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  1. Yannes: Absolutely! Sorry I've been quite busy lately, but your help has been absolutely invaluable to me! If you could check out my latest demo and see if you can see any errors, I'd greatly appreciate it! And when you finish that, I'll send you another more updated beta copy so you can continue! Thanks! Gamezsplash: Will do! I'll let you know the final size when I finish.
  2. I have cleaned up a lot of the glitches (hopefully all of them!) from Demo v1.5. I've released v1.6 now, which features a fully functioning Fairy Village and the newly integrated Cookbook system! I hope you enjoy! Legend of Axes Mundi Demo v1.6 can be downloaded here: http://crazypuppyproductions.blogspot.com/2011/02/legend-of-axes-mundi-demov10-out-now.html
  3. If anyone here is interested in being an NPC, let me know! Send me the name you would like to be called, the avatar you would like me to use, and what you would like your character to be doing (more or less. Ie: magic shop owner, gardener, person running aimlessly around a fountain, get creative!) If you don't have an avatar you want me to use, let me know if you have a specific idea of what you would want one to look like and I'll try my best! Thanks!
  4. LadyGodiva

    (otome) Celest in Wonderland (WIP)

    Your characters are sooooo cute!
  5. Ok, so I told a little fib. Just a small one. But I've learned my lesson. Never promise anything is final. I've been looking at the title screen after seeing a wide variety of reactions to it. I decided that I agreed that the background was too plain. So, I messed with it a little bit. Now I've got a new version (which may or MAY NOT) be the final version. Thoughts, anyone? http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd196/collier_ladygodiva/NewTitle24.jpg[/img] This may be my own personal last attempt at putting together a title screen. Depending on feedback, I may ask an artist to design something for me. If anyone's interested, just let me know.
  6. Alrighty, well! Due to overwhelmingly clear results, I've decided to close the poll early. 100% of voters said they prefered to be able to cook at an Inn stove or player-made campsite. So, today, I begun the process of making these changes! EDIT: As of now, the party can only cook at the stove in an Inn or at a campfire in a tent (which they have to purchase to use.) Thanks to everyone who helped me make this decision by voting!
  7. Well, being only able to cook in certain places is a very easy thing to change. I'll start a poll! Please everyone vote and the winning option will be the one which appears in the game! Voting closes May 1st at 5pm!
  8. Thanks theswamp111! I try! Ok everyone, a little update as to what's been happening in the game lately! I recieved a few comments about the cooking system and gathering recipes, so I've made some big changes to the whole thing! First off, you will no longer gather recipe "cards". Instead, you'll have a Cook Book where all the recipes you get are stored automatically. Second, you can now cook anywhere. Below is a screenshot of using the Cook Book! (Yes, the "mouse" arrow is supposed to be there. You will turn into the arrow when you enter the Cook Book, but still move it as you normally would.) http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd196/collier_ladygodiva/LegendofAxesMundiCookBookScreenshot.png[/img] And I haven't forgotten the autosave feature. I'm still looking into it.
  9. Hmm. I hadn't thought about adding an auto-save feature... would a suggestion to save following major events help? Like after boss battles the save menu pops up?
  10. I'll take it into consideration. I really appreciate everyone's opinion!
  11. Hmm. It's certainly an idea. I don't know if they will look good together though. I'll play around a bit and see if I can come up with a more creative background.
  12. I agree that it's not the same style as the facesets, but I've seen it done in other games (like the Laxius Saga). I like the more home-made feel to it. I'm at a loss about the background. I agree that it's a little plain. But I'm unsure of how to alter it. I want it to match the artwork.
  13. Yannes, any particular detail you don't like? Text font? Background color? I'm open to alteration ideas.
  14. Thanks! Yes, this is intended to be the final title screen for the full game! (Unless, of course, I happen to get crazy and change it, which can happen...) But I'm 99% sure I won't because I love the look of this one! And I didn't specify in my above post, but all the credit for the character art goes to Kstarr366! I simply did a little nipping & tucking, put the characters on a background, and did the title.
  15. Hello all! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. Life, it gets crazy sometimes, no? Well, I am back to work and more or less normal. Here's a little something I recently whipped up! (With the help of Kstarr366!) http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd196/collier_ladygodiva/LegendofAxesMundiTitleScreenshot.png[/img]