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  1. omg.. i finally found it!! AND i finished the game!!! LOVED it! is there a talk of another one coming out? or is this one it?
  2. help! im lost in daintree forest, Im trying to finish loriana (sp) coven quest. im on the last recruitment in mudsludge swamp. but i cant find it. i know its north of helania... but i have no idea where. do you go through daintree forest? i found a sign post that said "swampies - east" but i have no idea how to get there... i follow the past and it just takes me to the little houses. help..
  3. i cant find it. i know its the caves that whats his name has to break the burrier down. i went to the one that is on the far left of the map in the north...didnt see anything thing. what does it look like?
  4. haha.. got it thanks... now im having trouble finding the sulfure.. arr this game is so hard.. but i love it!
  5. o...m....g... i swear ive been through here a thousand times a night.. lol THANK YOU!
  6. i have looked everywhere for it.. is it on the other side of the cave exit? or is it in the part where you first come in? is it found at night or day? i read the replys to other questions on here and it said to go north... i did... dont see anything... help
  7. how do you get past the door looking things in shadow island? its says its to strong to break. is there a certian level i have to be?
  8. ok thanks... speaking of Gingernut forrest.... i cant find the wearbear food.. i know you have to go north once your in it.. but when i go north i cant find it... arrr
  9. where can i find the chocolate? also what if i ate it??? lol
  10. oook.. i just found the entrance to Ulrock.. buuuut its locked.. arrrr what am i missing?????
  11. i know this is an old thread.. but didnt want to start another one. im pretty sure ive beat the bone drangon... but i cant enter the red door in Tor.. and i cant find the entrance to Ulrock. also i dont seem to have the key to the red door in Tor.. what am i missing??
  12. ok its night and i cant find banana boy still arrrrr also do you mean doing the nan store thing at night too?? ok scratch that last question.. i went and slept at the inn... still nothing when i got back to the store. is it bc i dont have enough stuff to sell? what are you suppose to sell? also i have the deed.. just want to make that clear. and still no banana boy... i might move on and come back to that. Merged posts. Don't double post. Just use your edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
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