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  1. Two words: The Brotherhood now seriously, i just love the whole concept of the site, starting with the cottages and ranging to spam haven. You can always meet nice people here, and ahriman's prophecy is one of the best games i ever played! And of course kins famous hula-hula! :FunnyBunny: i really wish i could come here again more often.
  2. absolutely OOC : Hi ladies! I'm happy to see you still playing charon! ^^ just wanted to drop by to ask whether i can help you, since i read somewhere something about that you needed at one point info about the original plot (i didn't really read much there, i only overflew it while passing by the sites - hey, where are the credits saying who started the rp??? after all, i'm writing a novel out of the original plot j/k!) though, since the rp is still alive i figure out you are doing quite fine developing your own plot, just wanted to drop by again so see ya!
  3. Alicia

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    i know it's off topic, but... i totally agree with archangel, dark passion play is one of their best works up to now, and though tarja had a cool voice as well, in some songs it was a bit too much. and i have the feeling annette fits the band better than tarja and to snowbunny & dark archangel: i just love your new sets (well, for me thei're new ). They both have cool colour-comabinations! ^^
  4. Hello again my dear Amaranthians, i'm so glad to see you again!!! :loving: :FunnyBunny: Name: Alexandra Nick: Alicia Ocupation: catering Likes: sunshine, music, my friends, my turtle, colouful things, martial arts, surfing, forests, bars, smoothies, moonlight, finding new friends, vacation Dislikes: discos, smoking, racism, broccoli, dogs
  5. Alicia

    Avvies and Siggies

    HI everybody! with the old site crushing down, my beloved long-time avatar got lost, and up to now i couldn't find it again *sad*. So the one up there is my temporary replacement, but i start to like it as well ^^
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