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  1. Juunanagou

    Noob here again: Battle questions

    Well, starting HP are up to you. I start with about 15-20 HP for enemies and up to 100 for heroes.
  2. Juunanagou

    Noob here again: Battle questions

    * Next thing to find out now - how to get characters to give you quests. I am sure it's under Events somewhere, but there are so many options there under the three tabs! You can use a script to help you with missions. Or simply do that with events. You have an event with a characters that give you the mission, you use a self-switch to change the dialogue in another event page (in the site you linked she explain the switches and the use you can do of them) or you could use variables and conditional branch. Like, if mission1 is equal 1 then do this, if it's equal 2 do that, if it's 0, give mission. It's impossible to explain it without get you lost, I'd see the variables and the switch and self switch tutorials to understand how you can use them to change dialogues and to make your events change depending on their values. * How strong would a totally new starting character be usually? My two characters are elves, so I would say they are slightly tougher than humans, one is a hunter and another a mage, but they are still young and just starting out, having lived in a remote village their whole life. It's your world you may do elves stronger than orcs if you want to. But the strenght depends on the enemies and the troops. You have to keep the balance from how strong are the characters and the monsters. If you leave the basic monsters and heroes the damages will be lots. You have to change the values to make smaller damage values in heroes and monsters. I'd made the hunter stronger than the mage, but the mage will do more damage when using magics, than the hunter using his skills. But the skills and the normal attack of the hunter will be stronger than mage basic attack. Elves aren't usually stronger than humans.Canonically elves have stronger magic power and stealth/agility. Humans are physically stronger. Or at least they are average in everything, making them versatile for every classes.
  3. Juunanagou

    Noob here again: Battle questions

    * What's the animation for the attacking character; like in Aveyond they light up for a moment, before the attack? Well if I can remember well, if you use the front battlers they light up when attacking. So even changing the battler this should not be a problem. I think it depends on the script you are using to change to sideview, if you are using any. If not, the normal battler lights up.
  4. Juunanagou

    Another Noob Question: Outdoor map size?

    Depends. I use different sizes for every maps (unless it's indoor, then I often use standard small ones). I usually don't use square ones. So, not 50x50 or 30x30. Often I use max-I-can-see. I think it's like 32x19 or something like that. Depends all on the envirointment. For mountains I use tall maps. So I can use different heights, cliffs etc. For forest i use random sizes. Depends on what the player has to see/do there. If it's an important forest it's wider/deeper/with more maps. If I use more then a map then I try to get them consistent. If I left the map on the right, I'll reappear on the left. If the path is 3 tiles it will be 3 tiles. If the teleport is on the 12x19 tile, in the other map it will be in the same position. Then the trees and the map will expand differently. Cities are a pain. I have to project them first. Know exactly how many homes it will have, how may people lives there, how big are the family that will have a right size home, how many shops, if it's on the sea. My personal advice is to draw your maps on paper and write down every details. I need to say that I usually don't finish any project though XD
  5. Juunanagou

    Transparent of the tilesets

    we can't see this from the link. but if you got the image from facebook I think it's normal, facebook decrease the quality of the images and I think it converts them to jpeg. It's not a regular image hosting so it could be the reason of the problem. Try to get the tileset from elsewhere.
  6. Juunanagou

    Transparent of the tilesets

    Maybe the file is not well cutted, so there are parts with white pixels left.
  7. Juunanagou

    Heal When Level Up? (RMXP)

    Usually you create a new script above main (pressing ins) and paste it. Remember to give it a name to recognize it.
  8. Juunanagou

    Transparent of the tilesets

    You selected the white for the transparent color? The tileset is in fact transparent or someone added a background on it? Because if they added a color like gray and you selected it thinking it was pure white, maybe you setted it transparent without wanting it (so the white halo on the plants, because it's not all the same color, maybe due to a .jpg image that put a bg color not all white). Which tileset are you using?
  9. Juunanagou

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    Remember that if you are using VX and ACE rtp icons you have to own the program to have the right to use them. And to ask the permission if they are not, maybe the author doesn't want them to be used on XP or something
  10. Juunanagou

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    The set is for Ace or VX, probably that's why you found the istruction with the System folder. You have to crop the icon with an image editor program like Gimp or Photoshop and save it separately. If you see the RTP folder every icon is a single file.
  11. Juunanagou

    The Rpg Maker XP vs VX thread...

    System should be VX and Ace. XP has Icons folder. To import yout icons, though, you have to go to resources (f11?) and click on import. Select icon folder before importing. First you select the right folder where to import the file, then you click on import and select the file from your pc (don't need to be in rtp). It will appear on the right side with a red dot instead of blue (that's for rtps).
  12. Juunanagou

    Script Request

    Number 3 from amaranth: http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24986 The other 2 seems more complicated, I'll try to search something.
  13. Juunanagou

    Changing gameover (XP)

    You may create a false gameover. You can create an event triggered if you lose the battle or else. In there you put a nice gameover picture, a gameover BGS and a wait of some frames, a choise where you ask the player if they want to go to title screen or close the game and then you make them go where they want by event. Or you may use this: http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3563 Sorry for the link but I don't think I can put the script here without author permission. It goes by level however.
  14. Juunanagou

    Battles in RPG Maker VX Ace

    You make a switch for every group of monster, like rat1, rat2, bat1. Where: rat1 is made of 2-3 rats rat2 is made of 4 rats etc. Then you create an event for every monster of 2 pages. The first page has the graphic of the monster, the battle processing command and then the control switch setted on If you battle the rat1 set of monster you'll have to put rat1 on, therefore rat2, rat3 or bat1. The second page has the corpse graphic and the condition switch rat1 is on. In the commands you may put the loot. With that, if you battle a monster, you'll fight whole group (in battle processing command) and put the group switch on. The second page will get them down until you left the map, then you'll have to put the swithes off. Again: Create, a switch for every group of monster. Not for single monster, for the group. Then create single event monster with two pages, one in witch you set the monster graphic and make 'em move, the battle command and the turn switch command. Then in the second page, you set the switch in condition (on the left, over the graphic), the corpse graphic to change from the monster, and the commands you want. Then when you leave the map, you turn off the switches. It should work fine XD