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  1. This latest Aveyond game took me about two or three days to finish playing a bit every day. I enjoyed it for the most part it wasn't very satisfying. I loved Rhen's quest, and honestly found Ean's quest a bit depressing for some reason. I loved mell's games; I found the humor, game play, music and features fantastic, but playing this game felt like a step backward. This version does not have the normal Aveyond "feel" to it. It has the Aveyond references that you'd expect, but not it's heart. It has little in common with the main games. Thais has been in every Aveyond game except this, and the only reference to the city in this was way at the end. The style for the character icons felt like a huge step back and unlike the previous games i didn't really care for any of the characters, most felt as useless as mad marge from the first game, they had one moment of screen time but did very little afterwards.There were s ome minor characters that i felt deserved more interaction like Ellie , i was even hoping she would join the team! I didn't like allot of the background music/sound, it didn't pull me in like in previous games and there was very little music/backgound noise in the different levels. Overall, the game felt anti-climatic and unfinished. I hope there is a sequel, especially due to the end (Prince of Thais) reference. It wasn't all bad of course, i loved the humor that was in it and was very happy to see Te'ijal and Galahad, loved the squirrels as always, loved it when the squirrels took over Halaina, loved the return of the elder tree, though i wish the joke about the poor petrified elf prince continued in this game. I got a kick out of spotting anime look a likes like the princess looked like chii from chobitz. But i just wasn't as satisfied by this game as i was with the previous ones. I know they put their time and effort into this game and i hate to say anything negitive about it as i love the aveyond series and amaranth games and i know its not like my opinions hold any weight but i felt like i needed to say all of this.
  2. i cant find the toffee apple for riddle 6. help?
  3. i always assumed the snow queen and ishtar were one and the same. i always saw "the snow queen" as more of a title than a name. and as for jack for some reason i always felt he was likely to get in similar trouble again. he doesnt seem to learn easily. oddly enough though likely impossible another thing i would like to see/ always thought would be awesome is a game in which even if only once rhen, ean, Iya, and mell meet up. i mean this is aveyond i wouldnt say time travel would be impossible. just unlikely. of course the oracle has been around since the 1st game (and maybe the Ahriman's Prophecy? i cant recall) and seems to be immortal, while both talia and devin are immortal by the end of the 1st game. so i think they could return in a game someday too. ive always liked talia so i wouldnt mind that if it happened.
  4. couldn't quite think of a better title but after replaying all the current Aveyond games like a thousand times over, some things still bother me or i find amusing, like the king Lionel, in the first game we rescue him and bring him back to his people. yet in Aveyond 3 hes a statue again, i don't recall if hes in the 2nd but that brings up another thing. the elf village in the second game where the main 2 come from, are they related to the Rootwell and Ylisfar people? also we saw the snow queen in the 1st 2 games but what about her husband the Mountain King? where is he in the second? also Gavin, he exists in the first 2 games as well, and the thief (i cant remember his name) is in the prequel and the second. if i recall right both times he was turned to stone and the player healed him. could they both exist in the future too? also something bothered me Haurvatat, the goddess of healing that supposedly founded Dircon when she was still mortal. she appears to Rhen and the group twice in the 1st game. very mysterious. i kinda wanna know more about her. does anyone else remember anything neat? or somthing they want to know more about? i would love to hear some
  5. k thanks i imagined it was wrong thats why i asked here.. kinda disappointing though.
  6. okay i read on the aveyond wiki that if talia joins a guild she gets a different outfit, is this true ? because i did not get a different outfit when i joined the fairy's guild. (though im fairly certain i may be running a older version of the game) i know that on aveyond 2 u get different outfits depending on what guild u choose but if i can change talias outfit PLZ tell me how i would love to check it out
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