegasus!" Harpie Lady and Sapphire Pegasus are destroyed. Two crystals are found in the trap and magic zone. "What?! What are these?!" "Sorry, but my crystal beasts can't be destroyed in battle, they go to the trap and magic zone instead of the graveyard!" "Not bad, not bad at all!" "Thanks!", said Jesse, rubbing the back of his head. "But you are not better than me! Play your turn!" "Fine! My move! Aha! I activate the field spell Rainbow City!" "What?!" A sight of a beautiful ancient looking city appeared, with a rainbow on the top of it. "Now I summon my Ruby Curbancle!" "That monster!" "Now Ruby, activate your special ability! I summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus and Amber Mammoth!" "What?! How's that!?" "When Ruby is summoned and Rainbow City is on the field, I can bring back all the crystal beasts in the trap and magic zone to the field! So I now activate Stop Attack! And I switch your Neos to defence mode!" "What?!" "I place one card face down and Go Sapphire Pegasus, destroy Neos!" "What?! But Neos's defence is more than Pegasus's attack points!" "Trap card activate! Reinforcements!" And so, Sapphire Pegasus destroyed Neos. "Ugh! You will be sorry for that!", Love said, she looked really angry. "And with that I'll end my turn." "Wow, Love and Jesse are surely doing greatly up there.", Sirus said. "Not to be so looking in everything or anything, but don't you realize something in Love, guys?", Alexis said looking at Love. "You are right, Love looked pretty mad when Neos was destroyed.", Jaden said, for the first time he looked serious. "It's my turn now!", Love said and drew a card. "You will know what happens when someone destroys one of my Elemental Heroes! I activate Dark Hole!" "Dark Hole?! That means all my monsters are destroyed!" "That's right! Now I activate Circle Back to bring back Elemental Hero Neos! " Love: 3200 "Now I summon Maiden of the Moon Light! All my monsters: attack!" "Oh no...ahhh!", Jesse shouted as he fell back when the monsters attacked him. Jesse: 0 "Yeah! I won!", Love said as everything disappeared. She slowly went to Jesse and gave a hand. "You ok?" "Ah...yeah, I am fine...Nice duel.", Jesse replied as he took her hand and stood up. "That was an awesome duel, guys!", Jaden said as he ran to them. "And so, the winner of the opening duel is: Love Duncan!" Later that day... Love was lying down on a hill near the Academy, looking up at the sky... "What was that nightmare...what could it be...or is it just a-..." But her thoughts were interupted by a nice and a sweet voice, a familiar voice, Jesse's voice. "Mind if I sit beside you?", Jesse said, his hands were in his pockets and he looked handsome by the light of the leaving sun. Love sat in a sitting down mode and replied with a smile.: "No, not at all." So Jesse sat beside her and both looked at the sky. "So...how is your stay at the Academy?", Love asked. "It's pretty nice so far, I've met all your friends and they all are nice.", Jesse replied, his voice seemed unusual. "Glad to hear...um, how long are you going to stay at the Academy?", Love suddenly asked. "Why do you ask?" "Oh, just a question." "Well, at least for 6 months, kinda long, you know." Love smiled and thought: "Great! He is going to stay for long!" "Ah, something wrong?", Jesse asked as he realized that Love has been staring at him. "Ah, no, no, nothing at all!", Love answered waving her hands in a "no" silly way. "Um, ok...", Jesse replied confusly and looked back at the sky. "Ahem.", they suddenly heard. When they looked back, they found Jaden behind them, his hand was a fist and it was under his chin, and his eyes were closed and his eyebrows looked angry. "Uh, hi Jai!", Love said when she saw him. "You two are sitting here 'romanticly' while I am looking for you for dinner?! Do you know how much was I starving?!", Jaden shouted at them angrily. "Ah, sorry Jaden.", Jesse said sweetdropped. "Ugh, fine! But come quick to dinner! I am STARVING!!", Jaden shouted and left. "Don't mind his actions, he is always starving.", Love said when she made sure that Jaden has left. "Ha ha, I am not much caring, I can be like that sometimes!", Jesse said and followed Jaden. "They look like twins...now I know who Jesse looks like...like Jaden..." "Uh, Love, are you coming?", Jesse said, he was a little far from her and he said so when he realized that Love didn't follow him. "Uh, yes, sure.", Love said and ran to him then they went together to the dinner hall at the Slifer Red dorm. At the Slifer Dinner Hall... "Here they are.", Sirus said as he met Love and Jesse outside the Dinner Hall with the others except for Hassleberry. "Hey guys, um, where's Hassleberry? Isn't he coming for dinner?", Love asked as she realized that Hassleberry wasn't with them. "I am here!", they heard, when they looked behind, they found Hassleberry behind the building cooking Fish on fire. They went to him, and you can imagine what a nice smell they smelled. "Ummm, you cooked this?", Jesse asked Hassleberry when he smelled the nice smell. "Yup! Here is your part, soldier!", Hassleberry said as he passed a plate of fish to Jesse. "This is for you and for you and for you and for you and for you and for you.", he said as he gave a plate of fish for everyone. "Ummm, delicious!", Jaden said as he ate a big piece of fish. "Not bad, where did you learn making fish, Hassleberry?", Alexis asked as she tasted the fish. "If you can't cook, you can't survive!", Hassleberry answered her. "Um, Love, don't you like the fish or something?", he asked her when he realized that she only had eaten a small piece. "Uh, uh, no Hassleberry, it is delicious, it is just that I don't have an appetite today...", Love answered shaking her head and gave back her plate and left. "What's the matter with her...?", Jesse asked, he was confused. "Nevermind her, let's just enjoy our delicious meal.", Chaz said carelessly as he ate a piece of fish. "Hey pals, what's cooking, or why cooking?", a voice suddenly was heard. "Aster!", everybody said as they saw the grey- headed rich boy standing hands in his pockets beside them. "What the heck are you doing here, Phoenix?", Chaz asked angrily. "Hey, hey Princeton, don't forget that I am still a student here.", the rich boy answered carelessly. "Whatever, I don't care what are you doing here but if you are going to stay for long, you better be away from my way.", Chaz said angrily. "Don't get yourself out of control, Princeton, I came here to see if the rumors were true.", he replied and turned to Jesse. "But I guess they are." "What rumors?", Alexis asked in suspense. "The rumors that say that Jesse Andersen is here ", he answered her. "Well, I am here! And if you want me for a duel, I am always ready!", Jesse said excitedly as he heard Aster's words. "Um, guys, I better go now, I have a lesson tomorrow early and I don't wanna get late for it, so I guess I'll see you later.", Alexis said and left. "And I am don't wanna stay here anymore.", Chaz said and left. "Um...I guess I'll go to bed, too.", Jesse said and left. "Well, I have better things to do than sitting here.", Aster said and left. "Well, guess we have to leave too, Jai.", Sirus said when he realized that nobody was left except him and Jaden and Hassleberry. "Ahh...fine." "No....no! , leave me alone!" Sister... you know that I am doing this for you... "I said LEAVE ME ALONE!" I told you... I am doing this for you, my sister... "What do you want from me?!" I want nothing from you... I want you... "Leave... leave me alone! Leave me alone!" "Ah!", Love screamed as she woke up from her nightmare. "Those nightmares... I really should stop dreaming them...but's who that who always call me her sister...? I never had a sister except Linda...Who could she be?" Later the other morning... Love was in the class with other, but because she didn't get enough sleep because of her nightmares, she was falling asleep in class. After the class... "Love?", Jaden who was beside her asked, Love was asleep on her desk and Jaden got no answer. "From earth to Love, wake up.". He asked again, no answer. "Love!", he finally shouted. "Ah!", Love suddenly jumped up. "Uh, Jaden, what's the matter?", she asked with a tired tone. "Ha ha! Looks like I am not the only one who sleeps in class!", he laughed at her. "That's because you watch TV until late.", Jesse suddenly said. "Uh, Jesse, from where did you come?", Love asked as she realized that Jesse appeared. "I finished my class and thought I'd come here, but while I was coming I heard what happened." "And how did you know that I watch TV until late, eh?", Jaden asked him with one eye closed. Jesse chuckled. "We watched TV last night together until late, remember?" "Ah, yes... well, anyway! Love, this is the first time that this happens to you, what is the problem?" "I...I think it's just because I wasn't getting enough sleep lately...", Love answered, she looked really innocent. "Ahhh, alright.", Jaden said rolling his eyes. "Hey Jai!", Sirus said running to Jaden, the young teen looked tired from running and after he got his breath, he turned to Jaden. "Hey, what's the matter, Sai?" "There- there's a new beautiful girl outside the Academy, she really got the attention of everybody! She was really beautiful! She had pink hair and blue eyes....ahhhh", the young teen said and started dreaming with the girl. But when Love heard him, she got her attention quick, and as if it was something important. "Sai! What is the girl's name?!", she shouted suspensely. "Um, I think it was Lacus Clayne..." "Lacus!? She came here?!" "You know that girl, Love?", Jesse asked her with wide eyes. "Yeah, me and her knew each other well before I came here." "Wow, cool! Let's go and have a look! And maybe duel that girl too!", Jaden said and started running to outside the Academy.
  21. Thanks! ****************** Chapter 2: The opening ceremony At the opening ceremony... Love entered the hall, and seeing Jaden and the others beside each other, she sat beside them. "Hi guys.", she said as she sat down. "Hey Love, what made you come late?", Jaden said, he was the one just beside her. "I fell asleep at the top of the Academy, and saw that nightmare...then I met a boy who kinda made me forget about the opening ceremony." "Well, at least the opening ceremony is about to begin.", Alexis said as Principal Shiper and Crowler entered the hall. "Good morning, all. As you all know, a new year has begun, and through our past years, I could see how powerful you will getting by time. Now this year, I have a great thinking for you all, Duel Academy has many parts all over the world, all full of talented duelists, so our Academy has decided to collect the best duelists from those Academies to here so that you all learn from them.", Principal Shiper began. "Wow, great! So these guys are really coming here?!", Jaden said excitedly. "So not to let everything long, I will begin introducing them now, beginning with: Axel Barody from West Academy!", Prinicpal Shiper said as a black colored skin boy entered. He looked weird but tough, and he had a duel disk that looked like a gun. "And from East Academy: Adrian Gecko!", a red haired boy entered, he had a big necklace around his neck and he looked like coming from the stone age. "From South Academy: Jim Cook Crocodile!", a coyboy looking boy entered, he had a crocodile on his back, and a bandage on one of his eyes. "Last but not latest from North Academy: Jesse Andersen!", but nobody entered. "Jesse Andersen...?", Prinicipal Shiper said, he was confused. "Jesse Andersen? The legendary duelist?", Chaz asked. "Huh? Do you know that person, Chaz?", Love asked him. "It is said that he is the one who has the crystal beasts." "Crystal beasts? What are these?", Sirus asked. "Once the Roman tried to collect seven crystals and use them to make a tablet, but while the crystals were on their journey on a ship to Roma, it sank and the crystals were lost at the sea." "So? What happened after that?" "When Pegasus found those crystals, he made seven monsters of the seven crystals, but he didn't sell them, instead he gave the crystals to a boy who won a toarnament, who was called Jesse Andersen." "So that boy has legendary cards?! Wow! I would like to duel him soon!", Jaden said as soon as Chaz continued his sentence. "Not until he comes.", Tyranno replied. Suddenly, the door of the hall opened and the blue haired boy appeared, looking tired and trying to get his breathes. "Ha! I think I got lost! This school is much bigger than ours!", he said as he started coming down the stairs. "I can't miss that voice." Love quickly stood up and said to the blue haired boy: "Oh hey!" "Hey, it's you! Is the opening ceremony here?", the blue haired guy asked. "Yup, by the way, did you meet a guy named Jesse Andersen somewhere around?" "Jesse? He he, sure I did." "Really? Do you know where is he?" "Ha ha, yup." "Really? Where?" "The holy you are looking at! I am Jesse." "Ah...", Prinicipal Shiper said in surprise. "I am sorry, I guess I forgot to introduce myself before.", Jesse said rubbing the back of his head. Love smiled and simply said: "That's ok, it happens to me sometimes!" "So let me introduce him propebly, from North Academy: Jesse Andersen!", Principal Shiper said as Jesse jumped over to the other visitors. "And so, to end this ceremony, we have decided to choose one of the new visitors to duel one of our students! And those will be...Jesse Andersen vs....", Principal Shiper said. "Please be me..." "...Love Duncan!" "Yay! It's me!" Love quickly ran to the others. "Whoa, great, I get to duel her the first.", Jesse thought happily. After an hour... "Ready to duel?", Love asked Jesse as they stood in front of each other on the duel playground. "Of course! Be ready to see my power!", Jesse said as he opened his duel disk. "Bring it!", Love said as she opened her duel disk. "Let the game begin!", Jesse said excitedly as he drew his 5 cards. "Where did I hear this before...?" "Let's duel!", both said.
  22. Hi kstar, Well, from the summary it looks like a good game, I haven't tried it yet but I will try to do so soon. Just a little advice: What about including more information? Not only the story is needed, but also some info about the characters and some screenshots.
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