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  1. MagykMagus

    General Script Offer (RMXP)

    Paste the following into a new script above Features: #============================================================================== # ** Map Names #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This class handles the names of maps shown on screen. #============================================================================== class Game_Map #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Public Instance Variables #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- attr_reader :name #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Map Names # Edit the name of each map below. The number should be the number that # was shown when you first created the map. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def name case self.map_id when 0 return nil when 1 return "Grassland" # The first map would be called Grassland... when 2 return "Empty" # ...the second would be called Empty... when 3 return "City" # ...and so on. Add as many as you need. end end end Then go to Window_MapName (between PlayTime and Steps) and go to line 25. It should be: self.contents.draw_text(1, 1, 640, 24, $game_map.tileset_name) Replace it with the following two lines: mny = contents.text_size($game_map.name).height self.contents.draw_text(1, 450-mny, 640, 24, $game_map.name)
  2. Hello! I'm interested in providing free scripting services for RPG Maker XP. If you reply to this post, or PM me, with a request for a script you need, I'll do what I can to write it for you. I can't 100% guarantee that I'll be able to write it, but I should be able to script most things one would need. I made this ultimate script template already, with a variety of features; I suggest checking there to see if I've already made your request. If I have, but you don't want some of the other features in the script template, I will gladly make an altered version without the unwanted features.
  3. MagykMagus

    Can't Change My Email

    I'm trying to change the email associated with my Aveyond Kingdom account, but it keeps saying the email address I'm trying to switch to is already in use on the site. I've tried several different addresses, which I know have never been used for any accounts here (I even checked by putting them in for the forgotten password screen, and it said there was no account with them), but it keeps saying they've already been used. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is there some way around this? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have developed a set of scripts to be used for RPG Maker XP. It includes a wide variety of features, including: > Reformatted menus: - Menu Added bars to indicate amounts of HP, SP, and EXP. Rearranged menu allows space for up to 6 party members. - Status Added biographies. Added good/evil meter (see below). Added party member relationships (see below). - Equip Added details of each weapon/piece of armor. - Shop Added separate listings for PDEF and MDEF. - Item Weapons and armor shown in yellow and equippable. This and the Skill window now allow more items than fit on-screen. > Time and date system: - Day/night. - Snow in winter. > Active and inactive party members (only actives take part in battles). > Changeable party leader (the party member shown on-screen). > Questbook/journal: - Multi-page system if there are too many quests for one page. > Party member graphic customization: - Requires a graphic for every combination of features. > Sideview battle system. > Good/Evil meter for each party member, shown in Status (see above). > Difficulty modes: - Easy has 25% stronger party, 25% weaker enemies, and healing on level-up. - Normal does not include healing on level-up. - Hard has 25% weaker party, 25% stronger enemies, and no healing on level-up. > Additional message window features: - Bold - Italics - Shadow text - Icons - Name windows - Resizing window to match size of text. - Face graphics. > Left-hand weapons (weapons in the shield slot). > Two-handed weapons (automatically unequip the shield slot). > Blood/pain mages (use HP instead of SP for spells). > Party member relationships, shown in Status (see above). > Vehicle system. - Features three depths of water and three types of vehicle: boat, big boat and flight. This is free to download and use for any RPG made with RMXP. If you use it, please credit me as either hawkeye5366 or MagykMagus (whichever you prefer). Feel free to repost it anywhere you like, as long as I am credited and a link is included to this thread. Download Here (screenshots included) -Demo coming soon- Instructions: After unzipping the folder, take the Scripts file (from in the Data subfolder) and copy-paste it into the preexisting Data folder for your game (replacing the preexisting Scripts file). Copy-paste the various included graphics into the appropriate folders. WARNING: This will replace every script you have, including ones you have added that are not default. If you have any scripts outside of this that you would prefer to keep, I suggest saving them in different games so you can copy them back in after setting up my template. (Additional warning: I have no idea if this is compatible with anything else, I haven't tested it with anything.) I would recommend against setting this up with a game you've started already; it would be very difficult to retrofit it to the stuff you've already set up. If you don't mind the extra effort, though, I don't think it would cause any serious problems. Further instructions are included in the scripts. Future features: I plan to, at some point, add a party-switcher and an equip menu to the battle screen. However, I have largely run out of ideas. Any ideas or requests anyone comes up with are welcome; just post them here. If you have a feature you want that you don't think others would want, feel free to post anyway or PM me; maybe I can create a custom version or mod just for you. Additionally, if you encounter any errors or problems, please post them here and I'll fix them ASAP.
  5. MagykMagus

    What pet would you have?

    I would want a completely tame wolf, or even (if I had a total guarantee that it was completely tame and safe) a wolverine.
  6. MagykMagus

    Fulgur the Thundersword

    MAJOR UPDATE I finally added screenshots! Here they are:
  7. I actually still make one of my main silly mistakes: I often use a stake on the vampire asking for a ghost in Ghed'ahre in Av1, then proceed to realize that doing so prevents me from completing that quest :Tongue:. Also, when I first played Av2, I spent ages searching for the way to Seri...I was totally convinced that I somehow had to go through Bogwood. I got so exasperated that I eventually stopped playing and played Av1 instead, but I later found out how to find the caves .
  8. MagykMagus

    Heal When Level Up? (RMXP)

    Thank you very much
  9. MagykMagus

    Heal When Level Up? (RMXP)

    Yay! It worked! Thanks, shaz! BTW, would it be all right if I also used the scripting thingies you gave here?
  10. I need some help with RPG Maker XP. I need a script which makes it so that every time anyone in the party levels up, that party member gets full HP and MP and certain states are removed, like in Easy Mode in the Aveyond series. I already found Ccoa's script that does that, but I want to make it so that it only heals party members that level up if the player chooses Easy Mode at the beginning of the game. Does anyone know how to do this? If it matters, the Ccoa script can be found here, and you can look at the game I'm making by clicking on my siggie.
  11. MagykMagus

    Aveyond 2: A Parody - Update June 7

    That chapter was great! I loved the thing where Ean said stuff twice, and the part where Ean made the poor message box sad, and my favorite part was when Rye asked the Woodsman how the Beast got him at the entrance of the cave. Also, I can't believe you used the :banana::banana::banana: thing. BTW, I think the town is called Ravenwood. It definitely starts with 'Raven'.
  12. MagykMagus

    Aveyond 2: A Parody - Update June 7

    Thanks for the compliment to my idea. I can't wait to see what your idea is.
  13. MagykMagus

    Aveyond 2: A Parody - Update June 7

    :D That was hilarious! :D I loved the Ean: Back the truck up, man! You're name has seven letters in it, PRINCE. You can only come along if your name has three letters. Nicolas: You could call me Nic . . . Ean: Ah, no. Nonononono. Get away from me with your poisonous name, and leave me forever. Nicolas: But - Ean: NO! Goodbye! part. I can't wait for the next chapter! BTW, I voted on the poll. I was going to vote for the surprise ending, but then I spotted the 'other' choice.
  14. MagykMagus

    Aveyond 2: A Parody - Update June 7

    Yay!! Updates! They're great, especially the all-caps suspense thingy at the end of the second-to-last one and the Lord of the Rings reference (I love Lord of the Rings). P.S. Sorry it took me weeks to realize this had been updated, I don't do much on AM lately and I didn't have notifications on for this (they're on now).
  15. MagykMagus

    Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    That looks great! The roofs are great, and it's an amazing tileset. I just have one question: Why is there a piece of roof in the area with the plants and water? Was that an accident, or intentional?