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  1. Do you have any idea of how much longer this will take? I realize that this is a huge project for someone to do part time, but I really like the game and am curious.
  2. It's me ..again. I apologize for the piecemeal entries, but I think of them as I play. In case of death or glitch, the auto save is essential. Also since Jack cannot open chests until he gets better at it, going back into the earlier towns to get a marsh tea, or cassia leaf is pointless. By now you should have the anti poison rings, and Talia has the recover spell. Please put something useful at the later stages. A couple of Tincture Hyperium would be good to have. Thanks for your patience with an old gamer. Darwin
  3. To add to my last post, selecting various advanced weapons or spells is quite cumbersome, and you can get killed trying.
  4. To add to my previous reply, The writing is extremely hard to read. Enimies can hit you from afar, not even on screen. The limit of four is standard, but as with #4 allow everyone to level up, not just the active 4. Goodie caves would be nice. I am on my fourth or fifth time through ( I really like the game ) and it gets boring having to spend an hour or so accruing money and leveling up to meet the next challenge. I am more interested in solving the puzzle than constant fighting. Thanks .
  5. I have been waiting for this since I played it the second time. My version is very "wonky" Villans can hit you from afar, the bridge to Candar is always open ( allowing me to arm up ) people "stutter" when walking etc. I would gladly pay for a new version. Note to Amanda, if I had won a big lottery, I would have paid for this long ago. Would 100,000 gold pennies be enough? However I have not won ...yet. I *love* it! ! ! Oh I just happen to be in Tar Vedron trying to level up to face the dragons. Your eternal fan, Darwin
  6. Without giving anything away, are the cut scenes at the end dependent upon certain actions during the game? If you do not sell something to a certain somebody at Nan's store, does that change the ending? Thanks again for a great game.
  7. Finally! Slightly over 53 hours of entertainment. I won't spoil the ending but it was good. Thanks for a great time. I plan to play it through again, but I need to catch up on the rest of my life first. LOL
  8. Thanks. I have been carrying that frog around for a couple of days real time !
  9. It looks like getting Fang back is a major key . To rescue the guy tied down in Weeville ( someone must have read Gullivers Travels ) You need to get little furniture, to get that you have to re-size the carpenters family, to do that you need the potion, to get the potion you need to find the worm, and for that you need Fang. Whew! Where can I find the new pet for the Mayors' daughter? At first I thought it might be the were bear, but no. I am grateful, thanks.
  10. I am 26 hours into the game, and having read several negative comments about the strategy guide ( 144 pages? ) I do not think I will be buying one. Instead of waiting until Gamezbo or one of those outfits writes one, it would be a great help if one of your staff would do it first. I always try to play the game through first, but for the second time a walkthrough is nice as one can see what they missed, due to well hidden items or solving quests out of order. Although that seems hard to do in this game. Thanks for another great game.
  11. It's a Rubic's Cube ! HaHAHa, true torture !
  12. How does one level up inside the passages, or does it have to be done outside? I reached level 4. Do the three "eyes" have anything to do here?
  13. What does this have to do with the secret passage in the castle?
  14. Thanks. I did manage to get past one stumbling block. Having to figure out what triggers what is part of the game. Now I am looking for recruits for the crusade. Onward I go. Thanks again.
  15. I am stuck in the area of Scuttlebut . I was not aware that the Mayor of Tor was even there, much less had a quest for us. I save often to different files. Should I go back to Tor, or how can I find the handyman to repair the raft? Is he somewhere in the castle? Thanks. DArwin
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