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  1. yes I have everyone - Ive been to night watch twice but didn't know I needed to go back so Im not clear as to who I need to talk to about the werebear - I just keep getting turned away wherever I go
  2. Ok sweet thanks! Who sends them on the quest - I keep being turned away Merged posts. Don't double post. Use the edit button to add extra information to your post. ~Mopiece
  3. Ive gotten to Shutter Island or whatever its called - Shadow island and Im stuck cuz Im not strong enough to kill anything However in reading these topics for help Im noticing a lot of questions about the Werebear - where do I trigger this???
  4. Who is Jinx that Im supposed to show the moon flower to?
  5. I have the spice leaf - how do I turn It into a hot spice to use in the potion? I tried using the leaf but nothing happened
  6. Thank you so much!! - looked everywhere guess I missed her when I went back there
  7. Where is the Mayors Daughter in Thor so I can find Fang
  8. Thank you so much! I never noticed the statue behind the orb holder thingy! One last question - where do I get the key to the blue chests?? Did I just open the wrong chests between the wanna be queens?
  9. Ive got the horn, Stella has her wings but it wont let me in
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