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  1. The first Legionwood 2 was cancelled due to problems with the maker (I think. Am I correct?). This is the newer version. Right Dark_Gaia?
  2. I looked in Dark Gaia's blog on RPGMaker.net or whatever it was and he said this game was cancelled. Is that true?
  3. I LOVE THIS GAME! The plot is great, the graphics are cool, and the people are awesome! I am sooo going to try out Legionwood 2!
  4. I loved Legionwood 1 and now I will love Legionwood 2! Oh, and just one question - does it have language? I don't necessarily like a lot of games with bad language.
  5. The download for the game isn't working for me.
  6. My computer had a problem. Apparently, there was a bug in it (Not a real one) and it was eating up my data in my scripts section. I got it out and repaired the scripts.
  7. My problem is fixed. Thanks, daeva_ages!
  8. I am using the Moon Pearl's Menu script (New one, not old one) and I'm using the grassland tileset. I haven't messed with any other scripts exept for my sideveiw battle system, which I don't think applies here.
  9. I'm having problems. Please check out my post in the RPG Maker XP Tab.
  10. Hmm. Okay. I can see why you would pick Ren. Anyone else?
  11. Oh my gosh. I don't know what to pick... Daeva_agas or the other person... What do other people think of their sprites? Whoever gets voted the most wins. Okay?
  12. To FunFun: Suicide missions? I don't know where I would put that in the story. Maybe when Nathan gets kidnapped? Not to mention magical creatures are in this game... [6.2/10] To diamondmist: THe character graphic needs to be RMXP, not RMVX. NIce description, though. [8.3/10] To everyone: Okay, it's between Sewsewn and daeva_ages. Whoever posts a better character sprite wins. Okay?
  13. To Sewnsew: Yah - either make her thinner or a new character graphic (I still like it, though. Trying not to be offensive or anything.) To shadowshed: I like it, though I planned to use the staff and magic for Baffet. Maybe a spear? From the personality, he could be a fighter. Change it a little? [8.6/10]
  14. To daeva_agas: Nice, though I would lower the age to around 19. Also, if you want to post a character graphic, make it nice [8.7/10] Okay, everyone, I will be judging five characters and right now I have two. Anyone else?
  15. Hmm... Good. Anyone else want to post some characters? I'll judge your person and see whose the best. To Sewnsew: Nice. I like the idea. Though the character graphic is a bit... fat? Maybe make her skinnier? [8.8/10]
  16. Thanks. I always did fail Spelling in school. and I might give some screenshots. Later, though. Also, I'm going to have ONE special to this game - I need a character. If you want to be in the game, I need you post four things - 1: Name 2: Age 3: Personality 4: Weapon you're character can use 5: (Optional) Character Graphic (not face) If you want to be in the game, post a name and weapon for the 'old' ages - you know, swords and not guns. Who ever gives the best information for his/her character will be added into the game as a secondary helper character.
  17. Story Line "So wait... I'm going to die? Is that what you are telling me?" "No... Well, that depends on you're decisions. If you are unlucky and you die, that isn't my problem. I'm here to tell you this - you're wife will have a son." "A son... wait, what?" "Give you're sword to your to-be-son through you're wife. Tell her that his name will be Nathan..." +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Nathan Keltan was a small village boy living peacefully in Katan Village until he stumbles upon many unusual things on his birthday - a sword, a glowing sphere... what else could happen? Oh, ya, being kidnapped because he ran away and dragging along his best friend to follow him. A dangerous war approaching. Everything goes wrong until Nathan figure out who he really is... Characters Natak, Age 39 - Nathan's father who went missing in the war. No one really knows him except a mysterious priest and his wife. Nathan, Age 12 - The son of Natak. He leaves his hometown in search to become a warrior with Baffet. He is rash and hardcore most of the time, but he flirts with girls too often. Baffet, Age 12 - Nathan's best friend. He gets dragged along Nathan's journey to be a warrior. All though Baffet doesn't want to go with Nathan, he goes anyway so he could watch over his friend. Aura'lei, Age 13 - A young girl who explores the world and occasionally stops by Nathan's hometown to say hi. She has no idea where Nathan and Baffet went when those two left late at night. Features - RPG Maker XP - Sideveiw Battle System - Awesome personalities - Class Changer Script - NO language or blood (for the young 'uns) Please post what you think.
  18. I got a little bit done last night. Clyde disappears and Emma meets Benjamin and they enter the Galdorian Forest... And I got my other info back!
  19. Hey, thanks shadow. And dang it, I lost some of my progress a little bit when my computer crashed. Shoot. Progress Now: 15/100% Done
  20. Actually, that makes sense... I changed 17 years later to 15 years later. One more short thing - how do you get HP on this website? Quick question.
  21. Oh my, I forgot to mention Clyde and Emma's grandparents. They were still living in a small cottage when Clyde and Emma appeared at their front door late at night. Clyde and Emma rode a wagon with an old friend of Jack's. Does that answer your questions? And I LOVE Fate. It's just not based on it or around it. Except for dungeon crawling. That's the only simularity. One more thing - Does anyone know how to get a pictures on this forum? I can't figure it out (arghhh!)
  22. Okay, the age has been changed a little. I put down fifteen years later with the STORY part AND I made Jack's children a little bit younger so that they fit into that fifteen years later. And yeah, the walking speed is fine, you know, running and all that stuff. Going to get up a screenshot today... maybe.
  23. Hi guys! This is my game called Dungeons of Fate. It's an in-development game that could be finished by July 2012. Here's the details- Story An evil god has risen to take over the land of Ephrasia. With millions of demons and trolls in the palm of his hand, who can defeat him? Maybe it's him... Fifteen years later after the death of their two parents, Clyde and his sister Emma continue their jobs as world-class mercenaries. But when they learn that their parents are possibly alive, they set out on a journey to find them... and save the Ephrasia in the process. Characters Jack, Age 32, Prolouge Character, Soldier: This brash and arrogant man is the father of Clyde and Emma. He disappeared when he was travelling a dungeon for his client. Sarah and Daniel, Age 65 and 63, grandparents: Jack's father and mother and Clyde and Emma's granparents. They took care of Clyde and Emma when Jack and his wife died. Jonathan, Age 30 Prolouge, Age 47 Nexus, Mage: A friend of Jack's who survives the devastation in the dungeon they were exploring. Kind and respectful. Clyde, Age 18, Nexus Character, Traveler: The son of Jack who travels the world looking for his father. A very quiet character. Emma, Age 16, Nexus Character, Mechanic: An outgoing girl that travels with her brother. She is somehow good with technical engineering. Benjamin, Age ??, Nexus Character, Dark Summoner: An outcast man who travels with Clyde and Emma to search for his dead friend. He has many secrets, but he is trustworthy. More Info 1)RPG VX Game 2)Going to be at least 20 hours 3)Trying for it to be related to "Dungeons: Critical Hit!" from RPG RPG Revolution.(Awesome, by the way) 4)You can control over 5 people at once 5)Over sixteen characters you can play as - primary and secondary 6)Bounty Hunter Quests available 7)Huge amount of classes, going from Warrior to Freelancer Any questions? Post here. I'll get some pictures up soon.
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