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  1. There is a level guide listed but it says it was removed due to inactivity. I used a level guide when I played the first Aveyond and found that very helpful so I was disappointed that the one for this Aveyond was no longer available. I was hoping maybe somebody else had created their own level guide or suggestions of levels for certain parts in the game. Obviously I can make it without the guide but it's just nice to have! Thanks, Tracy
  2. Does anyone have a guide or suggestions for what levels one should be at before going into certain areas? I have been playing the game by following the walkthrough but I guess I'm going too fast because where I am right now, the monsters can do pretty massive damage to me. It would be nice to have suggested levels! Thanks, Tracy
  3. In the town of Shaenlir, there is a jewelry shop that sells ice amulets along with expensive jewels. I have 2 different walkthroughs that I have looked at and while both of them talk about the ice amulet, neither say what the jewels are for. Can anyone tell me? I certainly don't want to spend that kind of money until I know what they're for! Thanks, Tracy
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