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  1. Hello I played once through. And was wanting to know if there is a list showing all the goodies for this chapter and also for the others (i.e. Lord of twilight, gates of night, and lost orbs.
  2. If I already got a gift from dredal the witch present dealer. am I able to get another to use for gavin and Ava one eye. I try and Ean keeps refusing the gift.
  3. what is it that I need to defeat Terrible Trevor in the last tournament fight?
  4. Okay when I went great-grandma Nora's house was informed that she was dead. I did go to Ravenwood to let Linia know about this and when returned to Nora's home only found death cert there. is it something that needed to be done earlier or was that the quest that needed to be completed.
  5. I've restored the beast. Unfortuntaily I am not able to donate in Elfwood or Shaenir. I'm not able to return to those areas. So now what.
  6. I still am not able to get the phoenix orb in Brightwoods. I understand that you have to have 10 karma points. I seem to only have 8 and I not sure where it is that I messed up. can anyone help me get the other two that I need.
  7. Hello I trying to get the giant egg. but i'm not able to reach it. says that I need rope. Can you help me to find where I can get that rope.
  8. Hello, I am writing this because that it has been a while since I played this version of Aveyond and I am pretty lost. I can't remember where to get a few things in my quest. 1. Where would I get the jewelers toolkit. 2. Get Ivanna's lost manuscript back from Beatrice. 3. Find Dora's music box. 4. Have Ulric to unlock the secret garden. Please help. I am a fan of all the Aveyonds.
  9. Where is that I am to go to download the goodies for Ean's Quest?? Sort of new, did play the first time without even being aware of such things as Goodies.
  10. Hello, I a user that has played all of the Aveyond games. (I think) And I keep hearing and reading about these goodies files. What are they and how do I access them.
  11. where do I find the thread for the fates
  12. Okay I'm in dreamland. Where is that I need to get the red treasure chest key.
  13. hello I am just wondering what level Stella needs to be to complete the Trials.
  14. So should I keep the lilies for me or do I purchase something else
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