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  1. oh! i like the villege grene! it makes me think of books where tey had thes big hollidays and they wuld have contests and dancing and eating!
  2. awww! that so sad byt sweate. so he luvs her right? right? and he watns to live with her ferevr and not have to share her? thats why theyre running aweay? anywaz.... i like it! i wanna hear the sung!
  3. oh wow. well i didn't udnerstand it... but i hope the people you read to do. just want to say HI! too!
  4. ok! thank you! will be my frend?
  5. WOW! o.O that name sounds sad! but it looks intresting. tell me when its dun! and i'll try it!
  6. what table? THANKS FOR THE WELCOME! *hugs*
  7. good story... why are they so wired? they shuld just kiss and be happy!!!
  8. oh wow! so pritty! im going to play!!! ill tell you how i think it? but ill need help! i'm not very smart with things!
  9. HI EVERYONE! OMGs! I can't beleve how awsum this site is! I've been looking arund for a little while... and OMG! I love you guise allredy! SO I'm... me! My name is Krystal Cate... and I have like three other midel names- my parents couldn't decide. :roll: but those are what I goe bye. I umm... I can't spell. *giggles* But you probly allredy noticed that. I relly like riting but I cant spell so probly wont post. i'm like ?.? when it comes to spelling. But newayz... i live in washington state... and i'm in 8th grade. i like watching disney. hannah montana is awsum! LISTEN TO HER IF YOU DONT ALLREDY. i'm not good at skewl( my fav color is pink! it's just so pretty! and i relly like blue and purple and... anything but black or grey or brown 'cause those are uglies! i dont watch many movies... or read... or do tv... so ennough about me. wutz up with you guyes?
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