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  1. I already had everything I needed so I just went to where you plant the bean and tried anyway and I guess some how I had the potion cause it grew. You've been a great help. Thanks !!
  2. I got the rooster feather from Karl and it has been in my inventory ever since. Just after I got the blue sap it was gone. I talked to Ulf, he just says "if theres anything I can do for you ect" and when I talk to apothecary guy he just says I can use the urn to make what I want. All that shows up in my reciepe list at that time is the love potion. Thanks for the quick answers, Kissy46
  3. I had it and figured it would be something I would need later so I kept it. Next day after I had all the ingredients to make grow potion, it was gone. I didn't save very often so that would mean starting from a long ago save point. Any way around that? Thanks, Kissy 46
  4. My rooster feather is gone from my inventory. I didn't sell it. I need it to make the grow potion for the beanstalk. How do I get another one or get it back? Thanks, Kissy46
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