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  1. I'm trying to change the email associated with my Aveyond Kingdom account, but it keeps saying the email address I'm trying to switch to is already in use on the site. I've tried several different addresses, which I know have never been used for any accounts here (I even checked by putting them in for the forgotten password screen, and it said there was no account with them), but it keeps saying they've already been used. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is there some way around this? Thanks in advance.
  2. I would want a completely tame wolf, or even (if I had a total guarantee that it was completely tame and safe) a wolverine.
  3. MAJOR UPDATE I finally added screenshots! Here they are:
  4. I actually still make one of my main silly mistakes: I often use a stake on the vampire asking for a ghost in Ghed'ahre in Av1, then proceed to realize that doing so prevents me from completing that quest :Tongue:. Also, when I first played Av2, I spent ages searching for the way to Seri...I was totally convinced that I somehow had to go through Bogwood. I got so exasperated that I eventually stopped playing and played Av1 instead, but I later found out how to find the caves .
  5. That chapter was great! I loved the thing where Ean said stuff twice, and the part where Ean made the poor message box sad, and my favorite part was when Rye asked the Woodsman how the Beast got him at the entrance of the cave. Also, I can't believe you used the :banana::banana::banana: thing. BTW, I think the town is called Ravenwood. It definitely starts with 'Raven'.
  6. Thanks for the compliment to my idea. I can't wait to see what your idea is.
  7. :D That was hilarious! :D I loved the Ean: Back the truck up, man! You're name has seven letters in it, PRINCE. You can only come along if your name has three letters. Nicolas: You could call me Nic . . . Ean: Ah, no. Nonononono. Get away from me with your poisonous name, and leave me forever. Nicolas: But - Ean: NO! Goodbye! part. I can't wait for the next chapter! BTW, I voted on the poll. I was going to vote for the surprise ending, but then I spotted the 'other' choice.
  8. Yay!! Updates! They're great, especially the all-caps suspense thingy at the end of the second-to-last one and the Lord of the Rings reference (I love Lord of the Rings). P.S. Sorry it took me weeks to realize this had been updated, I don't do much on AM lately and I didn't have notifications on for this (they're on now).
  9. That looks great! The roofs are great, and it's an amazing tileset. I just have one question: Why is there a piece of roof in the area with the plants and water? Was that an accident, or intentional?
  10. I'd definitely say the the white. I like both, but the white looks nicer and is more suitable for a castle town. Plus, I agree with d_a; the image you linked to was great.
  11. That's a really cool windowskin! It goes very well with the title screen (which is, by the way, unbelievably awesome)!
  12. MAJOR UPDATE I added Oliver Montague. I'm going to add screenshots [d]soon[/d] eventually. EDIT: I just added an image of Oliver Montague.
  13. Those are great screenshots. I especially like the first one and the way the statues are set up.
  14. MAJOR UPDATE I added Oliver Montague. I'm going to add screenshots soon.
  15. UPDATE An image was added for Jaylen. Images will be added for other party members ASAP.
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