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  1. Hey. I really like the tileset for this game. Is there anyway you could post them? Thanks.
  2. I alway kept Jack in the party. He's the only one that can get some of the item scattared around. I used Haden as a sacrifice for the water relic, but if I remember correctly as long as you don't choose Jack, Devlin will always stop the sacrifice whether it be Haden or Alicia or Fredrick.
  3. Nope. No drop in the menu to mean poison and the life of the characters are fine. It happened after I exited the Dwarf Mines and entered Thais.
  4. I had a problem defeating the evil spirit in the haunted forest. I couldn't attack back for quite awhile. I got it to work eventually. I'm not sure I how I did it, but it worked after I entered and exited the menu.
  5. My characters are flasing red. When I look into the menu there's not sign of poison or a curse. Anyone know what it means?
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