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  1. crystalsilverwood

    Older version of Ahriman's Prophecy

    lol, no worries, I do the same thing sometimes
  2. crystalsilverwood

    Older version of Ahriman's Prophecy

    I know there was a version 1 and a version 2 because it was mentioned in the walkthrough created by Kingsfield, there's also a link to version 1 in the topic about the guides and help. Very cool though
  3. crystalsilverwood

    Hello I feel bad :/

    Welcome! I think this series and community is a big part of all our lives! I discovered this game series over 10 years ago and loved it ever since! All the people on here are great!
  4. was there an issue with the site? I tried to access it for a few days and it kept telling me site not available. Thanks!

  5. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    wow, awesome! Looks really great! How is the game coming along Callmedan?
  6. crystalsilverwood

    Greetings echo through the mountains ...

    Nice to meet you!
  7. crystalsilverwood

    Ban the person above you

    banned for making me laugh at work from reading this chat
  8. crystalsilverwood

    The Shower Kingdom

    looks pretty cool!
  9. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    Thanks! And I must have missed that post, sorry.
  10. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    finished playing the demo I downloaded on Christmas Eve, did get the two bug errors mentioned previously, and also got another one when trying to exit Gramma's house after telling her what Avrail said, but I was able to load a previous save and it didn't happen the second time. And I did download the new version and will try it tonight. But other than that, it was a lot of fun to play! Will you have Goodie Caves or something like the cash cow in AV1? I will admit, I do use the Gold Goodie that was available for the original AP sometimes, but it would be nice to have that option since the other Aveyond Games do have Goodie Caves or the cash cow. Can't wait for the full version!
  11. crystalsilverwood

    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    @Ant No Thank You for making such a great game series! I do hope someday you will continue, even if it's just to make a mini-game or even updates on what the characters may be up to, lol. Aveyond 4 did leave a few threads hanging. Glad to hear you love your new job and best wishes!
  12. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    awesome, glad that the demo is available in time for me to download in time for Christmas! I'm nowhere near a PC tomorrow, so you've made my day Callmedan!
  13. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    can't wait!
  14. crystalsilverwood

    Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !

    Glad to hear she's enjoying her job, but sorry that she has stopped making games. I always loved the Aveyond Series since I was introduced to it.
  15. crystalsilverwood


    mine is November 19 Added ~Argoyle