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  1. Yes, I've uninstalled and re-installed the game a few times. My character is stuck in the doorway in the Haliana castle
  2. I have been having issues with my game and have requested help through support and on the forum and can't seem to get my problem resolved. I requested a refund but still have not heard anything. I have loved Aveyond since the beginning and am feeling a bit disappointed.
  3. I requested a refund because the game isn't working and I still haven't heard anything
  4. I have played most of the Aveyond games and have loved every single one of them. While I loved the beginning of this game, I am very frustrated at the moment. I have asked for help and was told to look through the forum and still can't find a fix for the issue. My issue is the game character is stuck in the doorway in the castle in Halaina, I tried to uninstall and redownload, still there. Tried starting the game over, still got stuck, opened a different save slot, still got stuck.
  5. I am getting the same error. I tried to download it twice. I guess I will have to wait until later and try again. Also it gives a 3 hour download?
  6. I bought aveyond from bigfishgames build b. Then when searching for clues I came across this site and found that I missed extra changes, which made me sad. So I noticed there was a new game coming out aveyond 2 and couldn't wait so I bought it here and was able to get all the fixes and upgrades. Now I see that there is a third coming out and can't wait to play that. I don't mind paying $20 for the games because they take days to play and have hours of fun. I do not like even paying 6.99 for a game and I'm finished with it in a day. I would rather pay 19.99 for a game and get to play a game I like for a long time.
  7. I wanted to try the game but it won't download right. WWWWWWAAAAAAAAA
  8. I remember when the site went down and we had to go to that other site, which was very confusing to me, so I waited. Then someone bought me Grimm's Hatchery and saw who made it and was drawn back. I've had the game for 1 month and still can't beat it. But anyways, I'm glad that the site is back up.
  9. I was here a while ago, then school started and I wasn't able to play as much, but I'm back now. I had to re-register cause it said I didn't exist anymore. I thought that was weird cause I've been here for a while.
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