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  1. Hi all, I haven't posted in a looong time. I hope everyone is well. I was thrilled to receive an email about the new site and the new games. I wish you all the best and I can't wait to play the next Aveyond. MommaBear (whose oldest small bear is now nearly 6'6" and about to start university!!
  2. Okay, thanks for the information. I'm glad it has been fixed as it really made the story confusing. I will go back and try again with Build B.
  3. I think i had her in the 30s somewhere and she did fine. I think the trick is for her to buy new gear in Mysten Far.
  4. Hi all, So i finished Build A and i never got into the dream world, but in trying to figure it out i went to Underhill and commenced the final battle. I only had a horn, not the stone but after the battle the script said those who needed it are cleansed with the stone. I was surprised as i figured getting the stone was necessary to be able to finish the game so i didn't really think it was the end. Am i the only one to have this happen? moved to Technical Questions ~ Shaz
  5. Only mistake i found is in the beginning, when Nox tells Mel: “this cathedral is build like a fortress”. Probably should be "built".
  6. I took forever to find Sarah, i visited all the houses several times but somehow didn't see her. I went off and did other quests and eventually decided to look for hidden doors in the walls, when i went into that house again i finally saw her. There were two other quests where i walked right by the answer but couldn't find it. Of course, that's part of the game.
  7. Yes, that's what i meant. Thanks for letting me know, Shaz!
  8. Well, i was home needing some serious rest yesterday, so i downloaded the trial. I was so intrigued by the end of the hour, that i bought the game. I normally don't like hidden object games but i did enjoy this, and the cubs are going to love it too. By the way, the graphics were stunning!
  9. My son was saying today he wished Grimm's Hatchery was available on the I-touch. Are any of the Amaranth Games available in this format?
  10. Hi everyone, I've been off the site for some time and today i have seen there is a new game. Is this part of the Orb series or is it something new? Is it by Amanda or someone else on the site? I guess i'll download the demo and try it out!
  11. Okay, not a technical "problem" actually, but the life crystal commentary states that "inflictions" can be cured. I'm thinking it should be "afflictions". Otherwise, enjoying the game much more than the last two.
  12. Thanks Shaz, as always! This time it is Ean's Quest. But in any case, i did find a solution. Even though i went to the website a few times i'm not sure how i missed the part about creating an exclusion/exception but i stumbled on it at last. I guess i never thought about ESET Nod 32 being the full name.
  13. I really need help. I have no idea how to work around ESET. I have reported the AV2 as a false positive to eset. I have reported it in the appropriate place here. I can only re-download and install the file if eset is off but the minute i turn it on it deletes parts of the game automatically. I try to restore with eset and it doesn't work. Is there anyone out there who can give me step by step instructions for eset? I'm clearly missing something important and i can't figure out what. I have had no luck contacting eset. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. EDIT: Why is it whenever i have tried what seems like everything and finally post a plea for help, the solution falls into my lap? I have finally managed to exclude Aveyond 2 in its entirety from being scanned by eset. It was too much to figure out which particular files were causing the problem. I'm not thrilled with the solution because it leaves too much room for a real virus to attach itself later, but it's the best solution i can find for now.
  14. no, i didn't post it there, but i will. When i sent the file to them i did give this website but have had no response from them.
  15. Okay, so i finally got around to uninstalling and reinstalling the program. The first time, it couldn't finish the download because Eset wouldn't allow it. Then i downloaded with Eset turned off and was able to install. However as soon as i turned Eset back on it deleted the file. I tried to follow instructions on the website to manually allow and i can't get it to work. I have submitted the file to eset as a possible false positive. So frustrating. By the way, it's showing up as some kind of trojan virus.
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