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  1. The link for Ahriman's Prophecy at the bottom of the first post, is that the reboot?
  2. All of them would say to come here. That's the thing that gets me. I don't mean to make a big deal out of it but I'd like to understand and I currently don't lol
  3. Ahh thanks. I knew about Eridani games. I was just curious in the sense hypothetically what if I need to reinstall a game I bought here that isn't supported anymore. I don't want to have to buy it again from another site.
  4. Will they ever be back on? Or where can I find them again just in case I need to download again in the future? I wouldn't want to take up your time unnecessarily
  5. Is there an option to skip mini games? And the other thing I noticed is that since I'm on a Mac, for some reason I can't put the game in full screen. When I do, it hangs up. The water on the world map moves but I can't Also at odd points (like I can't reproduce the problem but I can explain it) there will be missing scripts or sounds and the game will quit on me *laughs* I read the walkthrough last night and damn everything makes sense now lol It's been a fun game so far despite being a little frustrating at times
  6. I seem to recall Stargazer, Midnight's Blessing 1 +2, Edolie, Witch and the Warrior, and Ella's Hope used to have links to download the games here (despite being hosted by other developers) Now, if we need a new link to download the games, we need to send an email to support. I feel this may put stress on the admins. (I myself am very absent minded) and I never knew that when the links get emailed to download the games, they eventually expire (I think it's 12 or 24 hours) Can you re enable the links in their respective forums? I mean we have support for the forums and games but the links give me a 404 error when I try to use them so that's why I'd have to email support. As stated above I believe it's a hassle and I'm sorry for any trouble I may have caused but that's just my two cents. Many years ago I remember checking here and seeing the games but it was either after changing to Aveyond.com or Aveyond Studios, the links broke or disappeared
  7. Almost all the doors in Anadas town are locked except the ones we need. Is this normal or a bug? I like to explore all the places for loose money and such
  8. I think shift enter or ctrl enter should do it
  9. Has anyone tried to emulate the game black butterflies to get it to work on a Mac? I've tried andI run into an error when installing it that fprces me to quit :(

  10. I'm trying to install it on my Mac through WINE and I keep running into this error "The application ran into a problem it couldn't handle. Sorry for the inconvenience" followed by "Advanced installer Enhanced UI 12.5 build 66677" I have no idea how to fix it (or if it can be fixed.) I was looking forward to the game
  12. I definitely support this I find the idea of monsters just moving around and trying to kill you freely without going into battle like the aveyond games, really frustrating so I'm happy to see that will change
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