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  1. Stella's magic shields?

    Ok, thanks you anyways!
  2. Stella's magic shields?

    Hi! Stella's Shields / Shield Extora (fire, water, spirit, and i dunno if there are more) are useful for 'lowering' the enemy's attack. My question is, which of them are useful for specific enemies ? Like Spirit Shield(Extora) is better to use against Red or Blue Glitter in whisper woods, and also which one is useful for the flowers in Rose Forest? PS: Excuse my bad english! it's not my first language, so sometimes i confuse -__-'
  3. How do i remove clumsy state?

    Oh.. anyways i don't think i will be able to buy TLO T____T
  4. How do i remove clumsy state?

    oh, but i can have a savefile before marrying him and go back there if i want to marry a different girl, can't i ? anyways i think i'll go with Lydia, even though i'm giving all the attraction points to Mel :B
  5. How do i remove clumsy state?

    Thanks! btw, does it changes something in the story with if i marry Edward with Mel or with Lydia?
  6. Well i'm in the whisper woods and the glitter keeps making me clumsy and i die D: