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  1. Name: Sara. Without h. From my location Sara is without h ù-ù. And I like it XD Age: 26, feel like granny. Location: Italy, Tuscany. Yes I'm even at 5 minutes from the sea. Hate me XD Occupation: Inoccupied ç_ç Damn crisis. Likes: Video games, Webdesign, Graphic, TV series, my fianceè <3 Dislikes: Insects °>° Nothing more to say, if you have questions you are free to ask. I'm free to ignore you so it's nice to have the possibility to ask and be ignored <3 XD Kidding lol.
  2. I think it depends of the game I'm playing (or making). I like multiple endings, with % of completations. Like, obtain all items, kill all monsters...like FF or Harvest Moon (ship everything!). You really can't finish them without play hours, discover all things and find hidden paths. But I also like alternative endings like Chrono Trigger, or suspendend finals. Not so suspended. Like... You beat the boss, you are the hero, oooh... you are the hero and you are in peace with your love. There is a cutscene with a new evil (the son/daughter of the firs evil or the evil himself that wakes up from death) or the ending screen with an epic phrase like: the world has gained peace and happyness from here to forever...or not? But the suspended finals must have a second o third game planned. And they have to be good. Not like FFX that become FFX-2 that where... well, suppose you know... If I'm the one that is making the game I tend to plan everything (that's the cause why I never relese anything XD) and multiple endings. But if I like my game and I'm planning to do a sequel, I'll leave this suspended a bit. Or not so suspended, like, I explained a lot, people don't understand that it isn't finished (yay distract people!) and I came up with a sequel. Or, well, it's what I would do anyway, if I would ever release something.
  3. Awww I love it <3 Like all site background XD
  4. I'm blocked with the boss at the end of the desert XD I really need to improve my HP XD
  5. thanks <3 I love you <3 I lost hours of my life in that rock puzzle XD
  6. sorry I don't have the will to read 80 pages XD Do you know how to exit richville? I easly passed the rock puzzle but I can't go back to retrive the statue. I can't resolve the puzzle back XD
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