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  1. bilu144

    Storyline of Aveyond

    Oh, thank you Gosh, I have played AV1 and AV2, but they didn't related. AV3.1 --> AV3.3 have same main character, but I haven't played yet. I guess I should play from beginning.
  2. bilu144

    Storyline of Aveyond

    Hey there, I have just visit here, and I'm really surprise about newest version of Aveyond. Thank Amaranth for working hard. Before I try Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy, I wonder if anyone could tell me whole story of Aveyond. I missed The Lord Orb, Gates of Night and a half of Lord of Twilight. And I totally forgot about Ean's Quest and Rhen's Quest because I played them long time ago. So if anyone remember the storyline of this series, please tell me. I really want to know clearly before start new one. Thank you so much, oh, and Happy New Year too ^^