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  1. The first time i tried to play the demo i went on the quest collecting the mir wood. I did not talk to chester but went richt to the mir wood. After that my demo stuck at the points where you shoud see chester. Chester wasn't there. Boyle couldn't move and i could not get in any menu's. I had to go back to windows and close the game from there. Went i restarted and tried to get this bug again i could not make t happen again. I thought i'll report it here mabye some other people might get this problem or it was a one time thing.
  2. Hello, i hope this question is in the right place. What is the best way for me to pay buying aveyond 4. I don't own a creditcard and i am from europe. Normally i use ideal but i didn't see that option. So what option is the most similar? So i am trying wire transfer in euros. I got a mail with information. In the mail is written that it can take 10-18 days till the transfer would be complete is this right. I would like to play this game as sone as possible. I did not do the money transfer yet because i'm not sure this is the best paying way. I used a creditcard from a friend so the problem is solved. Merged posts. Please remember not to double post but to edit your original post instead. ~Mopiece
  3. I don't know if this helps anything but i had the same problem. So I used gravatar. Now it works for me.
  4. Hello, Some of you might know me from about 5 years ago. I was a very active member of the community. Well i want to get active again and am happy to see that tomorrow aveyond 4 will be released. if you have any questions for me just contact me.
  5. wybrich


    oh my sven got disqualified due to the trainers mistake kemperkers sended him in to the inner track
  6. yes you first have to pass him
  7. if you go after the crab trhough the door straight ahead true the door in the chest
  8. it is but not in front off the chests
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