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    Post your reviews here!

    Fantastic game! I loved the ending it was better than the game. I chose to have Bolye and Ingrid to marry. It took 35 hours to play. The only bad thing is that the game ran slow. In place where there was a lot going on. The guide could use some more detail and maps would be helpful. Now that I finished it I will go back and play the whole series again.
  2. teddebear

    Almost finished

    I can't remember who needs the 3 drops of demons blood. I know it's in Ravwyn but who and where.
  3. What are they and how do I use them.
  4. teddebear

    This is hopeless

    Thank you so much. I have fang and the cheekie in the mirror. Going to take a break and go to choir now.
  5. teddebear

    This is hopeless

    I have those it turned can't remember which color but I need the moon tear can you get me on the right track please? MY Journal entries are: Track the Werebear End Of The World Agreeable Potion Mayor's Enemies Kobold Stones Expert Tournament Legend of Crab Island Priestess Collection Boyle's Bad Luck Bolye's Revenge ok I went back and I have the agreeable potion so I should be able to get the mayor's enemies, right?
  6. I can't get the agreeable potion because i can't get passed the dungeon. I can't get past the demon to speak to the witch. I can't get Fang because i need the agreeable potion to kidnap the mayor's enemies. I just can't do anything.
  7. teddebear

    Getting Frustrated

    ok yeah I am ahead I just spoke to the mystic in Tor and got the end of the world quest. Hopefully I am back on track.
  8. teddebear

    Getting Frustrated

    Where's Rowan? The Guide hasn't mentioned him yet. I need the moon tear to make the agreeable potion.
  9. The entrance to the Windy Valley is near the portal between the Briar Woods and Dragon Wasteland. Go there and stand on a suspicious X on the ground. You are kidnapped and shortly set free. After you escape, continue through the Windy Valley and leave through the west side to get to the End of the World. Speak to the man who lives there and complete a short errand for him. After you help him, you discover that his family has been shrunk and he needs a potion to fix them. Return to Windy Valley and find the gingerbread house with Ingrid’s sister in it. She tells you to meet her in the Dragon Wasteland. This is taken right from the guide but there is no X. I went into Windy valley I can't go far because there is what looks like a bridge way out of reach. If I can't get kidnapped I can't proceed. please help.
  10. teddebear

    Cool Game But......

    I can't find my way there do I enter where the arrow is? NVM got it
  11. teddebear

    Cool Game But......

    I'm still stuck I now have the "end of the World" quest and still can't get a ship what am I doing wrong and where is fang?
  12. teddebear


    It either tells me It can not upload or the URL is not valid
  13. teddebear


    I don't know where to put this question so I'll put it here and you can move it to where it should be. I can't seem to upload a picture to my profile. Can someone please help? Moved to Technical Questions. ~Mopiece
  14. I am really stuck, Where can I find the metal for the bear scratch resistant armor? And will I ever get to go back to Tor I left some stuff in the shops there.
  15. teddebear

    Tor Mystic

    got it not sure what I missed but I'm on scuttle island now I have a quest to find the King? Do i have to get the big crab or go on to find the king Ok i figured it out thanks anyway.