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  1. I finally got to the end of the demo in the latest release and I have to say that I am impressed. It is definitely an accurate remake. Graphics are pristine and add a new flavor to an old classic. The music is perfect. The animated battles are really nice and blend the APv2 and early Aveyond battle systems perfectly. As I said earlier, overall, this is a high quality remake and it is enjoyable. I look forward to the full release.
  2. I have already spotted two major errors. The first one occurs while trying to heal in the middle of battle. The second occurs when Talia looks into Avrail's pool. Also, the correct phrase is "an herbalist," not "a herbalist." It's a weird thing that involves some words that begin with "H." Overall, this demo is very good so far despite the major bugs.
  3. Those facesets look very nice! And for the demo, I approve!
  4. Do you need multiple expressions for each one? I can make one as a demo to see if my art style would fit. As for NPCs, I think I can do. I would need a generator for a base and go from there.
  5. I could do them for free. I don't care about getting paid. I just want to help out where I can.
  6. Which parts need fixing? And if you need someone to do some mapping, I can do my best to help. And by the way, are you allowed to make guild outfits? I think I can help with that. And that portal area looks great! It is also pretty clever.
  7. Can you reupload the first version of Ahriman's Prophecy again? I cannot download it from the link you provided.

    1. cruelcore1


      I just did, changed the link in the original post.

    2. princessbinas


      Thank you and sorry for the late reply.

  8. It looks very stunning. As for the reboot Thais, is there a way to blend the two together in the tilesets? I like the buildings in the old reboot picture and the layout/placement of the buildings of the second reboot map.
  9. Okay. I wonder what the forum will look when it is done. And good luck with everything.
  10. Working on rewritting an old fanfiction called "Adoption Nightmare". Give it a read if you want, I could use all the constructive criticism I can get. I do want to become a better writer, especially if I want to go into the game making field.

  11. Wow! That was amazing! That was very accurate! I see you also combined some scripts from the later Aveyond games.
  12. How did you even get the games to run on Linux and Mac? I am genuinely curious!
  13. College is bliss... :3

  14. So far, this looks great! You have quite the talent!
  15. I am sorry to double post, but I am still having issues and I recently did a recovery on my computer (I decided to give Avira anti-virus a try it and it wound up making one of my programs nothing more than an unrunable waste of space that I could not remove PERIOD) and found that the problem is still persisting. If anyone has something that has not been mentioned, please let me know. And on a side note, as far as I know AP is unaffected by this problem. It is just the Aveyond games that I have (AV1, AV2, AV3-4, and AV4).
  16. This sounds so great. If you need some beta testers, I was a beta for Aveyond 4 and I am good at picking up bugs (mainly because I try doing something weird and bizarre that is not typically done like walking into a building as Myst and having a duplicate of Myst hovering over some books). I would be happy to beta for you.
  17. Once I was able to get the DEP window ungrayed (It was a PAINFUL process due to how many hoops I had to go through). It only ungrayed after I gave up somehow. After that, and adding every single RGSS related to Aveyond to the list while having the "essential Windows Programs" selected, I still had the same RGSS problem. However, after the Windows 10 Anniversary update installed itself today (after the problem randomly started out of the blue), I am not getting a DirectX Audio Error box on top of the original problem (It reads "Failed to initialize DirectX Audio").
  18. Where is the RGSS Player located for the Aveyond games (turns out, this affected ALL of them)?
  19. I have played this game before on Windows 10, and recently I decided to play it again and found that it would not even load or run. I don't see it pop up in my task manager. I tried all of the compatibility troubleshooter and changing those compatibility settings to the other operating systems I have used (especially Windows 8 and XP) and still got the same error. I have no idea what is going on. The error states that "RSSG has decided to stop working", and I have absolutely no idea what is causing it. Even reinstalling the game does nothing for it.
  20. I have always pronounced it "Ahv-ee-yond". As for Thais, I have used "th-a-s". I never tried pronouncing other names like Shaenlir or Nang (my nickname for that deva).
  21. Try poking around the area, like Hunter said. The arrow could be slightly misplaced as it is a different event from the cave itself.
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