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  1. The first Legionwood 2 was cancelled due to problems with the maker (I think. Am I correct?). This is the newer version. Right Dark_Gaia?
  2. I looked in Dark Gaia's blog on RPGMaker.net or whatever it was and he said this game was cancelled. Is that true?
  3. I LOVE THIS GAME! The plot is great, the graphics are cool, and the people are awesome! I am sooo going to try out Legionwood 2!
  4. I loved Legionwood 1 and now I will love Legionwood 2! Oh, and just one question - does it have language? I don't necessarily like a lot of games with bad language.
  5. The download for the game isn't working for me.
  6. My computer had a problem. Apparently, there was a bug in it (Not a real one) and it was eating up my data in my scripts section. I got it out and repaired the scripts.
  7. My problem is fixed. Thanks, daeva_ages!
  8. I am using the Moon Pearl's Menu script (New one, not old one) and I'm using the grassland tileset. I haven't messed with any other scripts exept for my sideveiw battle system, which I don't think applies here.
  9. I'm having problems. Please check out my post in the RPG Maker XP Tab.
  10. Hmm. Okay. I can see why you would pick Ren. Anyone else?
  11. Oh my gosh. I don't know what to pick... Daeva_agas or the other person... What do other people think of their sprites? Whoever gets voted the most wins. Okay?
  12. To FunFun: Suicide missions? I don't know where I would put that in the story. Maybe when Nathan gets kidnapped? Not to mention magical creatures are in this game... [6.2/10] To diamondmist: THe character graphic needs to be RMXP, not RMVX. NIce description, though. [8.3/10] To everyone: Okay, it's between Sewsewn and daeva_ages. Whoever posts a better character sprite wins. Okay?
  13. To Sewnsew: Yah - either make her thinner or a new character graphic (I still like it, though. Trying not to be offensive or anything.) To shadowshed: I like it, though I planned to use the staff and magic for Baffet. Maybe a spear? From the personality, he could be a fighter. Change it a little? [8.6/10]
  14. To daeva_agas: Nice, though I would lower the age to around 19. Also, if you want to post a character graphic, make it nice [8.7/10] Okay, everyone, I will be judging five characters and right now I have two. Anyone else?
  15. Hmm... Good. Anyone else want to post some characters? I'll judge your person and see whose the best. To Sewnsew: Nice. I like the idea. Though the character graphic is a bit... fat? Maybe make her skinnier? [8.8/10]
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