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  1. Was able to start up The Lost Orb. !!!!!! *grumbles at the beginning* How dare she! LOL I am still shocked!
  2. Finally finished both games, went though them and hadn't had Edward marry anyone...heh! I didn't like that ended so went back and had him marry Stella. At what point would I have had him marry Mel? Now I gotta wait for payday *again*, lol! Good game series!
  3. Thank you. Oh, items that are stolen, are they just a part of the loot that appears on the corpse? Is there any type of goodies you can get from stealing?
  4. Hi all, First, I am not sure if this is the right spot to put this. Anyway, are you able to raise the skills of Mel and Teā€™ijal, like how Lydia and Stella gains spells as levels increase?
  5. Is there a way to delete your game w/o uninstalling it? I don't want to write over, I want it off the saved list.
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!! Well it looks like I am gonna start again. Boo hoo. NOT! It's a good game, so, not to bad, lol.
  7. Ha ha! It was soooo simple too! But once I got it (since I went a head and had the other 3 keys) it was good to move on. As I said I had played the game though a different game site and I ran out of funds to continue to play. So I went ahead and found this site with a free hour of play...I got all the way to Nyith (sp?) and was in the middle of the battle with the ogre thing and my hour ended! LOL so now I am going through withdrawal. I get paid tomorrow so I'll be starting it up again! Oh I did have a question. I've come to a few spots where places are boarded up. I had initially used the bomb egg I found in the mountian region (This was before I knew about MooMoo Farms. Anyway, will I late come across any new bomb eggs? Or will Ulf be able to handle that? Thanks!
  8. I am new, have been playing Aveyond: Gates of Night for about a week or so now (I beat chapter 1). I was becoming so frustrated, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to 'annoy the guards' and the Orc castle. I spoke with both of the guards to the left and nothing worked. So I went ahead and got the other 3 keys. I found this site and it gave no info except for 'annoy the guards'. Stupid me, I got the bright idea to talk to the guard on the right. Guess what? I was able to more forward with the game! I was so embarrassed, I grew up on RPGs, those are the only games I play. LOL, geez... A lesson to all: Talk with everyone and search everywhere! I look forward to continuing with the game series, I had actually found it though another game site, so am waiting to pay the monthly fee to get started up again. How many Aveyond games are there with Mel in them? Are there 4 total? (I thought I read that somewhere.) I'll have to check out the price on them from here and cancel my membership with the other place, since I get only so many plays for the amount I pay. Good to meet you all!
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