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    teddebear reacted to HunterReese in Almost finished   
    Give them to Te'ijal (Galahad's wife) turn west when you first enter Ravwyn and follow the path to the house that's outside the main part of town.
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    teddebear reacted to Mopiece in Angelic Sword Singer Statues   
    There are five statues. Ginger listed three of them. There isn't one in Daintree forest. There are statues in these following areas:
    Gingernut Forest
    Wind Tower
    Snow Island
    Shadow Isles
    Fire Depths in Ulrock
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    teddebear reacted to ginger8445 in Angelic Sword Singer Statues   
    You have to have Rowen in your party. You can make her a sword singer in the Briar Woods using the great tree (I think it's called) at the top left corner somewhere. As for where the statues are, I know where a few of them are. One is in the ginger nut forest, one in the black rock depths, one in the snow caves, one in the daintree forest I think. Those are the ones I remember
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    teddebear got a reaction from Mopiece in This is hopeless   
    Thank you so much. I have fang and the cheekie in the mirror. Going to take a break and go to choir now. 
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    teddebear reacted to Mopiece in Cool Game But......   
    The metal is in Gingernut forest. Head north when you first enter the forest and follow the path. Then head east once you pass a cabin. There you should find a cave. Enter that cave and you should see a big rock. Interact with it to get the metal you need.
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    teddebear reacted to johnwizard in Dawn's Light   
    I don't know where Harvey got his hair cut. I just gave him the money. I didn't get any change though and I'm not happy about it!
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    teddebear reacted to Vald in review   
    I have played this game last Christmas, and this Christmas again, and in between, and will continue to do so. I just love this game. The puzzles are doable and not as tiresome as they were in the previous 2 Christmas games by John Wizard, which is a shame (for me), because I love love love the games, but find the many puzzles just too tiresome.
    I was sad to see that we didn't get another Christmas game, but know that Daniel had his hands full with Aveyond 4.
    And if Daniel were ever to make a longer Christmas game, one with lots of decorations and candy cane and whatnots to search for (but skippable puzzles if puzzles have to be included), I would be the first to buy it. These "little" games are gems. They are among my favourite RPGs. I am not all that much into battle scenes anyway, and just love this type of RPG.
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    teddebear reacted to boyle wolfbane in review   
    i love this kind of events it was so much fun and joy in the game story, i miss the fights because i wanted to see john wizard in action and it will be cool if you make this with halloween theme the main character could be boyle from aveyond 4 .
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