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  1. I drink a tea made by boiling minced ginger and dried tarragon...
  2. http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/180966_1569944055105_1430587372_31217862_7249602_n.jpg[/img] ^currently on my desktop background
  3. @D_A: I was at a McD in Redmond yesterday... they have basketball hoops inside o.0
  4. You are both misreading my point. If gays want to have marriage ceremonies I don't see it as my right to tell them no, but I also don't see it as the right of the government to say yes or no. Do not tell somebody their "opinion is void" before giving them a chance to explain. Doing so is closed minded. Wow this is a hostile group. Also, it is not Marriage and the economy that are linked; it's divorce and the economy. There is nothing worse for an economy than the modern US divorce system. begin list: to start, kids involved have to have 2 of everything houses, bedrooms, computers, even down to toothbrushes kids are never placed with the better parent, 70% of custody cases are decided towards the mother there is no oversight of parenting evaluator, counselors, or divorce cases in general None of this makes for a good environment for children to grow up and become successful people. It is technological advancement, after all, that truly drives an economy like the US'. That aside, in a divorce, the person leaving is often instructed to: •destroy their credit (which is still connected to their ex's credit, thus destroying both) •delay the procedings as long as possible, leading to most of the family's money being taken by the courts •take out lots of credit cards (still forcibly in joint ownership) •"endulge" or "splurge", meaning spend what money the lawyers don't take •get the children declared retarded, including all forms of OCD, ADD, ADHD, and Hand ticks. --all it takes is a counselor to diagnose these things --medications are expensive --this ruins the child's career early on --suppressants such as these actually disrupt thought processes ***key: diagnosing a child as special needs of any kind (including the made up kind) = support money until the child is 23 instead of 18 note also that all businesses are shared half, and thus destructible. okay, now that all of our people who aren't lawyers (and even some who are) are bankrupt, suicidal, losing their homes, families, businesses, and lives, and their children are drugged up and going nowhere in life in the name of taking their money; we have: less development, thus less jobs, and less new technology, thus less money and a lower standard of living this is why I don't think obama, bushes, or clinton have been good administrations. That, however, is mostly congress' fault. Also, this is why many men my age will not date american women.
  5. yap... sometimes the school or the mall, but McD is the only place open as late as we are up. I probably should be teasing D_A in real life instead of on AM though
  6. Usually at McDonalds with D_A... or at home
  7. @hence I said "religious or other groups" lets not forget, marriage is still a religious ceremony. If nonreligious people want to have some type of ceremony and call it marriage then that is there right to do so, but that does not give the government rights to a marriage started in religion.
  8. @Theone: computer drivers? hehe...
  9. It is my belief that this law should be completely removed. Now before you all hop on the "kill the evil homophobic republican" bandwagon, you need to know the context of my belief in regards to this law. Marriage is a religious, and a personal issue. It is my belief that it should not be the right of any governing body to dictate who can or cannot be married, how the end of a marriage should be handled, or anything else in regards to marriage. If certain churches, mosques, temples, etc. cannot have homosexual marriages, that is also their right, but conversely, it is the right of homosexual people to form their own religious or other groups from which to gain marriage. I simply believe that the state or federal government has no right in marriage or union of this kind. It is not like they've done a good job of it anyways up to this point. *points to the divorce rates at 50% after 5 years* *points to failing economy*
  10. uh... Meroko? do you mean middle school? I'm in college for Computer Science/Software Engineering, same as D_A now. Except, I am focused more on programming/code type stuff, where as she is the super awesome artist.
  11. I best be staying out of this; no need to go lighting peoples' tempers up... I will say this: you wanna see prejudice, try living in a mixed family... All people put aside hatred for each other to hate people like me.
  12. @Meroko: You are too young for things like that. Grow up a bit, there are much better measures of a woman than simply her chest size.
  13. As a guy I can tell you that where I am from, guys love when a girl wants to hang out with them. Brush up on your [insert typically guy thing here] and just talk to them. Chances are there is at least one of them that wants to talk to you, even if it is about power rangers or call of duty
  14. @D_A: ^____^ cute as ever... did you send Sunshine the animation yet?
  15. One of the units we had in Astronmy 105 class, we had to listen to this lecture by an astronomer. About halfway through, they ask him about 2012, and he laughed... He then explained that 2012 isn't even the end of the Mayan calendar. Its the end of a "longcount", which is somewhat akin to how the modern system has decades, centuries, millenia. Its not even their biggest unit. The biggest one ends I think in year 14000 or something. The end of it this was cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P7MaGCyuwk Part 2 is pretty good too Part 4 gets a little showy and stupid though...
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