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  1. crystalsilverwood

    Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)

    sounds awesome, this should be great when it's finished
  2. crystalsilverwood

    Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beyond The Vale [Commerical]

    Tried the demo, it was really good! Have bought the full version and am playing through it now.
  3. crystalsilverwood

    Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beyond The Vale [Commerical]

    cool, loved the first one, can't wait to try the second
  4. crystalsilverwood

    Alternate History From AV1

    yeah, if you remember from AV3-the Lost Orb, when you help Gretchen and Marcello, she mentions that as the reason why she couldn't move to Ghed'hare. But a Heptitus story would be interesting.
  5. crystalsilverwood

    Black Butterflies[A unique journey to the truth!]

    Diamonds Have green, purple, blue, black, white, yellow, pink, orange and cyan Missing 3rd part of talisman
  6. crystalsilverwood

    Black Butterflies[A unique journey to the truth!]

    I just finished playing this game and loved it! I have two side quests though I wasn't able to complete: Mermaid Talismans-could not find them all any hints? 10 diamonds for the Master of Undeads-was only able to find 9 out of the 10 Any help would be appreciated.
  7. crystalsilverwood

    Post your reviews here!

    Very much enjoyed the game, after waiting for it for so long. Most of my issues with it, I see have already been mentioned-ie-some lagging in the game, slow pace of walking, but overall, I had a lot of fun with it. Definitely would love to see a follow-up to see what happened to some of the characters-for instance the hint about Boyles past, what Robin and Myst discussed at their picnic at the end. Fav characters were Boyle and Phye. It took me about 25-28 hours to finish the game-and I kept a save so I could see all three marriage endings plus the no marriage ending (rofl at that one). Tried it first in easy mode, characters were between 65-70 by the time I used all my level eggs. Loved seeing the new areas but did miss going to Thais like in the previous games-but can understand if it's a different part of Aia-would be kinda hard to incorporate. Overall, great game, thanks to the creators, and can't wait to see the next one! Maybe a mini-game to keep us going until AV5 comes out.
  8. crystalsilverwood

    [FanFic] Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight - In Progress

    I just found this and started reading it, it is really good
  9. crystalsilverwood

    Next Aveyond game

    awesome, I hope Te'ijal and Galahad will be in this one since they've been in or had camios in the other games
  10. crystalsilverwood

    Build B Question

    alright, it just shows one on the map and it mentions it in the version of the game guide I downloaded from here, thanks
  11. crystalsilverwood

    Build B Question

    no, no, when I played the game originally, it wouldn't let me into the weapons shop, so it might have been a bug in the build A that I downloaded from here. So I'm going to try uninstalling my copy of the game and re-installing it.
  12. crystalsilverwood

    Build B Question

    ok, that answers one of my questions, as I never uninstalled build A before installing build B, and it still never let me into the weapons shop in Ghed'hare. I'll try that, thanks!
  13. crystalsilverwood

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Hi my name is Crystal Silverwood, I'm from Canada. I love to read, play computer games, watch movies, and listen to music. I have two cats. I love the Aveyond games too, my favorite characters are Galahad and Te'ijal. It's nice to meet everybody.